D.F. Ch.24

Ch 24: Important Announcement Part 3

To give milk to the kitten, we took a break. Unlike a bathroom break, this break depends on the kitten. Especially in this case, since we want to take care of the kitten’s excretion before giving milk, it may take a while.

However, as a streamer, it’s a professional hazard to consider how long the interruption will last. Also, since the topic is a hot issue, if we make people wait too long, a riot may occur.


「Meow! Meow!」

“Alright, alright. I’ll give it to you now, so don’t be noisy. You’re still as greedy as ever, aren’t you?”


: He’s so rowdy…

: This is healing

: The kitten is so cute.

: This is just the right refreshment.

[This message has been deleted]

: Please tell us about Utachan soon!


And so, I took care of the kitten’s excretion and decided to give it milk in front of my computer. This way, I won’t have to interrupt the stream for a long time.


“Ah, sorry to all the listeners. My little kitten still needs a bottle because he’s so small. It takes a lot of effort to take care of him. So please wait just a little bit. I’ll resume as soon as I’m done.”

「Meow, Meow!」


: I’m sorry, I don’t understand.

: I guess it’s just a baby.

: The serious air has gone out the window, hasn’t it?

: Quickly, let’s continue the story of Uta-chan!

: Cat-owners are the servants of the cat.

: I’m sorry, but I’m not sure I can help it. Well, it’s better than being too tense.

[This message has been deleted]


I see. It seems like most of the responses are hesitant agreements. Well, it’s understandable that the serious atmosphere has dissipated, so this kind of reaction is unavoidable.

However, I still can’t take my eyes off both of them. I have to give milk to the kitten, and depending on the flow of comments, the atmosphere of the stream could deteriorate rapidly.

To grasp the situation and make appropriate course corrections, this style is probably the most well-rounded approach.


「Meow, myaann!」

“I told you not to make a fuss. Here, I’ll give it to you properly, see?”

「Mya, meow…」


Alright. The nursing bottle is set in the kitten’s mouth. It was tough on the first day, but now I can handle it smoothly somehow. … Well, it’s because I’m wrapping it in a towel and firmly fixing its head, so it’s natural.

The kitten is much more mischievous than I expected. It cries a lot, eats a lot, and moves a lot. It’s good that it’s healthy, but it takes so much time and effort.

However, at the same time, since it’s still like a baby, as long as I give it milk, it will concentrate on that.


“Phew… finally, the kitten has calmed down. Well then, shall we start talking? It might become a multitasking session, but the listeners probably want to hear it soon.”


The visual aspect may be a bit awkward, but it’s not good to tease too much. Besides, the kitten is the reason for all of this, so there shouldn’t be any problem with the kitten being in the stream.


“First of all, I am not aware of the current situation of Iroha Jin-san. Even if I were aware, I wouldn’t speak about it since there hasn’t been any official announcement. So, regarding her safety, please continue to wait for further updates from the official sources.”


: That’s obvious.

: Well, he can’t really talk about it.

: I guess that’s understandable…

: I really hope that LiveLa moves quickly on that point.

: She’s too sensitive, so it’s understandable…

: Even if she got caught up in the firestorm, it’s not the kind of thing she can talk to other streamers about.


Well, actually, it’s a little different. During yesterday’s discussion, I could have confirmed Utachan’s condition if I wanted to. I just asked about it.

…But even if I had asked, it wouldn’t have changed anything that I could do. Information about Utachan is irrelevant whether it exists or not.


“Based on those considerations, let me share my response as an explorer…but honestly, there is nothing we can do about it.”


So, we will calmly lay the groundwork for our goal. I feel bad for the listeners who are worried about Utachan, but please dance for the greater good.


“I will declare it officially here that I will not provide any potions. To be precise, I cannot do it.”


: …As expected.

: Why not!? Don’t you have enough to spare for a cat!? Can’t you even donate something!

: Seriously…

[This message has been deleted]

: Poor Utachan…

: Please help her! I’m begging you!

[This message has been deleted]

: Then sell it! I’ll buy it no matter how expensive it is! LiveLa can do a crowdfunding or something and we’ll all chip in for the money!

: The fans are getting agitated, but it’s impossible. That’s not the issue here…


As expected, the comments section was reacting just as I thought. The brief break had slightly calmed it down, but now it was racing by at lightning speed. It was proof of just how much Utachan was loved, but as someone who was now receiving the backlash, well, yeah.

However, there were also comments of support, or at least comments that seemed to understand the meaning behind my words. They were probably from the Explorer Cluster, or people in professions related to exploration.

It was because they had a connection that they understood the background. The reality that was beyond emotions. Thanks to them, it made for a good bluff.


“I understand that there are complaints. After all, everyone knows that I used the potion without hesitation on the kitten, so they assume that I have enough medicine. Actually, I don’t know the condition of Irohane-san, but with the potions I have, I can heal her easily, so it’s not a big deal to give it to her.”


An advanced potion that can seal wounds in an instant, even if it’s a fatal wound. A top-class potion that can even revive lost body parts from the past. There are also numerous supreme elixirs such as elixirs, amritas, youth-restoring water, and elixirs of immortality.

In addition to potions, I also have skills that can heal wounds. With these, it is possible to completely cure any injury or illness. I admit that.


 “But you see, what is achievable and what is legal are two different things. Due to legal issues, I cannot provide medicine to Irohane-san.”


However, society does not allow it. The laws of Japan, which have been established through various social upheavals since the early days of dungeon emergence, prohibit me from directly helping Utachan. 

As long as those laws exist, I cannot help Utachan directly. To help, I have to do things secretly behind the scenes.


“Since it would take a while to explain everything, I want everyone to look up the details on their own. For now, I’ll give a brief explanation here. First of all, there are roughly three types of dungeon items. The first is items that can be traded without going through the country’s procedures. The second is items that require the country to be involved in the transaction. The third is items that the country forcibly collects. Potions fall into the second category among these.”


Legally, they have names like “Type 1” or are classified in more detail, but that’s beside the point.

What’s important here is that potion-like items, or rather, items in the category of drugs, are in a form that the country can definitely locate their whereabouts.


“In terms of the process, when a potion is acquired, it should be reported to the Explorer’s Association. At this time, the owner can choose to keep or sell the potion, but if it’s kept, a special tag will be attached to the potion and registered along with personal information. If it’s sold, the government will buy it and then sell it at a national auction. …So, the only options for explorers are to keep or sell the potion. Surrendering it or anything like that is not possible.”


: Seriously…?

: Is that true!?

: I didn’t know…

: It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Considering the background, it’s inevitable.

: Why did such a law even come about!?


No matter how you ask “why,” it’s just the way it is. I mean, the law is already in place. I guess it’s understandable that the average person isn’t familiar with potion trading, and it’s not surprising that they don’t know about it.

That’s also the root of why I got fired up. The difference in perception between me and the general public. As an explorer, I knew that I couldn’t transfer potions to others. So I tweeted about the kitten in a casual, everyday event sense, thinking that if there were any requests for donations, I could simply tweet that it’s impossible due to the law and that would be the end of it.

But it ended up causing a huge uproar. I mean, I was prepared for some kind of backlash from somewhere, but I never thought it would cause such a huge uproar, involving a major player in the industry. The world is truly mysterious.

By the way, the reason why personal transfer and sales of potions are prohibited is simple. It’s because of the huge impact that potions can have on society. If a magic medicine that can heal wounds in an instant were traded back and forth in places unknown to the government, it would be a problem, wouldn’t it?

Potions are expensive and reliable as a talisman in case of emergency. If people know that they are waiting somewhere, it is not difficult to imagine that there will be people who will do everything in their power to obtain them.

This could include not only direct acts of robbery, but also actions such as pressuring those around them and using their position to take them as donations. … In fact, such incidents have occurred in the past.

That’s why the government has tightened regulations in that area. They have tightened the system around the ownership of potions and made it impossible even for individuals to transfer them. They have fixed the route as owner -> government -> owner.


“To add to that, it’s actually a gray area for potion owners to heal someone else’s injury. The reason being that the use of potions falls under the classification of medical treatment. In principle, only doctors are allowed to use them.”


: Is that so!?

: Do you need a medical license to use a potion!?

: What’s that? I’ve never heard of it before!?

: Yes, it’s a legitimate medical practice.

: The reason why explorers can use potions is because their qualifications as explorers include that area to some extent, and they are using exceptional measures.

: It’s not something that the general public would know about.


So true, it’s hard to imagine. But if we look back at the basic premise, there’s no other option but to agree. Potions are ingested orally or applied topically to take effect, but that doesn’t mean amateurs can treat serious injuries with them. Besides, they are classified as “pharmaceuticals.”

Therefore, as a rule, only medical professionals are allowed to use potions. Even if you or your family are hospitalized for injuries or illness, the proper procedure is to provide the potion to a doctor for use.

However, this method has its drawbacks, and the immediate effect of potions is greatly reduced. That’s why several exceptions have been established. By utilizing these exceptions, people can use potions without violating the current laws.

For example, explorers are allowed to use potions for self-judgment within dungeons, just like doctors. And if saving lives takes priority and it’s for first aid, it is allowed to be used regardless of qualification. There are several other exceptions, but we’ll omit them for now.


“Unfortunately, in the case of Irohane-san, she doesn’t fall under any of those exceptions. Assuming she is hospitalized with a serious injury, only a doctor can treat her. And only her family can provide a potion to the doctor. So there’s nothing I can do.”


As for what I can do publicly, it’s just releasing a few potions. Beyond that, I’m afraid I can’t be involved in the auction and the money fight with numerous large corporations and wealthy individuals participating.


“What’s left is the issue of what decision the Irohane family will make. Of course, I, the fans, the interacting live streamers, and even the librarians, are not in a position to interfere. It’s a matter for the family to decide.”


: That’s…

: Is there really nothing we can do…

: Even if we’re talking about family, we’re talking about an auction sponsored by the government. It’s not something that can be dealt with at the level of an ordinary household.

: We have to wait for an official statement…

: Uta-chan…

: If there’s no announcement from the crowdfunding campaign or anything, there’s nothing we can do…


That’s right. If fans were to get involved, it would be through the family’s decision and possibly a crowdfunding campaign through the Liveira platform. But even if that were the case, it would be quite difficult to resolve the situation through crowdfunding.

When I briefly looked into it before, it seemed like there were various conditions just to participate in the auction, and it left me with the impression that it would be costly no matter what.

Even if there were one million fans and support from LiveLa, it would still be difficult to secure the potion, and that’s my honest opinion.


“Well, even though it’s a strange kind of backlash, I don’t intend to stay completely uninvolved at this point. I’ve let the family of Irohane-san know through Libra that I’m available to offer advice as an explorer if they need it. It’s like getting on a boat and not being able to get off. …But I won’t make it public, though.”


: I see.

: Understood.

: I know it’s impossible, but I kind of want him to make it public…

: Yamagami-san is at the top, so even if he just offers advice, it’s reassuring…

: But I still feel frustrated!

: Utah-chan…

[The message has been deleted]

: What about the law? What can we do…?


Well, it doesn’t seem like the response is favorable. Especially the fans of Utachan, who seem to understand the situation but are not satisfied with it.

I can understand why they feel frustrated. Without the law, it’s precisely because they could have helped that the feeling of helplessness is more pronounced.


“So, anyway. That’s the end of the announcement. I know a lot of people are feeling uneasy, but I hope they can come to terms with it. As for me, I can’t say anything more about this matter. I’ll provide help within the bounds of the law. That’s all I can do.”


──And I will definitely help, bypassing the legal barrier. It’s kind of a gray zone or a legal loophole, so for now, let’s keep it quiet.

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