Ch 84

When I wake up, I see a pure white ceiling.


……….. Oh yeah, yesterday. After all that happened.


After that, I went to the hospital and Reika disappeared somewhere with the police for a bit of questioning.


My body, just a little bit, my head hurts. But……….. My heart didn’t hurt.


At that time, I thought it was inevitable. How to save Reika. I was afraid that Reika would go away.


If I were in Reika’s position, I would have……….. I think I would have broken down just like her.


That’s how important it is.


That’s why I made……….. I made a promise. A “small” promise that would connect me with her, a promise that would be kept.


At the time, I told her it didn’t matter how many months or years went by………… She was the last… and ………..


“Ah, you’re awake. Good morning.”


My thoughts suddenly stop there.


“Good morning.”


“I’ll leave your breakfast here for you to eat.”


Fortunately, the sting was on my left hand, so I can eat it. The stitches are a little painful and discourage me from eating it, though.


“Thanks for the meal.”


I murmured softly.


“You’re all right now. You can leave the hospital tomorrow.”


“I see. I understand.”


That was said yesterday.


It has been two days since I woke up.


During that time, police, Natsuki, Yuka-senpai, Mom, Dad, and Sis came.


“Omine-kun. Are you okay?”


“Yuya, are you okay?”


“Well, I’m fine. I’m alive.”


“That’s not what I meant.”


“Yuu. Don’t be so reckless again.”


“It’s okay. It’s really, really over now.”


“……….. I see.


Natsuki was appalled at me, Yuka was worried about me, and my father, mother, and sister cried and hugged me.


I was so happy to have met such good people and family members, I thought sincerely.


After all that happened, I was told that I could leave the hospital today. Well, I still have a bandage on my hand.


My mother has already taken my baggage home, and all I have to do is take ”this” with me. It takes 30 minutes from the hospital to my house. It’s a little longer than the distance from school to home.


I thanked the doctor and the nurses for taking care of me for a little while, and left the hospital room.


I took the elevator, passed through the entrance, and through the automatic doors. I squint my eyes, feeling as if I had not been in the sun in a long time.


“Ah, uh—”




I could tell just by hearing her voice. I slowly open my narrowed eyes and look at Reika’s face.


“Yuya-kun, umm.”


I nod slowly. I felt as if I hadn’t seen her for a long time, just because I hadn’t seen her for a little while.


“Reika, wait a moment. I have something to say as well.”


“I have one too.”


“Then, how about we both say it?”




We exhale and take a big breath in.


“I am concerned about Reika…”


“I’ve been thinking about Yuya-kun”


“I love you.”






We both laugh for some reason.


“I can’t wait for months, years, I just can’t.”


“I know.”


“Before I knew it, I was smiling.”


We had been through so much together and had so many happy memories.


So I trusted her. I thought she would come back soon. Just as she always believed in me, I believed in Reika, just as I believed in her at the school festival and on our first date.


I thought she would “smile” at me, remembering my memories of the past. Reika smiled naturally at the end of our appointment.


“Ah, but I broke my promise.”




“I said I loved you, too.”


“That’s good, isn’t it?”


“No, it’s not. So let’s try it again.”


“I love you. Will you go out with me?”



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