C.C. Ch.25

Jeanne completely fell ♡

“Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡”

I was in bed late at night, and I was shoving my cock into Jeanne’s ass from the back position. I’ve been working hard on Jeanne’s anal development lately. Jeanne’s asshole, which had been developed by me, had turned into a thick female hole that could easily accept my cock.

“My asshole♡ That’s disgusting♡”

Her asshole, which I’d developed as a sex point, was so tightly wrapped around my cock. Her asshole contracted with pleasure as my cock slid in and out of it, sucking and squeezing as it did so.

Jeanne’s asshole has been developed by me so that it can be used to make her asshole feel good, and even though she’s only being poked in the ass, her untouched vaginal hole is spilling a lot of love juice in response to the pleasure.

Gupo♡ Gupo♡

Every time my cock went in and out of Jeanne’s asshole, her ass would make a disgusting noise. Jeanne has become accustomed to the embarrassing sounds and has stopped worrying about it, and now she is enjoying anal sex with me like crazy!


Jeanne’s asshole is safe because I had Pru clean it for me. In addition, the regeneration lotion, which has a regeneration effect that lasts for a certain amount of time, is used to create lubrication by oozing it out of my penis using my potion creation skill, so her anus will not be damaged. Jeanne’s anus will not be harmed by the violent thrusting of my cock in and out of her.

Nupo♡ Nupo♡

“Oh, my butt, it’s♡… blistering♡”

Jeanne is still twisting and turning as if she’s feeling good, but I grab her hips from behind with both hands and pull her body in to keep her from escaping as I continue my pistoning motion into her anus. Jeanne’s asshole is so tight from working out, it’s amazing.

“I’m done with anal…♡”

In the past month, I have only touched Jeanne’s anus. I haven’t even touched her tits. And of course, her pussy. I’ve been playing with her asshole so much that she’s become the owner of a slutty asshole that twitches just at the sight of me.

And today, I’m going to corrupt Jeanne. Today I’m taking my time to pleasure Jeanne, to keep her body on the edge!


“No, stop♡”

When I slap Jeanne’s well-trained and resilient little ass, her anus tightens up and my cock is almost squeezed out of her fleshy asshole!

Bam! Bam!


Every time I spanked her, Jeanne would squeal in delight, and her vaginal hole would spill her love juices onto the bed sheets with such force that her pussy would recoil. Her anus began to twitch and her voice changed to a weak, squirming whimper.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

“Oh♡… Ohhhh♡”

Jeanne came, her ass swollen and red. Her anus clung to my cock as she came, opening and closing repeatedly.

“I don’t want to be in my ass anymore♡ please put it in my pussy♡”

Jeanne, who has only had her asshole played with for a month, begs me sadly, but I don’t stop with the anal torture.

Nupori♡ Nupori♡

“Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡”

As soon as Jeanne’s asshole was twitching from having just come, I slid my cock in and out of her moistly. She was slumped over on her back with her hands clasped around the bed sheets, slumped over comfortably as my cock began to pump into her ass again.

“I’m so horny now…♡ because I just came from my ass…♡”

Jeanne is mumbling something in a whiny voice, but I don’t stop my pistoning into her ass.

“Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡”

I held her body up from behind so that I could push my dick deeper into her body, and then I got into a rear sitting position and screwed my dick into her asshole, gouging it out from a lower angle.

“Oh♡ It’s so deep in ass♡”

My huge cock slid in and out of Jeanne’s asshole as I held her tightly by the arms from behind, making it impossible for her to escape the pleasure. Jeanne’s asshole was flaring up from my pistoning, opening up into the shape of my cock.

“Hey, Jeanne, want to be my woman?”

“It’s good♡… but I have a favor to ask of you♡”

As I thrust my cock in and out of Jeanne’s soft and loosened anus, I listened to her wishes. I’m the kind of guy who will listen to anything a woman asks of me, as long as it’s not a request to break up with another woman or to make her unhappy.

I decided to find out what she wanted while I continued to have anal sex with Jeanne.

“Jeanne. I’ll do literally anything for the woman who becomes my woman. What do you want me to do Jeanne?”


Nupo♡ Nupo♡

I ease Jeanne’s mind and gently untie her anus. I wonder what it is that she asks that makes her hesitate to speak. But I’m ready to grant her any wish she has.

Jeanne was shy and hesitant for a while, but as she continued to have anal sex with me, she seemed to have made up her mind and began to tell me her wishes for me.

“You know I occasionally get requests for temporary gatekeepers, don’t you?”


“At that time, I’m always sexually harassing girls under the guise of physical examination.”


“That’s what I want to do, oh♡ oh♡ I don’t want to quit.”

“Oh, you mean that?”

Guppo♡ Guppo♡

I had to increase my anal pistoning in response to Jeanne’s ridiculous request. But it was a request from the woman who was now going to be my dick case. Of course I’m going to do her a favor.

“You can continue if you want. I don’t like to be tied down, you know.”

“Huh, really? Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡”

“It’s true.”

“Then I’ll become Yuri’s woman♡”


In no time at all, her heart was corrupted and my lewd crest was carved into Jeanne’s body. Jeanne is usually a bit of a clod, but there is something clunky about her…

“Ohhh♡ Yuri♡ You’ve put a lewd crest on me♡”

Jeanne, whose body has become more sensitive due to the lewd mark below her navel, asks me while making a louder panting sound than ever before. As you can see, as an A-rank adventurer, she seems to know a lot about this kind of knowledge.

“If you don’t like it, I can erase it off.”

“It’s not that I don’t like it♡ I’m so glad it’s here♡”

Nuchu♡ Nuchu♡

As I thrust my cock in and out of Jeanne’s softened asshole, I asked her how she was doing, and apparently she didn’t mind. I’m relieved and decide to continue fucking Jeanne in the ass.

“Oh♡ Yuri… pussy ♡… put me in my pussy♡… no more anal♡”

“No. Jeanne will be anally corrupted.”

“No♡ I’m going to be corrupted by anal sex♡”

Nupo♡ Nupo♡

“Ahh♡ Anal♡… feels so good♡”

Jeanne’s anus is now many times more sensitive than before, and I continue my pistoning as I try to get her off. Now it’s time for me to give Jeanne creampie in her ass.

“Jeanne, I’ll put it out”

“Ahh♡ Give me Yuri’s semen♡”

I poured a generous amount of semen into Jeanne’s asshole, which began to twitch in anticipation of a nice ejaculation from me. In a rear seated position, I hugged her tightly with my arms, holding Jeanne’s body in place so that she would never be able to escape from me, and I poured semen into her asshole one after another.

“Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡”

Jeanne’s lewd crest turned a little pink as she began to receive a large amount of my semen in her ass. Jeanne is shaking comfortably in my arms, savoring her anal penetration as my cum continues to pour into her body, which has become intensely pleasurable under the influence of my lewd crest.

And I decided to drag Jeanne, who had spent a month in training, into the world of Creampie. I won’t even give her time to struggle.

I continue and pour a large amount of semen into her rectum.

“Ah♡ this is going to ruin my life…♡”

Jeanne, who was beginning to swoon from the pleasant ejaculation she was tasting in her anal cavity, finally curropted her heart. While listening to her, I poured more semen into her ass.

“Ahh♡ I’m all tucked up in my stomach…♡ This is… disgusting♡”

Jeanne’s stomach began to fill up with my semen, which was pouring into her like water from a hose. Jeanne, literally full of my semen, is enjoying anal sex with me with a satisfied look on her face.

“Oh, my god♡”

But seeing her satisfied didn’t stop my semen from pouring into Jeanne’s ass. The amount of semen pouring out of my cock was getting bigger and bigger.

“Yuri, my stomach is going to burst♡”

Jeanne’s belly swelled up like a water balloon after being filled with so much semen. But that didn’t stop me from pouring more semen into Jeanne’s swollen belly. The large amount of semen poured into her body caused her lewd crest to rapidly turn pink.

“Oh♡ Ohhhhh♡”

My semen, which was too much for Jeanne to hold in her rectum, flowed back up her large intestine and into her small intestine. Jeanne’s belly was swollen with my semen.

I asked Pru to clean her digestive system beforehand, so she would be hygienic. I pour more semen into Jeanne’s body, causing a large amount of semen to flow back out of her ass.


Finally, my semen reached her stomach through her anus, and Jeanne began to moan. But the effect of the lewd crest had changed her body to take pleasure in my semen, and she was struggling to endure the intense pleasure that rushed through her body.

With her body filled with a large amount of my semen, Jeanne’s lewd crest is almost ready to be completed!

“Yu, Yuri♡ I’m going to lose it♡”

Jeanne pleads with me, but it’s too late. I pour more cum into her asshole, trying to break her dam from her anus.

“Coming up♡”

Jeanne is trying very hard not to vomit out the pleasant, luscious liquid that is rising from her stomach.

“Oh♡ Ohoho♡”

Jeanne turned her face upward and made one last attempt to resist, but with my arms around her from behind, she was helpless to do anything about it. And as soon as my semen flowed out of her mouth, the lewd pattern was complete. [Tl : Bruh…]


Jeanne came, her mouth dripping my semen like a spring. Her body jerking and twitching. She looks up at the ceiling in ecstasy, her mouth overflowing with my semen and spreading it all over the place, making big stains on the bed sheets!

Kopo♡ Kopo♡

“I’m drowning in semen…♡”

Jeanne screams like she’s drowning as my semen clings to her throat. But with her insides covered in my semen, Jeanne’s body was in a whirlpool of intense pleasure from the effects of the lewd crest. She continues to orgasm for a long time.



Dopo♡ Dopo♡ Dopo♡ Dopo♡ Dopo♡

When I pulled my penis out of Jeanne’s anus, she collapsed on the bed and my semen flowed out of her gaping anus like a fountain. The stimulation seemed to make Jeanne come again.

For a while, Jeanne continued to squirt my semen from her mouth and anus. Jeanne’s body was covered in my semen, and the whole area was stained with it.


Jeanne was lying face down on the bed, and she was motionless as if she had run out of energy. I lifted her up by her ass, which was now covered in semen, and placed my cock in her pussy to fill the only hole that hadn’t already been filled with my semen. Then, in one swift motion, I inserted my cock into Jeanne’s vagina from behind.



Even though it had been a month since I had had pussy sex with her, it was easy to get my cock into her pussy without any foreplay. After having sex with me so many times, Jeanne’s pussy was completely transformed into the shape of my cock, and she seemed to have memorized my cock very well. Jeanne is doing a fine job of serving as my cock case.

“Ohh♡ Pussy fucking♡”

Jeanne was in a prone position, weak and unable to move, her body covered in semen and squirming frantically. But I don’t care about her, I just enjoy the feeling of Jeanne’s tightly trained pussy with my cock, which I haven’t penetrated in a long time. The pleasant sound of my thick penis thrusting in and out of her pussy was echoing throughout the room, along with her charming voice.

“Oh♡ Oh♡ Oh♡”

Jeanne was screaming like a beast as she enjoyed the first orgasm she had had in her pussy in a long time. I poured my first load of semen into her pussy in a month to give her the greatest pleasure possible.

Topu♡ Topu♡


Jeanne, who hadn’t had her favorite semen poured into her womb in a long time, came with a pitiful whimper. It must have felt so good. Jeanne continued to have an intense orgasm for a very long time.

“Your dick broke me…♡”

Jeanne murmured as she lay face down on the bed with only her ass sticking up. But even after hearing her words, I still didn’t stop my pistoning motion.

Nuchu♡ Nuchu♡

“You are going to kill me with your dick♡”

As Jeanne’s pussy began to writhe and twitch in an attempt to reach another orgasm, I used my cuckold cock skills to inflate the glans and gouge her vaginal flesh harder than a human cock could ever do.

Every time I rubbed up her vaginal walls with my cuckold cock, Jeanne’s pussy started to secrete an incredible amount of love juice!


Jeanne came, spraying her pussy with a huge squirt. The whole room was covered in our lewd liquid. I start to pump my cock deeper and deeper into her vagina to finish her off for the day.

“Jeanne, from this day forward you’re my personal dick case! I love it!”

“Yes! I’m ready! I’m going to be Yuri’s cock case♡”

After spraying a lot of my semen from her mouth, anus, and pussy, Jeanne gasped and affirmed my cock. Hearing her words, I felt relieved and poured my semen inside her. As her vagina begins to contract in the biggest orgasm of the day, she lovingly wraps around my cock and sucks on it as I continue to pump into her.

“Ah♡ Ah♡ Ahhh♡ Yuri♡ This is… amazing♡”

Jeanne began to scream in a dark voice, her mind immersed in the pleasure. I put my cock deep into Jeanne’s pussy and filled her womb with my semen as she lay face down on the bed with her hips pressed up against the bed. This was enough to make Jeanne fall. She’ll spend the rest of her life as my cock case.

Jeanne’s pussy was quivering with pleasure as I slid my freshly cummed cock in and out of her pussy. Every time I pulled my cock out of her pussy, a slippery stream of my semen and Jeanne’s love juices mixed together.

Jeanne’s pussy continued to twitch and writhe as she reached her limit, and she couldn’t stop herself from cumming.

Topu♡ Topu♡


And then, as soon as I hit her with a follow-up Creampie, Jeanne fainted as if she had run out of steam. The training was complete. I pull my cock out of her soggy pussy, cast a clean spell on her semen-covered body, clean her up, and then pull the covers over her.

It’s time for me to leave this city and start my journey. As I gently stroked Jeanne’s sleeping hair, I thought about what I would do in the meantime.

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