C.C. Ch.26


A few days have passed since I carved Jeanne’s lewd crest, and now that I’ve successfully carved Rize’s and Linda’s lewd crests, I’m ready to leave the city of First and set out on my journey.

I’m going to say goodbye to the girls who carved the lewd crest. I’ll ask them to stay in town and call them back after I’ve built the dungeon.

I gave them Pru’s alter ego as an escort. I also gave them a crystal that allows them to use their magic to communicate with people who are far away. I’ll be able to communicate with them now.

The alter ego of the Pru I gave them was about the size of my index finger, and it usually hid itself in their cunts, secretly, to protect them.

Sometimes it vibrates, and sometimes it secretes the same substance as my semen, soaking their cunts in my semen, so they can satisfy their sexual desires to some extent.

Well, I don’t have to worry too much about that, since I can get back to the First City in no time with my transfer magic.

Now, what kind of otherworldly life awaits me from now on?

About a week into my journey, I arrived at a village.

It’s a village of wolf people called the Gao tribe. I heard that there will be a festival in this village soon.

The festival is in a small village, so it’s just some kind of ritual followed by a party.

By the way, beastmen in this world only have ears and tails, and are otherwise the same as humans.

And in this village, there was a new encounter.

“Yuri, how do you feel in this village?”

She is a girl named Lulu. She has pure white hair, wolf ears, beautiful green eyes, and big tits that are estimated to be about G cups.

She is what is called an ancestress, and apparently werewolf races with white hair color are rare. Yes. I want her to join me.

I decided to stay in a Gao village for a while to invite her to join me.

In the meantime, I’m going to kill the monster that’s been bothering the village. Trust is important in a place like this.

I invite Lulu to join me and we go to a nearby forest to kill monsters. It seems that a large boar-like monster called a Dogan Boa is ravaging the fields.

We were welcomed with open arms by the villagers after successfully killing the monster. And the village chief gave me permission to stay in the village.

“You did it! Yuri!”

I’ve also formed a bond with Lulu during my monster slaying. Now it’s just a matter of how to get physical with her and corrupt her heart.

Observing Lulu, it seems that she has someone she has her heart set on. It’s easy to tell by her maidenly demeanor.

I’ve decided to see how things go in order to corrupt Lulu.

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Ari Lee
Ari Lee
1 year ago

Heh~ interesting~

Thanks for the chapter.