IAIK Ch.13

Ch 13

Olga had thrown herself on Alexander to kiss him on the mouth while she grabbed him by the cheeks after mumbling something and interrupting him when he asked her if she was all right. The fact of his concern only made her more confident and tickled her heart.

Chloe was surprised by her Queen’s action and called her stunned.

Alexander was at first stunned but soon, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, he hugged tightly around Olga’s hips, pressed her to him completely and kissed her back actively.

He especially liked her strawberry breath and soft lips. Her inexperienced and bold tongue also tasted intoxicating.

He could feel Olga’s amazing, fleshy, G-cup breasts, plastered and squashed against his body, with one particular hard spot tickling him.

*Mnh* *Nnnnhg* Nnnnhggg*.

Olga had thrust her tongue into Alexander’s mouth and he received it with pleasure so that he would then do it for himself.

The room was silent and all that could be heard were the very lewd sounds of the kiss that these two were giving each other.

It was as if their mouths were engaged in a battle.

Chloe didn’t know what to think and just watched in awe of this scene, even though she felt a bit jealous inside and she knew it herself, deep inside, but she knew it.

Who knows how much time had passed and at last Olga broke away from Alexander to take a breath and catch air, but without pulling away or leaving their position tightly glued as one.

A trickle of saliva glistened between their lips as they parted their mouths.

They looked at each other for a few seconds.

Suddenly Olga looked down as she felt something big and heavy on her abdomen, although she knew exactly what it was, it just made her proud to be able to put a man like this in that state. She thought that since she had recently had a somewhat traumatic experience with men, even for an experienced woman like her, it would be repulsive to feel this, but she was wrong. It only made her proud of herself.

Alexander was a little stunned at how damned good that kiss felt, and how much it turned him on.

Not even Unique Soul was able to dull this feeling he had.

He glanced at Olga and saw that she was looking down, followed her gaze and was sorry to be ‘like that’.

Chloe had also seen the huge ‘tent’ that formed in Alexander’s pants, and blushed a lot.

“I’ve never felt so good in my life.”

Alexander said to himself.

Olga: “… Ufufufu.”

As he watched Olga’s expression change from blushing to one that looked like the expression of naughty cat, he realized that he spoke out loud again.

He really had to go to Yu IIhan’s world and ask for advice to see what he was doing in this situation.

Alexander : “And why was that …. Olga? Not that I’m complaining.”

Chloe : “… Yes, Olga-sama, what was that?

Olga: “… … … Today, was the day that I had the most changes in my life, the day that I thought I was either going to die, or something almost worse than that was going to happen to me, and the day that I was rescued by

someone for the first time… I know I haven’t known you for over an hour at this point, Alexander Smith, but from what I have seen of you and what you have shown me, plus the fact that I owe you my life and the Elves are a race that pays all their debts… I am willing to bet… bet that with you I will be much happier than I have always been… that’s why I don’t dislike having this bond that binds us… so… please take care of me from now on…. Master~”

Chloe: “But my Queen, if you are his slave…! Then what am I!!!!”

Olga: “Ufufufufufu…. so are you Chloe, we are always together in everything, aren’t we~? Besides, I’m not Queen anymore.”

Chloe was feeling a little frustrated right now seeing how her Queen seemed amused with the situation. Though she herself had some expectations… but too bad only she herself knew that.

Chloe: “You will always be my Queen Olga-sama…” She told her and looked gently at Alexander:

“… please take care of me too from now on…. M-m-master…”

Alexander was too happy right now as from this moment onwards the lives of these two amazing women were linked to his.

He thought Chloe had gotten to the Dere part rather quickly, but he liked it.

He also didn’t let this thing about them being his ‘slaves’ bother him, as he himself would treat them as if they were his wife.

Or well, judging by the treatment and the look Olga was sending him… Alexander supposed it was like that.

However, he still felt a little sorry about the whole situation and blushed a little, drawing some tender smiles from ‘his women’.

Alexander: “… It’s a pleasure, and please take care of me too.”

Some time passed and they changed location, they searched the entire palace looking for other Dark Elves left alive or any other member of Kuroinu.

Apparently Volt had gathered everyone in the throne room to see and even participate in what he planned to do to Olga and Chloe. Something that still made them nauseous just imagining it.

But it was quickly removed as Alexander, with slightly stiff and awkward movements, stroked both of their heads. They thought it was so cute this part of him, that even Chloe, who still had mixed feelings, was melting from the good feelings he wanted to convey to them.

Olga didn’t miss the opportunity to make fun of Chloe whenever she had a chance.

They were also unable to find anyone else in the entire castle and decided to leave through the front door to search the city.

The sight that greeted them was that of a destroyed town.

Every house was in disrepair or in ashes.

Bodies of dark Elves and men of this race, who were apparently against the mercenary group, were everywhere in all sorts of forms.

And the fact that it was late, almost nightfall and with the sun taking its leave, only made the view more bleak.

Seeing such a sight Olga and Chloe were with too much sadness in their being. Since they knew all the corpses they saw, for there were not so many in their race.

Olga: “Chloe let’s search to see if there are still survivors.”

Chloe: “Hai Olga-sama!”

Alexander: ” Wait a moment Chloe.” He said softly.

Olga: “What’s wrong Alexander-sama?”

Alexander still blushed a little when Olga called him that, and he swore that these nicknames and Japanese suffixes were quite effective at embarrassing people.

Alexander: “Olga, well call me Alex only, if you like, that’s what my acquaintances used to call me…”

Olga: “You can’t, Alexander-sama~, as your slave it is my duty to address you this way, or would you prefer it to be Master~, or also Danna-sama~?”

Alexander felt helpless.

Olga looked at him amused and said:

“Ufufufufufu well then it will just be Alex-sama~”

Alexander sighed and turned to Chloe to speak, Chloe was thinking of calling him that too in the future because to say something like ‘Danna-sama~’ was too much for her….

Too bad she didn’t know the future.

Alexander: “I have an ability to scan this whole place and look to see if anyone is alive.”

Chloe: “Ability?” Said this one while tilting her head prettily.

Olga: “Don’t you mean a Spell, Alex-sama? After all, I remember you were levitating when you were summoned…”

Alexander: “Yeah well, you see, I’m kind of like a mage bonded with a warrior…”

Olga and Chloe thought that he was not a normal warrior as he had too much physical strength to bend and break metal, and even his speed was too fast for them who were Dark Elves, extremely agile beings…

Alexander continued:

“And I use something called Abilities, not spells, this allows me to activate them without any need of chanting or delay, the Skill I had used to levitate before is a Skill that is psychic for the most part and allows me to move things with my mind, so…”

Manifestation of Mind/Energy.

Alexander caused some white flowers that were in a small garden nearby to dance in the air with twists and turns to end up each in the hands of Olga and Chloe respectively.

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