IAIK Ch.16

Ch 16

Olga and Chloe were amazed beyond belief that this owner of theirs was amazing.


There had been a few times this had happened already.

The world he explained to them was amazing to say the least.

An era of peace.

Technological advances.

Advanced studies of this ‘science’.

It was all amazing and they wished they could see such a world.

But this was nothing compared to the power of their Master.

Something that allowed him to create other powers.

Or Abilities as he called it.

He even had a personal pocket world among his powers.

They already lost count of the number of times they were amazed in this small period of time.

Alexander: “Chloe… I know it’s sudden but… would you let me heal you?”

Chloe: “Hmm? What do you mean Alex-sama? I’m not hurt right now.”

Alexander: “When the bond formed between me and Olga I saw images of her past and I also…. I saw how she found you… I mean would you let me heal the injury to your uterus… all women should have the opportunity to be mothers and…you too.”

Chloe realized what Alexander was talking about and was shocked.

Olga on the side was also surprised to no end, especially since she knew that the wound had been impossible to heal with her advanced Magic or even with the medicine of the Dark Elves, which was the best in this world, at least currently.

Chloe: “Alex-sama that… Can you really do that?”

Alexander: “I’m completely convinced that I can do it, only that there’s a little inconvenience… I need to directly touch your body with my bare hands in order to achieve it.”

Chloe: “…”

Chloe was speechless for a moment.

She had always considered herself someone dirty.

Her past had been the cause of it.

And that injury had been the seal that confirmed it.

Chloe: “Alex-sama it doesn’t matter… it doesn’t matter if you touch me… you can even do a lot more than that…”

Saying up to here she had blushed.

“But I am dirty and this wound is the proof of it…I know what is likely to q-mnhg…”

Chloe was unable to continue as Alexander held her tightly and kissed her on her mouth.

He stuck his (Alexander’s) tongue in her (Chloe’s) mouth and started playing with it.

Erotic and lewd noises could be heard from that kiss just like before.

Chloe’s body quickly relaxed until she became like putty in the handling of Alexander.

Even Olga who was watching this felt a little jealous but also excited.

She knew Chloe deserved this and had already made a plan for the two of them to become his women.

She didn’t mind this for several reasons.

In this world it was normal for someone strong or of a high position to have a Harem.

Alexander was a person who was at the top of this world almost like a God to them, and she knew that he was destined to have a great number of women.

She even believed that the Princess Knights would not bear to go long without falling in love with him.

In fact she hoped that Celestine, her oldest rival and friend, would also become his wife, the one who was in fact also her…

At this moment there was Celestine Lucullus, the so-called Reincarnated Elf Goddess who possessed the Soul of the Goddess Larentia, in her time of rest and watering some flowers.

Celestine: “Achuuss~!”

She made a very cute sound with a pure and welcoming milf voice.

Celestine: “Hmm~? Ara, is someone talking about me?”

Alexander had separated from Chloe to breathe heavily and excitedly.

And Chloe doing the same with her face as red as a tomato.

Alexander: “You are not dirty Chloe, as I had told you before, you are the purest woman I have ever, they were the ones who were dirty… so don’t think about it like that anymore, ok?”

Chloe: “Yessssss Alex-sama~”

Chloe said with a look of a maiden hopelessly in love.

They were looking at each other and you could tell the love in their gazes.

Olga: “And Chloe… how is the kiss from your owner-sama~?”

Olga had decided to interrupt as she felt a bit left out.

Chloe instantly turned very red and looked away, but said in a whisper:

(Well, very very good.)

And just like that, the trauma that had been plaguing Chloe since those fateful days, was completely rooted out of her person.

Alexander had dressed and was sitting on the bathroom floor.

Alexander: “Lie down here on the floor on your back.”

Chloe did exactly as Alexander asked but she was still very embarrassed being completely naked in his sight.

In fact, Alexander had always tried not to look or think about it to distract himself, besides he had Unique Soul working at full throttle.

He looked at Chloe’s body and realized that holding back was going to be very difficult.

But he tried as hard as possible to do so since he was dealing with an injury.

Olga watched from the side and hoped it would work, her friend and Right Hand didn’t deserve to be treated the way she was.

Hands of Rebirth.

Alexander activated the ability and his Energy rushed to his hands.

And he began to touch Chloe’s soft, yet hard abdomen.

Chloe: “Hyann.”

The latter let out a small squeal as it felt too good for her owner’s hands.

And she just felt a tingling all over his body, but more concentrated in her abdomen.

A few minutes passed and Alexander took his hands off Chloe.

The latter was feeling too good right now and was breathing heavily and with noticeable arousal, she had lost count of how many orgasms she had.

Olga: “Is it complete yet, Alex-sama?”

Alexander: “Yes, it’s completely healed now.”

He turned to Chloe who was looking at him.

“You already have the possibility of having children again, even… you can say that you got your first time.”

Chloe heard what he said and had no words to express what she felt.

Not only had he healed her and given her back the chance to be a mother, he had even given her precious first time.


She jumped in to hug him with a loud cry.

Chloe: “Thank you.”

She said in his ear with a mosquito voice.

Olga hugged him also naked from behind and said:

“I thank you Alex-sama, thank you for healing Chloe, thank you for meeting us.”

Alexander: “It’s my honor.”

Alexander was really, really holding on at this point.

He had two big balls of dough stuck to his chest and back.

He was holding on.

When Chloe and Olga let go.

Alexander quickly came out of the bathroom saying:

“Olga, Chloe, I’ll go get and prepare the food, wait for me in the master bedroom.”

They were a bit puzzled but replied that they were going to do it.

And they had doubts about whether their owner knew how to cook.

But as he had said, most likely he did.

It was a rare thing for a man like Alexander to cook, it was mysterious.

And considering the magnificence of his person, this was not surprising at all. It only made them see him more and more as someone perfect.

Alexander left the castle to calm down, now that the rain had stopped.

He walked through the streets of the destroyed city, for a while, until he was at the edges.

And apparently it had worked.

He was calmer now.

Really, since he had been transported to this place, he had never thought that all this could happen to him since it was just a Hentai in his world.

But he was happy all the same.

Because he had gotten two beautiful slave girls, although for him they were more like two wives, and they had feelings for him. He could be dense, but he knew it.

In fact, he was even a little nervous as it was very likely that something would happen tonight.

This world was so…

Particular… let’s just say, it was very possible that it would happen.

He stopped the thoughts in his head and lightly patted his cheeks.

Human Area.

Then he set out to find some animal so he could cook some meat.

He searched within the boundaries of 4 kilometers around and detected the shape of a boar a bit larger than normal. It should be a magical beast. These were animals that were mutated due to the Magic existing in the World itself.

Minuscule Creation.

Created a metal rod that expended at most 0.5 points of Energy and activated a third ability.

Manifestation of Mind/Energy.

He threw the rod as hard as he could in the direction of the target.

And as if it were a guided missile, he drove the staff at an enormous speed by means of the skill of Area of the Human. He didn’t propel or carry it, not even his ‘actual’ or ‘apparent’ mental power was sufficient for that. He was just trying to steer it, this way it was much easier.

Apart from that he didn’t need momentum as he had 325 Strength points in his body. 65 times the Strength of a normal man.

He saw that it was strongly embedded in the skull of the creature, and he used the ability again to bring the rod back to the boar’s body.

At this point he swore he heard in the distance something like a howl of a wolf sounding confused or something, but he played it down and didn’t think anything of it.

He kept levitating the boar once it had reached his side, and carried it behind him into the castle, more specifically, the kitchen.

He had certainly been able to create his ingredients, and even create the dish, but he always followed his creed of living life as humanly as possible.

That’s what he was.

And although he did not create the ingredients or the food, he did create the spices and the tools.

Some time later.

He walked down the hallway and reached the door to the room while he had the dishes levitating with Telekinesis behind him.

He entered the room and noticed that Olga and Chloe were chatting on the sets of seats that were inside.

Plus they looked twice as glowing now that they had bathed.

Alexander: “Hello, here’s the food, I hope you enjoy it.”

Olga: “Alex-sama, welcome.”

She said with a smile.

“And for the next one it will be Chloe or me who cooks, that’s our job, even though I’m not so experienced.”

Olga in effect, had been a Queen until today so she didn’t cook, but she knew knowledge of it.

Chloe also seemed to agree with this as she nodded.

Alexander: “It’s no bother, I don’t mind at all cooking for the women who are now a part of my life.”

He gave a refreshing smile.


Chloe and Olga had to admit that this was definitely the best dinner they had ever eaten in their entire lives.

Although they were a little embarrassed to have eaten so quickly.

And Olga said with a little embarrassment and being seconded by Chloe.

“Alex-sama, from now on you are in charge of the kitchen, I feel a little sorry for you but it’s just that your food is too delicious.”

Alexander: “Hahahaha easy easy, I’ll take care of that.”

They talked some more after that and then Alexander left towards his room.

It was the one closest to Olga’s Room.

Olga and Chloe were going to sleep together today.

Or so he thought.

He really wasn’t so sure since since this was a hentai world one could expect anything.

He went to bed before he realized that he had already undressed even without being conscious.

That’s how terrifying his first ability was.

And just when he was almost asleep.

The bedroom door opened and two figures entered.

It was clear who they were.

Olga: “Alex-sama we want to…”

Alexander listened as he looked at their naked bodies, and blushed a little.

“We want to give you our all tonight.”

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