IAIK Interlude 1

A silly Eternal

(Goddess of Reincarnation Elisha-POV)

My Reborn name is Elisha.

Reborn name since that’s what you call the name you have after death, although since it is a pain to be saying that, you just call your name Reborn as if it is normal after you reincarnate in one of the 12 Planes. It is your original identity there.

Hundreds of years ago I died and my soul was sent to the Intermediate World.

There it was stated that I was to be Reincarnated as a Spirit in the Plane of Light.

And since then everything remains the same.

I normally exert myself at work, when I get home I take a very relaxing hot water bath with specially made Candles in a World of the Plane of earth. These were quite sought after by all the spirits.

My friend, a minor Goddess of Music used to get them for me quite cheap since she was the girlfriend of a half Blacksmith God.


This is one of the nice things about having connections.

About… 100 years? or so, I was promoted to the department of Gods of


I sometimes think it was quite painful for my coworkers to let me go because I think I heard a celebration when I was leaving work. And they know that I really like to party, so what better way to say goodbye than with what I like the most.

Besides the fact that every time I tripped several times a day, or messed up a few bundles of my coworkers’ papers, they just didn’t scold me or criticize me, they kept quiet and put up with me….

Sometimes even when I was talking to them I would notice veins popping out on their foreheads and I would worry about them and recommend a good hospital to go to because as I saw it happen to so many I figured it was a virus that spread at work.

Seriously, what good and kind coworkers I have.

Ayyyyy how cute~

I love my new job.

Hum Hum~

It’s very easy and I leave early.

Since I am in charge of the Reincarnation, my only duty is to follow the 3 Golden Rules that had been imposed by the Elders of that Department.

It was something that said not to be so permissive with desires, not to involve Abilities that had to do with Creation and things like that when it came to granting wishes, that’s one, the other is… always send the soul into the Lake of Rebirth, this was the easiest one and the one I liked the most, and those were the rules~

It’s been over 100 years since I’ve been doing this and it gets a little boring over time.

Always the same and the same and the same and the same and the same… Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I’m sick of it!

Every day it’s the same, at the beginning I was interested in the wishes of the souls with the most karma left at the end of all of them, but now it’s a pain.

A pain a pain a pain a pain a pain!

“I wish to be Happily Ever After!”

Happily Ever After!?, Happily Ever After!!!????

I wish to be Happy forever!!!!

I reincarnated these people who seemed annoying to me directly into Dogs, what?

You want to be happy, then be happy by bringing the ball!

And not only that, the wishes were getting stranger and stranger as time went on.

“I wish to be a ball”

“I wish to marry Brad Pitt.”

“I wish I was a Goblin”

“I wish I had a 12-year-old girlfriend.”

“I wish I lived in a World of Homosexuals.”

“I wish I was a fish.”

“Buhiii buiiiiii bbuhi bhuii” (Orc Language: Translated: I wish to be a monk.).

“I wish to spend 1000 years alone on Earth as Yu IIhan.”

“I wish to be a Ninja of the Uchiha Clan.”

“I wish to be a Moss”

“I wish to paint my nails”

“I wish to be a Wish”

“I wish to be Einstein’s hot older sister”

“Gugggu gguggghu gu ghu ghujuhu” (Goblin Language: Translated: I wish to be a Human Slayer.)

“I wish to be a Pigeon God”

“I wish to be the Interdimensional UN.”

“I wish to marry LongChinChin.”


The good thing is that a few days ago I handed in my resignation letter and surely the boss wanted the best for me since I noticed that he was very happy.

He was surely happy because I was going to pursue my dreams from now on.

I am very lucky~

Everyone loves me~

Anyway, today is my last day of work so I’m very very very very very very excited.

Today was only a Chaos of souls or pretty close.

Oh, by the way, a Chaos is more or less A Trillion to a Billion or something like that, I don’t quite remember the boss’s explanation.

It’s super boring, it’s like he has a sleeping ability in his mouth, nothing more than he opens it and I’m sleeping right away.

Well well, since I was excited I finished pretty quickly with all the Souls, grabbed my stuff and went out the door.

And now I’m going to….

Ah, that’s right, today’s lucky soul, I forgot.

But what a fool I am.

I went back and started to attend to the soul.

He was asking questions and all that but I didn’t answer, as I wasn’t in the mood to linger today.

I immediately started with what it says on the paper.

I gave him a few seconds to debate…

What?! Don’t look at me like that, I’m in a hurry right now.

And apparently he already had his wishes and the world to be reincarnated ready so I quickly urged him to tell me his wishes.

“… Well, although this all still seems rather strange to me, these are my wishes….

1-I wish for an ability in-…”

I was listening to the Soul with desires for it to speak faster but at that I was called by my Friend the minor Goddess of Music and told me that her boyfriend had gotten three Tickets to go on a Vacation to a Hotel in a Water Plane World. That I could go with them.


The Water Plane is the most coveted place for vacations. I tried the lottery millions of times and still couldn’t get a Ticket even from a bad Hotel in that World.


There they have over a thousand different thermal baths, over a million types of Spas. And that’s without the Hotel being a very good but cheap one.


Friend I love you very much~

You’re a little bit of a bitch but I still love you a lot~

I glanced at Soul and it was already on it’s fourth Wish.

“… 4- I want to have the ability Asora, from the novel Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu, don’t ask me how I remember the name and spend 10 years there before reincarnating.

5- And lastly I wish to know what I lose by having these wishes.”

I granted all the first four wishes quickly.

I was a bit shocked at the last wish as it was more like a question.

But Hmph!

Most likely I just do it to impress, there are many types of Souls that try to flirt with cute and pretty Goddesses like me, but too bad, my heart is of Allfreidch-sama only, there is no God of Light more handsome and as rich as him.

I love you Allfreidch-samaaaaa~!

I then coolly told the Soul that his previous wishes were ready and that what is lost by receiving these wishes is the opportunity to integrate into the Plane of Light as a soul of

Paradise, the dullest place of the 12 Planes.

Please, this work is like a party held by the Gods of Music compared to paradise.


As the last one and I was ready to finish I urged him to tell me the World to reincarnate.

I think it was Karronu or something, I don’t know, God knows.

I was all set and I told him that according to his fourth Wish he was going to stay in Akosa or wherever for 10 years and then he would go to the world he chose to reincarnate, I told him never again and now yes.

I grabbed my stuff and ran out the door and jumped up and did a pose.

~I’m going to enjoy life Hahaha~

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