IAIK Ch.22

Ch 22

Alexander had already arrived at the First Fortress.

He had come with Olga and Chloe running all the way.

When they got tired, he carried them on his back.

But as it was very unlikely that Chloe would tire because of her powerful body, she would whine with a chibi face and an angelic pout that it was unfair.

Alexander would watch this and melt at how Kawaii it was.

Then Alexander alternated between them until at last they had reached the end of the forest and beyond it was the First Fortress.

In fact, he was trying not to think about Olga’s soft, massive, crushed chest against his back, so he wouldn’t have to stop for a few hours.

Alexander had also put on a mask only because he himself knew that his face was not normal.

It was quite possible that a woman would fall in love with him just by looking at his face.

And here he was not being vain or egotistical, it was the plain truth.

Besides, he was always a fan of Kakashi-sensei.

Olga and Chloe wore full-body black cloaks to hide that they were dark Elves.

In this world this type of clothing was normal, as almost all travelers opted to wear cloaks that covered their full bodies. It was a daily sight.

Alexander and the girls went deeper into the city so that he could somehow contact Alicia and talk to her about the attack that was about to occur.

“Hey, don’t they look weird to you?”

“Friend friend, do you see that man, do you see him? He must be very handsome, right? Ahh, I think I’ll talk to him.”

“His red hair is so unusual and sexy~”

“Stay calm, you bitch, I would have more chances than you.”

“Aah! Are you looking for a fight, you bitch!?”

“Those are women aren’t they, have you seen the size of those breasts? Especially the first one, they must be the size of Celestine-sama’s.”

“You’re right-…. Hii!”

That was what could be heard all around.

Instantly Alexander was drawing the attention of the female gender and the ire of the male gender, of which these were very few, for hanging around with women of that figure looking very close to each other.

With Olga and Chloe it was proportionally the reverse.

Alexander, seeing that the very few male citizens were looking too much at Olga and Chloe, their wives, instantly pulled out some Haou Shouko Haki mixed with bloodlust to drive them away.

It must be said that it worked too well. The men either fainted or were paralyzed with fear.

Olga and Chloe, seeing this, felt that they fell even more in love with their husband, something they had thought was no longer possible.

Definitely if this was a Galge, Olga and Chloe should have passed by far the highest love score that could be reached, and the fact that it kept going up without end was something that even they could not stop. Every little act that Alexander did made them all nervous and blushing, even after all they had been together.

Under the looks of fear which Alexander now received from men, and the surprised and intense looks of the women, they walked to the middle of the fortress where the stood a building that was more like a half of a castle than a real one.

They saw the female guards, who, after blushing a little at the sight of Alexander, denied them passage.

Guard 1: “It is forbidden for strangers to enter the castle.”

Guard 2: “Say what you wish.”

Alexander: “I need to meet with your Princess Knight Alice Arcturus.” He stated in a soft and powerful voice.

Guard 1: “Alicia-sama had not warned us of your coming, state your name and your objective to see her.”

These guards were a bit stiff and distrustful, but that was to be expected, Alexander was practically a stranger who wanted to see their Princess.

They also noticed his beautiful red hair and knew they had never seen anything like it.

He shouldn’t be a native from around here, but more like a foreigner from distant lands.

Alexander: “I need to see your Princess as I have important information about an attack that is going to be made on this city.”

Alexander could see how the guards were quite surprised when he said such a thing, but they were still stiff.

In fact, they may have thought of it even being something false and it was just a cover to approach and assassinate their Princess.

Guard 1: “Wait here for a moment.”

Said the first guard and looked at the second, the second nodded and went quickly to pass the information to her Princess.

Alicia: “Go ahead.”

Guard 1: “Sorry to bother you, Alicia-sama, but we have a situation…”

Alicia: “What is it?”

Alicia instantly became serious and asked, so that the female guard would tell her what had happened.

Alicia: “… Let them come in, I’ll see what this is about myself.”

Guard 1: “But Alicia-sama, they may… want to harm you…”

Alicia: “Right now the war is practically over, it’s very rare that any human would want to kill me, even if they wanted to, they would do it in a more discreet way, not by asking for a meeting with me, let them pass.”

The guard straightened up and replied:

“Hai, Alicia-sama.”

Prim: “Alicia Onee-sama…”

Alicia: “Don’t worry Prim…. I’m pretty strong, remember? If they try anything, I’ll have enough to stop them and protect us.”

Prim looked a little stunned and then smiled:

“Hai, Onee-sama.”

Alexander was standing very close to Olga and Chloe in front of the guard, and he had a look of disinterest as he waited patiently.

The latter was blushing a bit and averted her head quickly after staring at

Alexander, this had been repeated several times already.

In fact she knew that unless Alexander had a deformity on his face or some

scar, it was quite possible that he was too attractive, so much so that she could understand him wearing the mask for that reason.

Some time passed and with many curious glances from women everywhere, Alexander felt that the guard who had gone to warn Alicia, was rapidly approaching.

Guard 1: “Sorry for the delay, please follow me to take you to the Princess.” She said a little tired from running so much.

Alexander: “No need to rush, we can wait a while if you like.”

The guard blushed at the kindness of this man who was probably the most handsome and masculine man she had ever seen in her life.

As a mysterious Bishounen, he had a rather high charm.

Guard 1: “No, thank you, but it’s not necessary, please come with me.”

The guard’s tone became very soft. Even the looks Alexander was receiving now became softer and warmer.

Olga and Chloe were feeling a bit jealous inside and stood around Alexander a bit more protectively.

Alexander looked at all this amused and said:

“Then lead the way.”

At this moment, Minister Beasley was not in the palace, or any of the men who were in the army.

So all Alexander found in the corridors of the palace were only women dressed as Knights in very lewd attire, too lewd.

They weren’t even wearing any clothing that would hold their breasts in, or even pantyhose, their breasts were held tight by metal parts of the armor. The same was true for the bottom, there was only a metal extension that covered the views of their vaginas.

It was too exciting, this armor.

It covered almost nothing.

Alexander imagined that a perverted protagonist from some Anime would get a nosebleed in this place. He was doing his best not to get aroused with so many women like this around him and he was concentrating on the road.

At no time did he see those ample buttocks bouncing from the guard in front of him, no.

With looks of curiosity for all the women who saw them, they reached the room where Alicia Arcturus and Prim Fiorire were.

Guard 1: “Here are the guests, Alicia-sama.”

Alicia: “Let them come in.”

Alexander heard a straight, dedicated voice coming from the room, and he knew perfectly well that it was Alicia.

Then the guard opened the door for him and Alexander and the girls entered the room.

Although it seemed rather strange to Alexander that there were no custodians outside the Princess’s room.

And then he saw Alicia who was looking at some papers and Prim sitting on a separate piece of furniture who looked at him and blushed a little with a chibi face.

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