IAIK Ch.23

Ch 23

Alexander entered the room with Olga and Chloe behind him.

Prim as soon as she saw Alexander’s white, masculine, handsome half-face, blushed, thinking that this gentleman she saw was the most beautiful she had ever seen.

Alicia finished looking at the papers, adjusted them and turned to the new group in the room.

Alicia felt equally as surprised as Prim with the otherworldly face of Alexander that could be seen, but what caught her attention most was the man’s hair.

She knew perfectly well that there was most likely no one with hair like that.

Crimson that slightly shimmered and long down to his back.

Trying not to show the blush on her face, the maiden spoke:

“And-and so who are you and what is this information you say you have?”

She bit her tongue a bit from nervousness at first but quickly regained her serious tone.

Alexander just thought that this blonde girl in front of him was very adorable, just like Prim.

He suddenly thought it was possible that the other Princess Knights were like that.

Alexander just adopted a look just as serious as Alice and said:

“My name is Alexander Smith, I am a wizard and a warrior at the same time and also…I was in the land of the Dark Elves after Kuroinu’s attack.”

He paused and said:

“I also saved the Queen of the Dark Elves and her Right Hand. And I’m here for something that… you probably don’t believe…”

Alexander looked over to Olga and Chloe, they nodded and then removed the black cloaks that were covering them.

Their faces were exposed and Alice suddenly startled to continually put her hand on the handle of her sword.

Alicia: “What is the meaning of this, you’re a human, did you ally yourself with the Dark Elves!”

She said and positioned herself in front of a slightly stunned and worried Prim, while pointing her weapon at Alexander.

Alexander sighed and said:

“I did not ally myself with the Dark Elves…”

“I only made these two beautiful women, my Wives.”

He finished saying then hugged Olga and Chloe as the embraced women blushed like little girls in love.

Alicia was very stunned and almost dropped her sword, but as she had fought in battles before, she woke up from her daze quickly.

Although she had to admit she was a bit jealous of these dark Elves. And she didn’t even know why.

Prim just opened her mouth in surprise.

Alicia: “… If you haven’t allied yourself with the Dark Elves, then why are you here with them!”

She said stiffly.

Alexander just sighed some more and said:

“I came here because among my abilities is the ability to see the future and…. I saw the future of the Seven Shields Alliance… it was a very horrible thing to see…”

“That’s why I’m here with my women and my slave girls, to stop the Demon Army of Kuroinu from invading the Seven Fortresses since I have the power to do so… that’s all.”

Alicia: “Abilities? Future? Slaves?”

Prim: “Ooohhhh.”

Alicia didn’t understand anything and asked. Prim was just still shocked.

Alexander saw this and knew he had to start from the beginning.

Alicia was still standing in front of Prim, but she was now noticeably more relaxed in the knowledge that the visitors had no ill intentions.

Alexander had more or less fully explained the situation to them.

That he had been summoned, that he saved Olga and Chloe from being raped by the Kuroinu group and that he made them his slaves and soon to be wives.

Alicia was also a very kind and soft-hearted woman, not only her, one could say that in this world all the women being more open, were very docile, Alexander blamed it on the stinking Japanese who created this Hentai. But this also made them quicker to accept things.

Just like Alicia was doing.

Alicia: “… I see, I can believe everything you’ve told me just because of the fact that neither I nor Prim detected bad intentions from you, but…”

Alicia spoke and looked towards Olga and Chloe.

Olga: “You can rest assured Alicia-san, my race has completely perished the day Kuroinu attacked… and in fact, I never hated humans, I just despised them for their base deeds… my beliefs were to have a peaceful world where all races could live in harmony… but now…”

Olga said earnestly and at the last part she paused to look passionately at Alexander at her side.

“It is to be forever with the person I love, with my owner, with my Master, with my husband…”


Alexander replied and looked at Olga with the same passion as Olga was looking at him.

“Me too Danna-sama! I want to spend a looong time with you too!”

Chloe said with a slight pout and lively.


A pink aura began to form between the three of them that was rising and rising in sugar content.

Alicia and Prim both grimaced and were a little upset and jealous watching this. Prim was even pouting. They didn’t even know why they felt that way.

Alicia: “A-a-and what’s all this about the future!!! Do you have any proof?”

She asked a little nervously and also frustrated, though she managed to calm down later at the end.

Alexander suddenly seemed to remember what he had to do and even though he didn’t want to, he had to do it so they would believe him.

He approached Alicia and Prim until he was only a few steps away.

They were both a little surprised and Alicia was still somewhat alert.

But Prim asked:

“What is it, Alexander-sama?”

And she bowed her head prettily.

Alexander: “…”

Alexander: “You can call me Alex only, Prim, you too Alicia.”

Prim: “Alex-sama~?”

And tilted her head prettily to the other side.

Alexander: “…”

He just stared at Prim.

Alexander: “How cute.”

Alexander said to himself.

Prim: “Hafuu~”

Oh, it seems that again he said it out loud.

Suddenly, as if the distance had never existed between them, Alexander appeared at Prim’s side while hugging her with a slightly blushing face and stroking her head.

Alicia just stood there amazed at Alexander’s high speed and understood what he meant by having enough power to face the Kuroinu group, he should have a very great physical strength to move like that. Just when she was about to yell at Alexander, her brain understood what he was doing, and seeing that it was harmless, she calmed down completely and sighed.

And Prim, she just…

Prim: “Awawawa-… heheheheh~”

First she was surprised that this man who was going to seem to her the best husband candidate she could find, was embracing her, and then she became a putty in his hands.

Prim naturally had an aura that made you pet her head, and many had done it to her, but never a man, and it had never felt as good as it did right now.

His large hands were so gently touching her head and it gave her inexplicable pleasure, almost as if he had divine hands or something, as if she could be reborn just by being caressed in this way… Because of this, Prim strongly reaffirmed to herself that a man like this should be her husband, she literally could not find fault with him, although she was a little bitter about not being able to see his full face, she also thought it was impossible for this man to be someone evil. Someone evil couldn’t pat like that. This was Prim’s special ability, by patting, she could tell you everything from what you look like to what you ate yesterday, something mysterious indeed.

Alexander had unknowingly won someone over just by petting and patting the head.

The Dark Elves only saw this with a sigh. They knew that look in Prim’s eyes. They knew that because he was Alexander, there was no way he couldn’t make women fall in love with him. He was too dangerous for the females. They just cursed how perfect he was.

*Cof* *Cof*

Alicia: “Ahem! So, you were just showing me the evidence that you can see the future…”

Alicia saw that he didn’t listen to her and kept patting Prim as she was slightly making an ahegao face.

Alicia: “THEN…”

She shouted to see that Alexander finally stopped, and she continued in a normal voice:

“…you were just showing me proof that you can see the future…”

Prim looked at her with a bit of resentment and a pout, Alicia ignored this.

Alexander: “Right…sorry about this…also, sorry Prim…”

Prim: “No no~ Alex-sama~ Whenever you want you can feel free to pet my head…. (I liked it very much…)”

She started talking excitedly and kept blushing and decreasing the volume until she whispered the last part.

Alexander: “Okay, Prim.”

He smiled inside the mask.

Alexander noticed that Alicia had suddenly blushed so much that she looked like a tomato the size of a human, but he played it down said:

“So, are you sure you want to see what happens in your immediate future, Alicia? It’s not… very nice…”

Alicia: “No… if what you say is true then… I need to.”

Alicia put on a slightly pleased expression that Alexander had cared about her.

She watched as Alexander sighed and then opened his hand to show a small White Orb in front of him.

Alexander: “Just take it and stick it on your forehead…. And you will see what will happen in a few hours… but I warn you… it’s not pleasant.”

Alicia nodded to Alexander and took the White Orb to place it next to her forehead.

Which suddenly came in like a smoke or mist into Alicia’s head.

Prim saw this and cared absolutely nothing about whether Alexander wanted to harm Alicia.

She trusted her head to know people well.

Her head was very reliable.

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