IAIK Ch.25

Ch 25

In and out of the forest, which greeted the city, was the infamous Kuroinu army, or at least part of it.

More than 600 members.

There were all kinds of beings.

Magical creatures such as men with wolf fur, large Ogres wearing thick masks, there were even a few goblins.

Demons with black, blue and red skins.

Army renegades wearing old armor.

Mercenaries who wore sloppy, dirty clothes.

Dark Elves were among them as well.

All with a mocking and lustful expression staring at the small army of women of no more than 250 members.

Behind all this army was Volt, on a black horse, with a dirty smile on his face, and his right hand, Magician Kin, behind him.

Volt was very angry that Kin had spoiled his chance to rape the Queen of the Dark Elves, but he calmed down when he saw that he almost lost his life by using 99% of his magic in a spell to teleport.

According to what Kin was saying, the being Olga had summoned was one that possessed such great Magic that just the presence of its magic was enough to make a veteran mage faint.

Apparently this being never fixed its power on Kin so the latter was able to move to flee at that moment.

Vault didn’t really care about any of this as it was just another mage to him. In fact, in this world, mages didn’t have great attack power on their own, but rather were quite weak in general.

Except for the Queen of the Dark Elves, of course, when they were able to catch her, she was literally at the worst moment of her life, her magic had dropped to one that was similar to Kin’s. Even so, it was still necessary to make her a Magic Nullifier necklace for her personally.

Volt took only a small amount of his men to capture the First Fortress, since

there were no more than 280 militants there, and after Beasley took the men, less than 250.

This he knew as the Minister was informing him.

When he thought about the fact that he was going to test the bodies of two of the Princess Knights, Volt was getting hard.

He couldn’t with the Dark Elves but he will with these Princesses.

Sure, after giving Beasley his reward.

Volt: “I suggest you surrender right now and let us pass quietly! Otherwise my army will inflict heavy casualties on yours! They’re not that many anyway!


Volt said and laughed at the end with a laugh that seemed repulsive to all the women in the female army.

Vivian, the trusted aide and Deputy Commander of Alicia Arcturus’s army, stood in front of them as she listened to Volt.

She gritted her teeth.

To her, the current situation looked so daunting that she felt despair and the urge to cry.

Not only were Volt’s army more than twice as many as theirs, but they even had monsters, beings of greater physical strength in their ranks.

She worried about her future, and that of her mistress, even Lady Prim.

The situation simply looked too disadvantageous.

And she herself knew that they were definitely not going to win this battle.

Even a retreat was not possible, this move on Kuroinu’s part, was too unforeseen.

They would be captured, and if not killed, raped countless times by the enemy army.

She felt like crying and felt helpless.

Even with the help that her Mistress Alicia had said they had, from the Queen of the Dark Elves and her Right Hand, she believed that they would be captured.

She didn’t even think too much, and nor was she against it, as were the others in the army as they were very loyal to Mistress Alice.

Still feeling this way, she put herself before herself and shouted:

“You bastard! Have you no morals as a human being! This Fortress will not fall as long as we stand!”

Volt: “Hahaha! All the women of the nation will have the same duties when I rule! What else can they do but just please the men!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!”

“Women have to obey us!”


“I will fuck your dear Princess Knight until she smells like fish!”


After Volt, the Armada army began to shout and proclaim what they wanted. Even the monsters were the same. They all had a look of hungry dogs on their faces.

At that moment.

“So this is Kuroinu’s army.”

A quiet but powerful voice sounded that everyone could clearly hear.

The female soldiers took steps to the side and everyone could see Alicia Arcturus and Prim Fiorire, them being followed by Alexander along with Olga and Chloe showing their full appearance without the cloak they were wearing before.

The army of women were a bit surprised to see Alexander standing in front of them, also for having seen clearly the Queen of the Dark Elves and her Right Hand, but as they had received orders and knew they were here to help, they thought no more than that.

The situation would not allow it.

Vivian: “Alicia-sama!”

Alicia: “Well done Vivian, back off now, let Alex-sama take on the enemy army.”

Vivian: “Alex-sama?”

Vivian wondered until she saw where Alicia was looking. She realized that it was the handsome man she had seen earlier in the palace corridors.

Vivian: “But Alicia-sama… there are too many of them… there are even monsters among them…”

Alicia: “You can rest assured, he told me he had the power to take care of this.” She said, although inside she was worried as they were simply too many enemies.

The army of women heard the conversation and looked in surprise at the man who wanted to fight all the enemies by himself. Also, it was not known if it was because of the situation, or the atmosphere, but the masculinity and charm that this man was showing was enough to excite some of them. Just as they noticed that their mistress was calling him ‘Alex-sama’, they

started calling him that in their minds.

Volt: “Damn, you’re the one from last time.”

Kin: “…”

Volt naturally recognized this man right away, as did Kin behind him, the latter wasn’t was not so sure what to think, for although he knew this being was powerful, right now they had too many on their side, even with monsters and demons in it.

Volt: “Guhehehehe you’re safe too, Olga Discord, I failed last time, but this time for sure. I’m going to fuck-….”

Volt noticed Olga and Chloe farther behind Alexander and was about to say vulgarly how much he was going to do to her when he caught her, but at that moment….

Unprecedented pressure descended on the battlefield.


It descended exactly on Kuroinu’s army.



The weakest of the enemy army immediately fainted with terrified faces. That

were a few humans.

Volt was in disbelief and felt fear of the being that could release such a pressure.

Kin was sure that if they stayed here they were going to die, so with trembling hands he took his staff and began to recite a magic spell. In fact, Kin almost lost his life with the previous teleportation spell, and at this point he could only make the horses they were on much faster.

Alexander: “If you mention his name again, I’ll make sure you suffer, scum.”

It sounded just like before, Alexander’s powerful voice, only this time it was accompanied by an enormous pressure and everyone in the area could see that it was coming from him, the speaker. Although he still had his mask on.

Volt: “Gahhhhhhhh!”

Volt, who this time was being the target of all that pressure, let out a mouthful of blood from his mouth before collapsing, as stupefied as one could be.

Kin: “Volt-sama!”

Kin saw that his situation was getting worse and shouted at Kuroinu’s army:

“Damn it! ATTACK! Attack and kill them all so you can get your reward! Volt-sama will treat those who kill more of them!”

This seemed to break the daze of enemies and monsters.

The pressure was strong but for the magical creatures and demons, or veteran mercenaries, which were almost the entire group, it wasn’t much.



“Kill kill kill kill kill!”



“Let’s rape all those women!”

And they rushed forward with a look of unbridled madness on their faces.

Making use of this, Kin took Volt’s body and loaded it on his horse, cast the spell he prepared on the animal, and then the horse began to run very strongly as they moved farther and farther away from the field.

Alexander could see Volt and the wizard retreating, and knew he had to let him flee so that the other Strongholds would remain calm, so a bit resigned, he ignored it.

Seeing what was coming upon them, the army of women were quite nervous since they thought they were going to die.

But that was when…

Alexander walked a few steps ahead of Alice’s army, they all saw him.

He turned his head a little over his shoulder and said:

“Alicia, take care of those left alive.”

The latter nodded dumbly just as Prim’s look at the moment.

Olga and Chloe were quite sure of Husband and Owner’s power, and as such they had no doubt that he was going to win the battle, in fact, they were getting a little too excited with all the aura that Alexander was releasing now.

Alexander turned his head to the front and saw that the enemies were almost arriving, screaming and running at top speed.


He sighed quietly as he activated his ability, and then his body became surrounded more and more with lightning bolts.

It was quite a terrifying sight.

Until they were covering almost his entire body and zizzed around a bit.

*Zzztttttttttt* *Zzztttttttttt* *Zzztttttttttttt*

There was the sound the lightning bolts made as they moved across his body.

Alexander suddenly advanced forward as if he was going to take a step and then….

He disappeared…

Disappeared from where he was as he made a crater into the ground.


The army of women, Alicia, Prim, most of the citizens, Olga and Chloe, were seeing something they would never forget in their entire lives.

Around Alexander suddenly appeared some Indigo blue lightning bolts just like his eyes.

As if he were a Thunder God….

They grew more and more voluminous until they covered his entire figure.

He leaned forward a little as if he were going to walk and disappeared while leaving a crater on where he was standing before.




And all they saw was that every single one of the enemies heading this way were repelled As if by a force of nature.





“It kills you-….”


The lightning zizzed and on each of the hundreds of enemies, a brief blue electric glimpse on their bodies until with an explosion they were sent flying.

At this point all the onlookers knew that what was happening was that Alexander was too fast, too much, so much so that they couldn’t even see how he hit all of them.

There were more than 600 individuals…

They were a group capable of taking down a Fortress….

They provoked fear and despair in their minds…

And they were defeated by Alexander in less than 2 seconds…

Everyone was open-mouthed with disbelief…

So were Olga and Chloe, the ones who were most familiar with Alexander….

Although the sight only excited the latter more and more.

That their man was this powerful.


In the same position he had been in before….

Alexander appeared while his body flickered as if it were a hologram. Until he stood still on the spot.

The lightning bolts furrowing his body gradually disappeared and he said to Alicia:

“I think there were several Ogres left alive but almost on the verge of death… I leave them to you.”

Alicia was greatly surprised at the power of this person in front of her, and when he spoke to her, she seemed to awaken from her previous state and looked at her female army.

“You heard him! Check if there is anyone left alive and kill them right then and there! Go ahead!”

The veteran army of women, snapped out of their shock, complied with the orders and began to search through the scorched and mangled corpses of the enemies in case there were any left alive.

Alexander walked near the Elves and was about to address Alicia who was looking at him…

When suddenly…

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