IAIK Interlude 2

A bit Anticlimactic.

(Wolf Ka bah dur-POV)

I am Ka Bah Dur son of Ka Seh.

I come from a family of Wolves who call ourselves Gray Wolves.

Since I was one year old my father used to take me hunting in the forest.

It was at that time that I caught my first rabbit.

I skinned him completely and got his blood all over my fur.

I brought it to the house and that day the 100+ member herd was out for a feast.

I tasted that rabbit I had caught and it was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted in my life.

From there I started hunting more and more for the wolf packs and the little wolves.

All of us youngsters were doing it but none of us were bringing in the same amount as I was, not even close.

The Elders talked about how I looked like my father.

He was the Alpha Wolf of our pack.

And this same one wasted no time in gloating and embarrassing me at the same time when the Elders told me that I looked like my father.

But it wasn’t bad.

That was my goal.

To be an Alpha.

I remember that my father always taught me everything he could whenever he could.

And the most repetitive was the pride of being a Gray Wolf.

According to him, they weren’t afraid of anything.

Well, almost nothing.

This was a story my father used to tell me about what always happened to the Grey Alpha.

Who was always my ancestor.

My great-great Grandfather was the Alpha, my great-grandfather was the Alpha, my grandfather too, so is my father, and since I was the strongest Wolf of the youngsters in the pack, apparently I was going to be too.

My father said that it was always Grey Alpha’s turn to face her.

That was what that scar on his face had done. All Alphas had this scar. I thought it was great because it was a wound that showed you had the courage to face it and come out alive. All almost always survived.

It struck fear into the minds of all the Alphas in the Pack.

Even my father, who was like a mountain in my eyes, it happened to him.


It was horrifying.

The inevitable encounter with The Ripper Goat.


My hair still stood on end just remembering that.

I could never understand what could make a Goat, such a hideous and evil being, I also couldn’t understand how a Goat could leave that scar on a Wolf’s face since it had only hooves.

But my father’s fear and nervousness in telling that story…

I couldn’t believe he was lying.

Nor could I ever understand why my mother would always start to keep her paws on him when my father told this story.


Years passed and eventually certain things happened.

My father died.

I became the Alpha.

I mated with a she-wolf who was both the most beautiful and the wildest in the pack.

In fact, Alphas always did it with she-wolves like that.

And so clearly with such a beautiful she-wolf as a mate I would have to spend a lot of time in the cave.

*Cofg* *Cofg* *Cofg*


Naturally my first son and my little wolf was born.

Ka kah Rohtoh son of Ka Bah Dur.

He was my pride and was the cutest thing ever.

My She-Wolf kept telling me that that name would be better with some kind of monkey or something, but there was no way I was changing it.

I would always give him Rabbit’s thigh part to eat.

So that he would grow strong like his father.

It was at these times that I learned why Father liked to gloat over my actions.

The first time I stood up Father woke up the whole pack and everything turned into a festival.

I did the same with my wolf.

Six months had passed and although Ka Kah still couldn’t speak the language of the Wolves properly, I was sure that in six more months he would be hunting his first rabbit just like me.


Because he said to me:

“Pap, I wand do hund.”

So small and he wanted to hunt….

It was admirable, I just hoped he would hunt his first rabbit.

And I could see myself throwing him in the face of the Wolves of my generation.


At that moment Ka Bah Dur was so happy that he had not seen that his mate had reached the little Ka Kah Rohtoh to the cave bath.

(Wolf Ka Bah Dur-POV)

But everything got complicated when a wolf from the White Wolf pack appeared with horrific wounds in our territory.

We learned that there was a being that slaughtered more than 10 White Wolves and was heading this way, no more than a few hours away. They referred to this being as The Killer Pig. Apparently it was a very large and very dangerous pig.

After he finished speaking with deep, shuddering breaths, he died.

I had his body taken to an honorable place in our cemetery to rest in peace in the white light of night.

All the Wolves I trusted and I got ready.

If 10 Wolves were not enough then 30 will be.

These were all the Wolves that could fight.

Some time had passed and we were in front of our caves and shelters.

We all had grim and concentrated countenances.

They were all looking at us.

The She-Wolves and the little Wolves of the pack were watching us.

We had to be brave and fierce in their eyes.

My She-Wolf was looking at me worriedly and my little Wolf was looking at me idolatrously.

This was a courageous thing for me to do.

I had to protect them.

I had to fight fiercely for them.

For the pack, too.

It had been raining all that afternoon and just recently it had stopped.

As if he knew of the battle that was about to take place right now.

The air had become very quiet.

The herd that was watching was nervous.

We were ready.

Ready even for death if it meant protecting our own.

This could be our last battle.

But this battle was going to be epic.


A thunderous sound was produced from the forest in front of us and the trees were moving in step in our direction.

I immediately knew it was the Killer Pig.

I and the Wolves that were with me pulled out our claws to the max and started growling.

“”Grrrrrrr” x30

We were preparing to assault the enemy and I let out my mighty howl.


I felt the white Light of the Night strengthening us.

I was being filled with Strength and my muscles were settling in for battle.

And suddenly we finally saw what the enemy looked like as it came out of the forest.

It was something diabolical.

It was huge.

Blood red eyes and madness written all over his face.

A pig that looked like the devil stood before us.

I was about to give the attack signal when suddenly.



A long, metallic object came at very fast speeds and slammed into the Pig’s skull.

Then the body of the dead pig, began to levitate to go flying in the same direction from which the object had come from.

The pack: “…”

The Wolf Warriors: “…”

Me: “…”

A light air blew through the place.


I shouted.

Ka Kah Rohtoh: “Pap wher is dhe shit monsder?”

My Wolfie with a childish voice asked me.

At that moment, I could see how my She-wolf was releasing the aura of a demon and pulled out her claws, which were too sharp.

And that’s when I understood why the Ripper Goat was something that was told to the little Wolves.

Apparently they were still going to keep up the tradition.

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