IAIK Ch.32

Ch 32


Alicia: “…”

Prim: “Fufufufu~”

Vivian at this moment was hugging Alicia’s feet and crying comically with a

crying face.

Alicia had a helpless face and was sighing.

Prim was just laughing prettily beside her.

Alexander was just sweating a little at the sight.

Olga and Chloe, together with Chaia who had recently picked up all her things from the church, which were not much, and had just come out of a

and had just come out of an interrogation by 6 blushing nuns and breathing heavily in hot air, went to Asora.

They entered there with the method Alexander had taught the Dark Elves.

Alexander thought that one thing different from the original Asora, was that it did not summon a large doorway to get in there, but it was more like teleportation of the people who had the mark given by himself, along with whatever they touched.

Later he planned to teach this to the others.

He, Alicia and Prim had gone to talk to Vivian to get her to stay on in the position of Commander in the City.

Every time they passed the female soldiers, they just blushed heavily and acted all shy.

There were even some who smiled and waved congratulations to the two Princess Knights.

Alicia and Prim were stunned by this, but when they learned that the entire palace and possibly the city, heard about their first sex session with their Husband…

They activated the super ability [Tomato Mode] and almost fainted to the ground if Alexander didn’t hold them.

Alexander blushed at this but was also amused, and at the same time thought a lot about the Bible to calm his little brother who did not agree with him very much, since he was surrounded by well-developed and practically naked women.

Now calmer though still, Alicia and Prim were very embarrassed and with a slight blush, they arrived at Vivian’s office.

They opened the door and entered the room.

Vivian looked over and when she saw the 3 of them, she blushed to the core, as she herself had ‘used’ those sounds for her own satisfaction.

In fact, that night more than 400 women in the First Fortress were masturbating, thinking that they themselves were the protagonists of the ecstatic moans. And those who were married to the few men there, tried too hard. So much so that the men curiously looked a bit skinny today.

Alicia and Prim realized that was what Vivian was thinking and also blushed from head to toe.

Alexander was a little amused to be in a room with three girls who looked like tomatoes.

A few minutes of awkwardness passed and Alice told Vivian what was going on.

Vivian was extremely surprised to see the wedding ring that her mistress was showing her with embarrassment and overflowing happiness, like a newlywed, and she was happy with them for managing to capture a husband like Alexander, but she was also jealous, very, very jealous.

She also desired someone like that.

Explanations followed, Vivian even sometimes secretly looked at Alexander as she thought he should be too good in bed, to make her Mistress and Lady

Prim moans like that as if they were in 9th Heaven. She was also surprised that it was not only them, but also the red-haired nun with huge breasts and the Dark Elves. Although for a person with Alexander’s power and kindness, she thought it was a normal thing.

But when Alicia told her that she and Prim had to leave with Alexander….

Vivian began to cry as she threw herself at Alicia’s feet in a chibi-like fashion.

Some time passed and now Vivian was looking determinedly at Alicia.

“You can rest assured Alicia-sama, I will be in charge of the Fortress until you return.”

Alicia: “I trust you Vivian, you are my right hand.”

Prim: “Hum hum~, Vivian-san is a very responsible and kind person.”

Vivian felt happy and sorry for what the two Princess Knights thought of her.

Alexander was smiling at this.

Alicia then quickly organized her entire army and informed them that she was leaving with Alexander, she also told them that he had become her man.

The female army was a very sad as their Mistress was going on a trip and it was almost impossible for her to return, but when she told them that their handsome Hero, and the God of Thunder, had become their Husband, besides which she showed them the ring on her hand in a very embarrassed manner, they were…

That they really did not know whether to laugh or cry, for all the long night that had passed announced to them this.

Alicia saw the naughty faces some of them were making and blushed quite red.

This only provoked laughter from everyone in the palace.

The occasion when they could laugh at their superior was really a very rare one, which did not usually happen always, like now. Or like that time when she learned what her female sexual organ was used for.

Alicia: “Alex-sama, now I’ll go pay Beasley a ‘visit’, I can’t let him live much longer.”

Alexander nodded and said:

“I will be in Asora with Prim, waiting for you and then think of a better plan to travel towards the Third Fortress, when you are ready to go, just tear up this paper.”

Alicia: “Hai Alex-sama.”

Alicia replied with a smile and took the paper with strange characters that had been given to her by Alexander. She didn’t doubt the many powers he had, as he even had a world of his own in another dimension.

Alicia didn’t realize it, but Alexander…


He silently activated his most powerful ability and put an invisible barrier around Alicia.

In fact, here Alexander was the one who didn’t notice, but, he exaggerated a little bit by putting up a barrier that could withstand the blast of a nuclear bomb at point-blank range, not only that but that it even repelled everything that had bad intentions towards her…

Yes, he had exaggerated just a little bit….

Princess Knight didn’t feel anything and although with a little blush, she gave a quick kiss to Alexander on the lips, then parted nervously like a maiden in love.

Alicia: “See you later… H-husband.”

Alexander saw this and then kissed her back but with much more intensity.

*Ahem~* *Ahem~* *Ahem~*

Prim saw this and pouted cute with a chibi face after clearing her throat.

Alexander and Alicia broke apart and laughed a little.

Then Alexander intertwined his fingers with Prim’s, Prim did the same and they disappeared in a flash.

Alicia then sighed and her face grew colder and colder.

She walked a little way until she saw some of her soldiers, who, seeing the face their Mistress was making, stood at attention.

“Come with me.”


They responded and followed her.

Alicia was someone who fought in many combats despite her young age, she was adapted to blood and murder, and was naturally used to torture.

Beasley was someone she saw as a father figure, he had wanted to rape her for a long time and allow Kuroinu’s army to enter the Fortress, it would not only be her, but all the inhabitants and even her kind Imouto would be the ones to suffer for him, this is the reason why Alicia was not going to let him die so easily, no, she would make him suffer very intensely and then kill him.

Alicia then went towards the dungeons, with her subordinates behind her.

Several hours had passed and Alexander was currently in his new large bed, inside his room in Asora.

He was surrounded by the bodies of Olga, Chloe, Prim and Chaia who were naked and asleep.

And he was in Wise Man Mode at the moment.

Chaia had been greatly surprised to witness for herself the proper world of her lord.

She had truly never seen anything like this in her entire life, the only Magic she was adapted to seeing was that of healing, and it was something that worked very slowly, it almost didn’t even seem somewhat strange. It could be said that since she had been saved at the worst moment of her life by her Master and Husband, her life began to fill with color.

She was aware that it had not even been 2 full days since she had met him, but she could well say that she was entwined with him in a way that she did not think she could live without Alexander in her life.

It wasn’t just the act of saving her, it was how differently he treated her, the intense gaze with which he looked at her red hair, his mystery, his perfect man charm, the situation itself?

All this was what triggered her to masturbate herself for the first time and decide to peek in the room where they stayed in the palace.

In fact, all the nuns of the Church had stayed overnight in the palace by permission of Alicia’s permission.

She certainly did not expect what happened, but at this point, that dreamy night she spent with her Husband, had been the best she had ever had, she even dreamed that she was introducing Alexander to her grandmother.

She was so happy that the moment she thought of this she shed a few tears of joy.

With the teachings of the dark Elves and Olga’s mischievous teasing, she was able to adapt herself easily to Asora. She firmly wanted to play the role of a servant, so she wrote down in her mind everything she understood, and what she didn’t, she was going to ask later.

When she had been introduced to the whole house and they were eating ice cream, the most delicious sweet treat Chaia had ever tasted in her life, her Husband arrived with Prim at that moment.

Olga had quickly jumped in to kiss him with desire and somehow, this triggered such an intense and pink atmosphere that several hours later, Chaia and the others found themselves hugging their Husband while smiling very happily in their sleep.

Even Prim didn’t have time to learn about the strange artifacts she was seeing.

Alexander stood up as he gently disentangled himself from the bodies above him, and went to get some water.

But as he finished dressing, he felt the spell on the paper he had given to Alicia was broken.

He teleported to the location, and saw that it was in Alicia’s office.

“Alicia, are you all done and ready?”

“Hai Alex-sama, everything is ready now. The only thing that Beasley’s traitor blurted out was that he heard that the Third Fortress was going to be attacked in 10 days, their leader Volt was not going to be present this time, they were just some of their forces .”

Alexander heard this and thought that this information changed everything a bit.

The only difference was that Volt himself wasn’t going to be at the attack on the Fortress of the Lady of the Fortress, Kaguya.

Alexander thought that since at least Volt would be unconscious for 14 days or more, it meant that his forces would probably wait for him to recover before carrying out the attack with his consent.

In fact, Alexander had got it pretty well right here, since the group was a group of mercenaries and traitors of their own races, and practically what held them together was Volt, who had managed to win the support of each one of them, although with the objective they had, it was not very difficult to say, since even the world itself, was out of a Hentai.

“Thank you Alicia, I hope you got your revenge… for what was going to happen to you if I didn’t…”

Alexander paused.

“No no, thank you Alex-sama, for giving me the chance to do that. That bastard deserved what he suffered.”

Alicia smiled very prettily at Alexander and took his hand, though she blushed a little as she did so, after speaking.

Alexander saw that Alicia was very shy and he thought she was so cute that he instantly hugged her tightly as he stroked her head.

Alicia was at first stunned but then she began to smell her Husband’s scent and as she did so and felt the pats and caresses on her head, it felt so good that she was on the verge of fainting from the pleasure and warm feelings.

Some time later Alexander smiled down at her and as always, intertwined his fingers with those of his Wife.

“Come on.”


Alice replied with happiness and anticipation for what the future, which seemed very bright to her, had in store for her.

And they disappeared from where they were.

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