IAIK Interlude 4

Interlude 4 The Lannister are not the only one who pay their debts.

It was the afternoon of the day Kuroinu’s group tried to attack the city.

Alexander had asked Alicia for a little time to walk around while Olga and Chloe stayed with her and Prim.

He left the Palace and was greeted by the city in celebration.

It had been set up very quickly and the city was small, but even so, one could see that the mood in the city was quite cheerful.

Although Alexander saw only women and women everywhere.

They greeted him quite mischievously and some even came over to chat with him.

Even children were saying “Thunder God-sama!” here and there.

This only made him blush a little.

Of course, he would very politely decline and continue on his way.

Each time he got closer to his destination Alexander’s expression was getting colder and colder.

Not even Unique Soul completely mitigated the anger he was feeling at the moment.

Luckily he didn’t have the Human Area activated, because if he had, the weather could change very quickly.

In the southern part of the city, near the main gate, was an area where there were several small houses.

There was one specific house a little further away from these.

It seemed more sophisticated and more striking, with two floors.

Alexander knew that a group of 3 men lived here, because of his very strong senses.

He had noticed that this small group of men were looking at Chloe, with a very high lust, earlier when they were passing in front of the city to face Kuroinu’s army.

He knew that they were slave traders left alive to the massacre produced by


And judging by the way they looked at Chloe, they were among those who attacked the small Dark Elf village in the forest where Chloe and her family lived.

They were also surely among the group that abused Chloe.

Unique Soul.

Alexander stood in front of the door of the house.

He could hardly contain the rage he was feeling at the moment and was gritting his teeth so as not to release his aura or deactivate the Normal Aura skill.

He took a heavy breath and opened the door to enter the house.

“Beasley, you bastard, how many times have I told you to-….”

There stood a very vain and mean looking man drinking what was apparently alcohol as he said in a scolding voice until he saw Alexander and fell silent in surprise.

His face grew more and more stupefied, apparently having recognized Alexander, and he was about to speak, but he couldn’t.

In fact, he couldn’t do anything.

He could only breathe.

Manifestation of Mind/Energy.

Alexander activated his ability and paralyzed the man’s body in front of him.

He pulled him to himself with Telekinesis and knelt him down in front of him.

The man seemed to be very terrified by the despair in his eyes.

Sasuke Uchiha’s Sharingan.

Alexander activated the Sharingan and went straight into his Eternal stage. Patterns resembling the vortexes of an atom showed in his eyes as he looked at the man and the man looked back at him.

Alexander saw underneath the man a pool of liquid was forming and a foul odor wafted into the air.

Alexander snorted and activated a Genjutsu to fully see the man’s life up to this point, of course, it wasn’t all of it completely but a rather summarized part, practically what made any kind of impression or feelings on the man.

And then he saw it…

This man along with the other 2 who lived here were the heads of the organization that they had built.

The organization with the help of mercenaries and such, attacked several Dark Elf villages.

They made sure to kill the men or elders and left the women and children alive.

Alexander saw how the villages were left after they attacked….

He saw that children with serious illnesses or disabilities were killed on the spot….

He saw that these men and many more of the mercenaries were raping the women and girls at the time…

And then Alexander saw how they attacked the small village where Chloe lived….

He saw what they did to what would be his Mother-in-law at this time….

He saw all that Chloe suffered at the hands of these men….

Two years…

Two long years…

Being trained by these beasts…

Until she looked like a doll with no feelings….

He even saw that when they saw Chloe again in town after so long, they were planning to talk to Beasley to help them kidnap her and …

He also saw how Olga came into Chloe’s life, and he could see that it was natural to feel the devotion that Chloe felt toward Olga after saving her from that dark fate.

The three men who lived in the house, it seemed, had escaped from the last retreat of Olga’s forces for those moments when she met Chloe, and they had managed to live until now by continuing to commit different crimes.

Alexander, since he began to see all this was making various grimaces, then his face seemed to not know what expression to make, and then he became so angry that his face became totally expressionless as he shed some tears.

He thought he was crying, but he hadn’t realized that what was actually coming down his face weren’t tears.

On his face was not tears…

It was his blood…

The bright, deep red blood that only he had…..

Alexander took a few moments in silence.

The man in front of him was very terrified and his head was hurting badly.

Then Alexander wiped his face a little and still with the Sharingan swirling slightly in his pupils, he started walking towards the stairs of the small house.

From the memories of the thing in front of him, he knew that the other 2 were right now asleep as they always did at this hour.

He walked gently up the stairs with the thing hovering behind him.

He reached the door to the only room and opened it.

Then he saw the same beings he had seen in his memories, lying on beds with a very calm and slightly happy expression.

They were sleeping so peacefully that no one would think that just yesterday they had raped a small child, who from that moment on was considered missing in the Fortress City…

The sleeping men felt their bodies being moved and woke up.

They saw that their own body was floating and that of their friend.

Then they saw the person they recognized as the Hero of the city looking at them with an expressionless face.

Alexander positioned the 3 men, kneeling in front of him.

The other 2, seeing that this Hero had very strange powers as they could not move their bodies, completely at his mercy, were terrified just like the first one and began to cry and make eyes of despair.

Alexander then walked towards them and whispered.

(Since Chloe is my Wife… all her debts passed to me… all her destiny intertwined with mine… and this debt of life she owes… I will pay for it).

In fact, he didn’t realize it himself, but Alexander because of his circumstances, he was always someone very independent, extremely independent…

That was not normal at all….

He would even make sure to give back what he at some point asked for, whether physical or even mental, if someone treated him courteously, he would return it twice as much, if someone treated him unkindly,

he would double it.

Alexander finished speaking and smiled a smile that looked like Death to the slave traders.


Alexander then activated his most powerful ability and the first one to be unidentified by his system, only to together with the Sharingan, bring the men in front of him into a Genjutsu.

He watched as the men’s eyes turned completely white.

Exactly 10 seconds passed.

Then he picked up the only offensive weapon he had made so far, the Katana with which he massacred the few Kuroinu members in Olga’s castle, and cut off their heads in one motion.


Blood splattered.

Alexander then burned the corpses, which looked lifeless even before they died, with Amaterasu.

He took a few moments to let Unique Soul work silently.

When he felt completely calm, he left the house as if nothing had happened.

In fact, Alexander ended the slave traders’ lives after 10 seconds.

But for these it was not 10 seconds, no.

Definitely not.

For every second that passed…

They would spend 10 years in a world created by Alexander…

A world adjusted especially for them…

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