IAIK Ch.36

Ch 36

Kaguya was in the middle of an orgasm and suddenly her bedroom window opened.

“Excuse the intrus-….”

Alexander was walking into the room as he apologized to whoever owned

this one, but fell silent as he looked in.

Kaguya finished cumming with a loud orgasm as she bit her lip and then with hot gasping breaths and feverish eyes, she looked up at the intruder in her room…..

Alexander saw this and stood still.

They looked into each other’s eyes for a few seconds….

Indigo blue eyes and black colored eyes looked at each other.

Time paused.

After a few more seconds, Kaguya’s feverish, orgasmic face went stupefied,

and this seemed to wake Alexander up.

“Ahh, n-no, s-sorry, s-sorry, I just wanted to talk to Kaguya…. The Princess Knight of this city… I no have… bad intentions…”

At first he spoke a little nervously but then he stared at Kaguya’s large bare chest and pink nipples and kept pausing in his dialogue.

Kaguya realized the situation she was in and quickly covered herself up as she became so red that it was at the same level as Alexander’s hair.

Alexander scratched his cheek over his mask while sweating a little.

A few minutes had passed.

“You c-can turn around now…”

Alexander heard Kaguya’s voice a little embarrassed and then, after he had given her room to get dressed, he turned around.

What he saw was a Kaguya fully dressed in her Miko clothes, this time, without her ornaments.

Alexander: “Beautiful…”

Alexander said to himself.

Kaguya: “Beautiful!”

Oh, apparently he still hadn’t mastered it yet, as Kaguya blushed even more than she was. He needed to quickly talk to Yu IIhan-sensei to stop this bad habit of a loner.

In fact, at this moment Kaguya was in the most embarrassing moment of her entire life.

Normally in this kind of situation, she should be fearful because a stranger

practically snuck into her room, and might even be there with the aim of killing her. But she simply couldn’t believe that, especially because of the tender yet powerful aura that the man in front of her was releasing, something she found fascinating, since sensing the inner aura of others was like one of her abilities. Also, and not least, that she had not before

focused her attention on the intruder’s face before, but now that she did, she was amazed and very sorry that a man of this quality had seen her while… doing that.

He had his mask on, but this only made him look more adorable to Kaguya’s gaze, and she was absolutely certain that if this man takes off his mask, and exposes his face which should have been forged by a god… she would gawk at him.

She could even understand why this handsome intruder wore his mask.

Even if he might also have a scar.

But all the same, though she trusted her senses very much, and though they told her that the man in front of her was the kindest man in the world, she was still very angry and above all, embarrassed.

She had been seen masturbating… she, who was a senior Miko…

Although when, with a face that looked very adorable to her, the intruder called her beautiful, she had never before been the target of such words from a man, let alone a man who should be as beautiful as God… she felt her chest throbbing.

*Doki* *Doki* *Doki* *Doki* *Doki*

Faster and faster.

Alexander was a little lost right now.

He had only come straight to the room furthest at the end of the shrine while being very stealthy, as earlier the female guards at the door were treating him and his Wives as enemies, even when they blushed at the sight of his face. The mask currently did not have much deterrent effect. They were waiting quietly for nearly an hour for the departing guard, Alexander spoke discreetly to the girls that he was only going to see Kaguya directly to explain the misunderstanding. He didn’t know why Olga and Alicia were pouting with a chibi face, but after petting them a little, and also the others who were making jealous faces, making sure that the remaining guard in the distance didn’t notice, he just disappeared as he headed in the direction of the Sanctuary.

In fact, Alexander didn’t know it, but the reason they were taking so long to attend to them was because right now, their Lady Kaguya was in her rest nap.

And they were looking for the other priestesses of the shrine who were now helping with the details of the festival.

Even Alicia was a little surprised that she was not recognized, but she attributed it to the stoic young guards who were on duty at the time.

Along the way, he saw several things that caught his attention, especially the number of stalls in food construction and so on that he had seen there, this reminded him that this Fortress was an almost exact copy of Japan, and he realized that some kind of celebration or festival was being prepared. Most likely it was just like the ones he used to see in the Anime.

He also sighed a little as he practically saw for every 10 women, 1 man in this city, it was something he wasn’t completely adapted to, but hey, he liked it better this way himself. Any normal man would be the same.

He quickly arrived at the shrine, and saw from the side that there was a small room at the back of it.

He figured this should be where the Lady of Shine lived, and the Princess Knight, Kaguya.

Someone who had also caught his attention from his previous World.

He headed there to talk to her and make her understand that their group were not enemies, but when he arrived and entered through the window….

Instead of having seen… like a cliché scene from an Anime or a Light Novel, where the MC sees a girl changing…

Since he was apparently in a Hentai….

He saw Kaguya masturbating… and even came at that moment…

Truly worthy of a Hentai World….

When she looked at him with that face and that feverish look….

He almost activated the Sharingan, but he realized that if he did, it might provoke fear in Kaguya.

So he tried to be as kind and gentle as possible, though he still got too excited at the sight of a Proud Miko, in this state, especially that round pair of…

Several minutes passed and neither said anything.

They just looked at each other and averted their gazes.

They were both very sorry…

Although the silence, as opposed to being uncomfortable, was more comfortable for both of them.

Time seemed to slow down Kaguya’s heartbeat, who would occasionally stare at Alexander and then avert her gaze very quickly and blushing.

Alexander was the same way.

They were already calmer.

Kaguya: “… For now… Who are you and what are you doing here?”

Alexander sighed.

Alexander: “… My name is Alexander, I’m currently…. on a journey to save the Fortresses from their dark fate…”

Alexander saw Kaguya put on a look of astonishment, but then suspicion, and even slight anger.

Kaguya: “Dark fate? … Are you saying that the Fortresses will be attacked or suffer some kind of disaster? … The war that had lasted for hundreds of years ended with the massacre of the Dark Elves… besides… Why should I believe you when you infiltrated my private room? How do I know you don’t want to kill me?”

Kaguya finished trying to put on a cold voice, as she always has been when it comes to work, and when she wasn’t too sure about any specific situation.

She was even getting ready to yell at the priestesses that were in the palace.

Alexander just sighed and knew that it wasn’t going to be so easy to convince this woman in front of him.

“I am not alone… Alicia and Prim are with me, I came here because we had been waiting at the door while we were treated like enemies…”

Kaguya put on a dumbfounded expression and the whole cold facade she was trying to build, crumbled down just as easily, for if what this man was saying was true, then he really wasn’t an enemy.

Then, Kaguya stood up and groomed herself a bit and walked out the door.

“Come with me.”

She said and this seemed to wake Alexander up, then followed behind her.

And he definitely didn’t see that big butt protected only by a very small bikini bouncing gleefully in front of him, no.

Great had been the reactions of the other people in the shrine, seeing their main Miko walking towards town with an unknown man…albeit handsome, behind her.

They were all calmed down by Kaguya herself and a large group of priestesses with weapons followed with mild enmity, and mostly curiosity.

Some even blushed at the sight of Alexander’s otherworldly half-face, others couldn’t stop staring at his long crimson hair. Unique in the World, according to everyone who saw him.

In the city it was the same, everyone was just amazed to see Alexander’s appearance, and how he walked behind their mistress.

Some time passed and under everyone’s gaze, Kaguya and Alexander arrived at the gate located in the front walls of the city.

As they had been removed from the normal entrance, the girls were currently in a wooden building in which the suspicious visitors were taken, which in the case of this city, were almost all of them, plus the group itself of Alexander and the 5 beautiful girls was definitely not normal.

Kaguya walked and sighed.

Alexander just followed her.

And when they got there…


A pink blob that looked like a Cute Unidentified Object, bumped into the chest of Alexander.



Alexander sighed and looked at Prim who was hugging him tightly as she looked up at Alexander’s face and cried with a chibi face.

Kaguya: “… Prim-chan?”

Prim: “Hmmm… Kaguya-sama!”

Prim looked lost at first and when she recognized who was calling her she was surprised.

Alexander: “…”

He just had a helpless face as he patted Prim.

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