IAIK Ch.49

Ch 49




A demon shot out at great speeds, only to crash into a wall and fall next to Other corpses of Kuroinu’s members.

“I guess this was the last one.”

Chloe said calmly stepping out of the kicking position she was in, though she clearly was in her battle state, as the aura she was radiating right now was very sharp.

A few minutes had passed and a few moments ago, Chloe and Olga, who were guarding one of the inner paths of the Sanctuary, together with Kaguya, detected the group of Kuroinu’s army that was in charge of infiltrating there, just as Alexander had thought.

Instantly Kaguya could see the one who was his disciple, leading the group of 20 members, 10 of them Dark Elves and 10 small blue Demons, who apparently were the ones who excelled in sabotage and infiltration tactics….

She, different from what she herself thought, put a grimace of disgust on her face, while only disgust and anger remained in her being.

The leader of the small group quickly became surprised to see his former superior here, but this only made him smile with his face covered in bandages, giving him an even more unpleasant appearance.

And just as she was about to start talking….

Chloe seemed to almost teleport from the great speed at which she was moving towards him, and she hit him right in the abdomen…

Shamuhaza fell to the ground without strength and without understanding what was happening, while out of the corner of his eye he could see how some skeletons armed with golden swords were attacking the other mercenaries with whom he came.

And then…

He fainted.

Olga quickly ordered her summonings to pile the bodies of the slain mercenaries, in a corner of the large subway corridor, and then, with a rather poor spell from Chloe, burn them.

She didn’t even feel anything about doing this to members of her Race, as they themselves were looking at her and Chloe, in a very dirty and lustful way, which they found very unpleasant, even disgusted them.

And they also went to the part above the Sanctuary, with a skeleton carrying Shamuhaza as if he was a bag of potatoes.

“… Then, I leave everything in your care.”

Alexander said to one of the surprised Kunoichis standing in front of him…

Who nodded and stepped back a bit, then, together with the others, and with the essential help of Alexander’s Telekinesis, they moved all the corpses piled up one on top of the other, towards a part located 200 meters from the walls, where Amaterasu took care of them.

Alexander turned to head inside the Fortress, but he saw the people gathered there, especially the Kunoichis…

And through the eyes of both them, and the other spectators…. Alexander knew that he had made a a bit of a blunder, by showing them how to take care of a large army of more than 800 members, very easily….

Although he himself did not realize that he was becoming something… much more conspicuous to these people. Even when it was already in a smaller proportion.

Alexander then walked out of there, thinking that he had not found Shamuhaza, as he had anticipated earlier, so it was very likely that he was carrying out another attack at this time, inside the fortress.

He was also thinking about what the one who seemed to be the mercenary leader of the group had said before he died. That is, that it was originally just one faction, but that it split up to attack the Third Fortress, and the Fourth at the same time.

With these things in mind, he headed for the Sanctuary, and it didn’t take him long to get there.

He noticed that almost all of his Wives were there, and that Olga, Chloe and Kaguya, should still be guarding the subway entrance to the Sanctuary.

Just as he was thinking of activating the Human Area, to check their situation….

Olga: “Anata.”

Olga called out to him in her natural, sultry voice, Alexander let out a mental sigh at the sight of her, Chloe, and Kaguya well, since although he didn’t have much to worry about, he was a bit overprotective with his women…

And also, he caught a glimpse of the one called Shamuhaza, held by a skeleton.

He nodded to Olga and Chloe, and then looked at Kaguya.

Alexander: “Are you okay, Kaguya?”

Kaguya felt her Kokoro was a flower opening when her husband asked this question, as if he was worried about her. Kaguya just smiled and replied:

“Hai! Alex-sama.”

Alexander also smiled.

And then he walked over to the skeleton holding Shamuhaza, then, with some amusement, he gave him a pat on the pointed shoulders, thinking that if Olga trained well this bony companion…

He could become something like Han Shuo’s little skeleton from the novel Great Demon King…

Alexander, with a somewhat emotionless face on it, looked at Shamuhaza’s body, and lifted it up with his Telekinesis.

“I’ll deal with him later.”

He then transported him towards a very secluded place in Asora.

This guy was definitely not going to die a simple death, no.


Alexander then turned to look at the others present in the large room.

Olga, Chloe, Prim, Alicia, Chaia, and Kaguya, Alexander’s six women, were looking back at him with a big smile on their faces, even Alicia, who used to be a bit stoic, and especially Kaguya, she was the happiest right now.

Also present were all the Elders, as well as all the Priestesses, and the occasional other people, making the place a bit crowded, who looked at him in different ways, with gratitude, with joy, with fervor, with hearts in their eyes… and even, not a few, with lust…

Alexander: “… I completely eliminated the main army that was going to attack the city head-on, Olga, Chloe and Kaguya took care of those who were looking to attack from inside the Fortress, and finally, my Skill doesn’t register anyone else for about 3 kilometers around, this means…”

Prim: “That we won, Yey~!”

“Long live the God of the Night-sama!”



Immediately, Prim jumped up and down in happiness and the others followed her, the whole place got in a very joyfully explosive mood in just seconds.

Alexander broke out in a sweat as he saw several Elders jumping up and down like little girls too, but he smiled all the same.

He also saw them grab him, among many women, and though a bit dumbfounded, he allowed them to start throwing him in the air several times.

He even felt hands all over his body….

… And well, when they put him down, with faces of obvious reluctance…. Alexander felt a little dirty, defiled… and that he could no longer get married, although it seemed that he had momentarily forgotten that he already had six wives…

In that way, time passed.

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