IAIK Interlude 7

Interlude 7 You can also have problems, even if you have the Hentai Protagonist’s Hair…

Let’s go back in time when there was only one day left before the Third Fortress festival was to begin.

Right now Alexander was walking normally down the street, after he finished helping the old cheeky man for the day today.


He was even in a good mood, as he softly played the song, “Believer,” by one of the musical groups he liked the most in his past life, “Imagine Dragons”.


What was the reason for this cheerful mood?

Well, that was…

“… Yes, I’ll take one of those.”

Salesman: “Ah, that would only be three silver coins then.”

Alexander took a gold coin he had in his pocket, and after the stall vendor gave him an Onigiri, that is, a ball of rice wrapped in a small strip of Nori seaweed, which in this case was stuffed with Yakiniku, or grilled meat…

Alexander handed the coin to the vendor, who was dressed in a classic Japanese kimono and the eternal business smile on his face.

“You can keep the change.”

Salesman: “Oh, thank you very much, you are very kind, and if I may ask…. are you new in town?”

“You can tell a lot, huh? The truth is I’m just visiting town, I used to be a carpenter a while back but I quit because an arrow hurt my knee.”

Alexander replied to the salesman as he laughed, and said one of the dialogues he had most wanted to say in his life…


That’s right.

At this moment Alexander had a magical barrier over him, which made him look completely different from his original appearance.

He also had Normal Aura working at full speed, to go even more unnoticed by the people around him, as if he had had enough of Unique Soul, and was tasting fresh meat to work to exhaustion….

… And although his present appearance differed greatly from the original, he had left some of his traits present in him.

Which was why some girls had already blatantly blinked at him….

And the only reason why he was doing this, was just simply out of sudden curiosity.

Salesman: “… Ok… but well, I guess it comes at a good time, since tomorrow there will be the Annual Festival being run by the city shrine.”

The salesman at first looked very strangely at Alexander, as he really couldn’t imagine why he had ceased to be a carpenter when he had been wounded by an arrow, something that did not made little sense…though as he himself had seen worse, this quickly went out of his mind as he told him of the celebration that was to be held tomorrow.

“Oh, that definitely wasn’t expected, thank goodness then, thanks for telling me.”

Salesman: “It’s nothing, we are only a few men in this town, we have to support each other. I’d even bring you to our next Men’s Club meeting on Saturday, to talk about our new Hero, Alexander-sama, but we are already full.”

“Well, what can be done, then goodbye.”

Alexander said goodbye to the Salesman, and the Salesman was saying goodbye too.

Then after he started walking again, though a little puzzled with the

situation and what the Vendor had told him, he slowly ate the Onigiri.

And Alexander had to admit that the Japanese were really freaking culinary geniuses, for that from simply rice and cooked meat, they got a very exquisite taste like this.

He thought he would come back later and buy at least a thousand more for his Wives… or as many as the Vendor could give him.

Since they had become gluttons, the moment they realized that they could

eat and eat and eat, that they weren’t going to get a drop fat, especially Prim.


And Alexander smiled somewhat foolishly to himself, thinking what a great reward they had given him for this fact.

“So, what time will we close tomorrow?”

“Mommy, I want one of those candies.”

“Which dress do you think Alexander-sama will like best?”

“Mokoto-chan, let’s go play at Hiroshi’s house!”

“Ne ne, don’t you think that boy is cute?”

Alexander was leisurely passing through the busy streets of the small town, while even unintentionally, he overheard all kinds of conversations.

And it was a strange thing for him, strolling along with almost nothing standing out, as he had practically adapted to something like this, and he accepted it, although this also pleased him.

Although he could see that most of the people here were girls, the presence of men was really very few.

There were even some girls who pointed it out.

Alexander just smiled a little and kept walking.

An hour had passed and Alexander was just walking around the city very leisurely, he had been had been very entertained, as everything he saw had been… interesting, to say the least.

But just as he was about to finish this pleasant walk….


Alexander was speechless as he saw the scene in front of him….

It was a young man, dressed in the clothes of a Japanese feudal sitting on a bench….

One could even tell that the atmosphere around him was somewhat depressing….

But none of this mattered.


What had caught Alexander’s attention, even against what he had thought was not possible in reality…

Was that this guy…

He had the unmatched “Hentai Protagonist Fucking Hair” on his head….

Alexander was shocked beyond words as he really didn’t expect something like that to be real.

He even thought that the guy was the protagonist of some ancient Hentai story and Isekai….

Only Alexander knew that the guy was good people, as he could easily tell by observing his Aura.

“Mamoru-kun~ Hurry~!”

Alexander and the guy at the same time looked to the right side to find two women, attractive what somewhat a bit flat… waiting for this “Mamoru-kun”, the owner of the Fucking Hair while one waved at him and gave him a smile…


Alexander watched as the guy started to gulp and sweat a bit, though he then smiled somewhat Nervously and went over there as well.


Alexander mentally sighed at the sight of something so…. unique, as what he saw.

‘Strive dude, with you wearing the most coveted hairstyle by male Fans and Otakus… strive until you are worthy of it.”

Alexander made a solemn face as he mentally spoke.

Since he was apparently getting the hang of this whole talking-to-himself thing, and even if he would definitely go to Everyone Else is a Returnee, this was one of his biggest dreams.

Alexander shook his head a little and then decided that his day of walking was over.

Now, he was going to get those Onigiris for his Wives like the good Husband he was.

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