IAIK Ch.57

Ch 57


“”Good morning, Maia-sama.””

Maia, still yawning a little as she walked towards the city gate, with Eleonora right behind her. She was dressed in her classic mercenary outfit, rather lasciviously, which left almost completely with a vertical slit her torso and her large breasts bare, and Eleonora had the same armor as the various Women Knights of the country, only she had a cape behind her and some other details that marked her position in the militia. Also from time to time some people greeted Maia in the morning.

But of course, both of them showed a more than “good-natured” part of their feminine, and very attractive bodies, even though they were practically soldiers and heavily active in the war, or at least, what there was of it, for after all, it was not generally a “war”, what they had been through.

‘Damn paperwork…’

Maia was thinking and making a grimace on her face, as she was awake almost until dawn, signing different papers, and other legal matters of unimportant, but necessary occurrence.

Although well…

She herself did not know one or two of what she was signing, everything was brought to her by Eleonora, the most reliable second-in-command of the Year, if Maia herself were asked, so that she would give only her signature as the leader of the City.

“So what’s up, Nora-san?”

Maia asked Eleonora regarding the matter for which and mysteriously…she was terribly awakened, with a small headache even….

“Maia-sama… you just need to see this…”

Eleonora replied with a somewhat complicated face, because of the magnitude of this matter.


Maia had some doubts, but then she just kept walking, to see what “surprise” she would receive at the doors she saw ahead.

They kept walking for a bit, and almost as they were crossing into the City gate room, on the ramparts…


A nobleman, of baggy clothes and stubby body, with a somewhat flattened face and blond hair, called out to her as he ran toward her, from her right.

“Oh… Bailer-san… how’s it going?”

Maia asked as her expression slightly sank as she endured the ugly existence of the person in front of her, for even though Maia used to be extremely kind, she couldn’t appear to be so in front of this guy, Bailer Nod, the representative of the Nobles in the City, who was a “retired” slave trader.

And although Maia was eager to take this guy’s “shady” documents and simply arrest or execute him, she could not do so since he was an important part of the city’s economy.

“Haaaa… haaaa… haaaa… haaaa…. Maia-sama… how nice… you’re looking good today… haaaa”

The nobleman, when he was close and stopped his march, spoke between inhalations and exhalations, sweating almost like a pig, and looking lustfully at the bodies of both Maia and Eleonora.


They didn’t realise it, but they both mentally exclaimed at the sight, and their faces were beginning to grimace.

The nobleman, Bailer, seemed to notice such a thing.

‘Hmph, bitches! It’s only a few days before Kuroinu enters the city and takes it over, at that time. I want to see if they’ll be able to have the same expressions on their faces? Hehehehehe, just thinking about the fact

that I’ll have Wild Maia underneath me, begging for my cock… makes me ecstatic!’

And although his thoughts were quite dark, he let a smile show on his face as he said:

“Maia-sama, Eleonora-san, good morning, I had come to see you, without sending a subordinate, as I need to know if you agreed with the previous proposal I submitted.”

He said while in an “unnoticed” manner, though it was not, he tried to look at the celestial rank bodies in front of him, and while it was true that he could have sent someone else to arrange this matter, he felt the need to come himself, mainly because of Maia’s continued refusal to talk to the people sent to him, interrupting his enjoyable section of “Maid’s Training” of some poor plebeians who very unfortunately, caught his attention, and they couldn’t avoid something like that in any way, since that was the way this World was.

The only good part being, that even though Balier was taking his little liberties with them, he did not move on to something more, as he was heavily guarded on all sides, even by the female knights near his dwelling.

A retaliation to this, could be the very way in which he did shady business, of other kinds and with two of his closest noble companions, to become richer.

“Ugh! Sorry, but there’s no way that happens in my city! It doesn’t even happen in the Capital! Since it was abolished by Celestine-sama!”

Maia spoke while gritting her teeth.

“But…! It would be a great advancement in our overall economy, we’d even get rid of a large portion of the unemployment in the city!”

Balier spoke up enthusiastically.

“I’m sorry, but I won’t allow it.”

Maia said and shook her head as she put the matter aside.

Bailer saw this and wanted to keep talking, but…

“Excuse me, Nod-sama, but at the moment Maia-sama must attend to a situation of vital importance, so we don’t have time to discuss right now.”


Bailer huffed a little as he was somewhat flushed, but there was still something that caught his attention.


He asked.

Maia then with a breath, spoke:

“That’s it, you’re free to leave at this time or do whatever you want, now, if you’ll excuse me…”

Maia turned around, and started walking back towards the door.

Eleonora did too, and Bailer….

“… I’ll follow them, then.”

He was in great doubt as to what the “situation” Eleonora was talking about might be, and figured that it was probably Kuroinu’s early attack….


He chuckled under his breath as he walked behind Eleonora.

The latter herself trembled a little from the revulsion she felt, and hurried her pace.

“Maia-sama… good thing you came.”

A guard approached Maia as she spoke.

“So, what’s going on?”

She asked.

“Maia-sama, you see…”

The guard started to speak, but just at that moment…

“… You’re Bailer Nod… Right?”

A loud, masculine voice echoed behind Maia, she turned her head, and saw the back of a man who was dressed in a Mantle, standing in front of Bailer as he asked him a question.

Eleonora was closer and was also surprised, as she did not know where this person came from.

Even the guard who was there, was also overly surprised.

“… Ehh… yes… and who are you?”

Balier at first was taken by surprise, but quickly put a distrustful expression on his face, as he looked at the figure, to ask who it might be.


The man said, then materialised a weapon out of thin air in his right hand, which looked like one of the swords used by those of the Third Fortress, and continued:

“… The one who will kill you.”



The man, at a speed so fast that it was impossible to follow with his eyes, cut off the head of a shocked Bailer, and then….


Whispering a word, although as there was so much silence very suddenly, virtually everyone could hear it.

Black flames, of potent visual and spiritual pressure, appeared over both Bailer’s body and head on the floor, which quickly caught fire until not even ashes were left behind….


Maia, the guard and Eleonora were still in shock at what had happened in seconds, and had no words to say.

They watched as the man then turned, and when they were able to register in his eyes, that perfect half-face that was visible above the mask…

“… H-Hello.”

He greeted quietly as he looked toward them, a little nervously, at this strange first meeting.


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