IAIK Ch.60

Ch 60

Maia saw through images, how everything would have been if Alexander was not here in this World.

Mainly, what would happen to her.

The seizure of the City Castle, of her dwelling place, of more than 50 men raping her over and over again without stopping…

Volt, one of the people Maia had respected most in her life, being the first to do so.

She also couldn’t understand why it was that in the pictures, she still seemed to have some feelings for her former partner in Kuroinu, a group of which she was a member in the past, although as she looked at the drink he had forced her to drink at the beginning of such a disastrous act, she realized that it was one of the most potent aphrodisiacs in existence, reaching the point where she would superficially would develop “Love” in the target, and the one who gave the position, and he explained it perfectly, for while she had a very great admiration for Volt, even when for a while she came to confuse her feelings as “Love,” it did not take her long to realize that it was just that, admiration and veneration for the brave warrior who protected her from death on one of the many occasions when she almost died.

Her stomach churned and she felt like vomiting.

She felt tears welling up, and opened her eyes again, to see Eleonora, Alexander, Kaguya, Alicia and Prim looking at her with concern.

She felt a little warm inside, and wiped the tears from her eyes.

She looked at Eleonora and Eleonora seemed to notice what her Mistress wanted to know, then said:

“What I saw was… how Bailer Nod along with other slave traders… mistreated Elves and Dark Elves, including boys and girls, and also… humans… to sell them as if they were a commodity. I also saw what happened when Kuroinu’s Mercenary group would conquer a

City and… it was hell.”

Eleonora said with a very disgusted expression on her face.


Alexander unleashed one of his skills that was mostly used in 18+ acts,

as he tried to comfort these two women.

He saw that it worked as the two of them immediately looked at him in surprise, and he nodded to them so that they would then begin to close their eyes and enjoy this strange, and very, very good, feeling.



Maia couldn’t help but moan a little, and she quickly covered her mouth with a blush so strong that her skin almost turned the same color as her hair.


And though a little less loud, Eleonora moaned as well, reacting in the same way as her Mistress.

Alexander: “…”

Alexander sweated a little, and was speechless at the sight of these two girls in front of him, in this way.

He looked in the direction of his Wives….


… And they let out a massive sigh altogether, with exactly the same expression on their beautiful faces.

Alexander: “…”

Time passed and the group continued to talk about different things, among others, how no message had reached this Fortress about the others, about the change Maia could see in Kaguya, Alicia and Prim, and how she was very jealous about this, even though she thought no one noticed, when even Alexander, who was usually dense about this sort of thing, had noticed it, they also talked about what they would do later, and Alexander explicitly told them that since he had already destroyed the group that was headed to attack the City, then he would just put up a barrier around the City, and then they would leave for the next one, and finally, how they would deal with the other 2 nobles who were cooperating with Bailer, where Maia had already sent a large group of female Knights in the direction of their ostentatious homes, to arrest them, and then execute them.

The part that Alexander would have to leave so soon, took Maia, and Eleonora, by surprise, that they wanted to continue talking to Alexander, although they quickly accepted it with 2 conditions.

First, was that Alexander would have to spend at least the night there, and the second….

Right now, Alexander was in the training grounds of the Castle, which looked more like a Colosseum of Rome, than anything else, being watched by a large part of the City, and Prim in the front seats with a

the first seats with a banner of [Don’t lose Alex-sama, and if you win, I and Kaguya-sama will reward you!] with love signs all over it.

Alexander saw that Kaguya next to Prim was a little more flushed, and laughed. And of course, as he imagined what a delightful reward he imagined he would get, he made up his mind not to lose, for anything in the world.

He also watched all the spectators, who had already been told who Alexander was, and what he had done so far, being mostly 92% women, and the small 8% men, which resulted in the fact that even though they themselves, all the women there, even the old women, did not want their Lady and Princess Knight of their City to lose, they wanted even more for her to “accidentally” knock Alexander’s mask off his face, and if it was not too much to ask, also a large part of his chest and the lower part of his clothes…

If at this moment, Maia, who was performing warm-up exercises at the other end of the circle with a big smile on her face, were to hear the thoughts of her citizens, she would be like…

“I know, I want it too!”

But well, she didn’t know.

Then Alexander saw that Maia walked to the centre of the circle group, and assuming that he was about to start the battle, he walked there too.

Alexander: “Before we start, I have a question and a request, have those nobles been arrested yet?”

Maia: “Yes, at this moment they are in the dungeon of the Castle…. what is it about… this request?”

Alexander made an expressionless face and replied:

“I want them to die by my hands, they… I owe them a debt…”

And he thought about these also being linked to the abuse that Chloe had received in the past…

Maia: “Okay, I allow it, now…”

Maia said confidently, for while the nobles along with Bailer, were important, to the City, they were not completely indispensable, besides that they deserved it and at the end, she blushed before continuing:

“… I don’t mind if you turn every Princess Knight your W-w-w-w-wife… b-but I won’t accept a man who wields the Sword worse than I do.”

She spoke nervously as she imagined Alexander taking her in his arms and making her his Wife by force, and by the end she spoke with conviction, when she calmed down a little more.

Alexander: “…”

Alexander sweated a little because if he kept going at this pace, conquering every Princess Knight of Eos, he thought people would think he was someone who collected Princess Knights or something like that.

But he shook his head and spoke:

“So I can’t use any powers, right, just my physicality?”

Maia: “Yep.”

Maia said with a smile adorning her face.

Alexander: “Sounds good to me.”

Maia: “Perfect then, Eleonora, anytime.”

Maia said to Eleonora, her closest confidant, who was standing a few steps away from the 2 of them.

Eleonora nodded and after clearing her throat a few times, she spoke in a very dignified voice:

“People of the Fourth Fortress, we are all here to witness a duel that will take place between Maia-sama, our Princess Knight, and Alexander Smith-sama, someone who is no less than a Hero, for having saved this and the previous Fortresses from being attacked by Kuroinu’s army, even, at this moment he is travelling together with Alicia-sama, Prim-sama, and Kaguya-sama, the Princesses of the First, Second and Third Eos Fortresses, respectively…”

The people who were there, although they had seen Kaguya, Alicia and Prim before, many did not knew who they were, or did not know them, and were surprised to see them there, they also felt that something special was going on, since at this moment they had 4 of the 7 Princesses in their City.

Knights of the Seven Shields Alliance.

And of course, the personality of their new and still somewhat unknown “Hero”, Alexander Smith, who had all the demeanor of a Heroic Prince, and who even without having directly witnessed those feats of saving the other Fortresses, firmly believed it.


First, because here were three Princess Knights who followed him.

Second, because they trusted completely in the judgment of their Mistress, Maia, who, though she might be an airhead, was very kind and trustworthy, with each and every citizen.

And Third, because this new masked hero was simply too hot… so much so, that even if he wasn’t a hero, and would just be a normal person, there would be some mature, single “ladies” watching in mourning, who definitely wouldn’t mind taking it and keeping it, as if they were his “Sweet Mama”.

Of course, if Alexander could read minds, and knew this, he would be almost grateful to these Ladies and would hesitate whether to do it or not, since after all he is a “Milf Seeker FOREVER” with all his soul…..

Eleonora: “… So with that said… Let the Duel begin!”


“Win, Maia-sama!”



Eleonora spoke and declared the start of the fight, so that immediately people started to Cheer.

Everyone was very excited about this, as this was by far, the most exciting Duel they would ever see.

Yes, Maia had specially built this area for this, and although it was taken as a military training field, throughout all this time Maia had carried out several combats organised here.

And without knowing it, she had built one of the famous Roman Coliseums…

Maia: “Why don’t you just surrender directly, now that you have the time!”

Maia shouted with a predatory grin on her face.

Alexander: “Hmm, I think I’m pretty good like this, come on.”

Alexander replied with amusement, and motioned for her to come closer.

Maia: “You asked for it, here I come!”

Maia said and unsheathed her Sword, got into position ready to attack and….


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