IAIK Ch.63

Ch 63

“Mmmm… Maia?”

Alexander asked in shock, as he saw Maia, the Princess Knight of the Fourth Fortress, who was completely naked and in an almost sitting position on top of him….

His gaze could not help but be drawn to those large breasts that were bumping against his body, and especially those cherry-pink nipples that tickled him a little.

He lifted his gaze and realized that Maia was completely red in the face, as she looked up at him in a daze.

“… Maia?”

He asked again.


She was still looking at him in a daze.

Alexander then waved his hand and gently waved right in front of her face.


This seemed to wake her up, as she suddenly looked up at him and realized that she had been staring at Alexander’s naked face for quite a while.

Two minutes in that position passed, silently….

“Well… could you tell me why we are like this?”

Alexander spoke as he had doubts, and was beginning to feel that his Dragon wanted to rise up and defy Heaven, but Heaven, in this case, One Soul, had his urges tightly gripped.

“… I-I-I…”

Maia started blushing heavily and getting a little dizzy, but she saw that Alexander was looking at her with some concern in his gaze… and this caused determination to well up inside her.

“I want to…”

Alexander looked at her and was silent.

“I want to be one of your women…”

Alexander was quite surprised by this development.

Alexander: “Maia…”

She bit her lips.

And laughed with a somewhat self-deprecating smile.

Maia: “The truth is…. ever since I heard that someone like you, a Hero, had made Princesses Knights of the previous Fortresses, their Wives, I… I was kind of jealous…”

Maia put her hands on Alexander’s shoulders and looked at him earnestly, though of course, the position they were in, being stark naked, and Alexander’s divine face, made her face on fire as she couldn’t help blushing.

Maia: “Ever since I saw you, my chest started to beat very strangely… and I had all kinds of feelings, but I knew you weren’t very likely to notice me…”

She paused, took a breath and then continued….

Maia: “… So even though it was very fast… every second that went by only made this strange feeling grow in my chest… I’ve never been in love… but,

when you beat me in that duel… I realized…”

Alexander was only a little flushed too, because even though he himself was very cheeky, for someone like him, an Otaku, to receive such an honest and naked confession was… not a very normal thing to do.

Maia: “I know almost nothing about you, I don’t know where you come from… and I know that probably this city will be just a stop on your way… but… I wanted to tell you this, I… I think I l-love you… very-much…”

Maia became very embarrassed and tried to bury her head in Alexander’s chest as she finished speaking, and after calming down a bit, she continued with some self-criticism.

Maia: “It may be strange but… I’m an orphan and unlike Kaguya, Alice or Prim, or the others…. I’m not noble, or of noble lineage…. But even so, I’m sure I love you… I want you to treat me the same way you treat them… who-… Hmmnnh~¡”

Maia was talking, and she raised her head to look at Alexander again.

And by the time she was finished speaking, she couldn’t go on… Alexander, had kissed her on her mouth.

Maia put on a surprised expression and it quickly turned to one of pleasure.

Alexander’s tongue was wreaking havoc in her mouth, and, after a few seconds….

“Pu~ Haa~”

Maia pulled away from Alexander making a slight sound.

Her beautiful white face was as red as a ripe apple, and she put her right hand to her lips with a somewhat surprised look.

Alexander: “The truth… is that you didn’t need to say so much, Maia… I find you very charming and attractive too, just for this alone, and for your pleasant and lively personality, it’s enough to make me fall in love with you… because men are like that, we are very simple creatures, and that’s why I like you too, Maia.”

Maia: “Alex-sama…”

Maia blushed much more and put her hand on her throbbing breast.

She confirmed that what she felt was indeed love.

For Alexander’s words, and the look he was looking at her with at this moment… made her so happy that she could easily drive him ten times around the city, from the pleasant and rich emotion that she felt.

Alexander: “But I have a question…”

Maia: “?”

She tilted her head slightly in doubt.

Alexander couldn’t help but find this gesture very adorable.

Alexander: “Why… Why is it that you’re telling me this now?”

He asked.

Maia: “Ah! It’s because a friend advised me to…. she told me that women should take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way… especially when it comes to these issues and… well, this is the only time you were alone… I came in and I thought I’d take you by surprise but… your face, it really surprised me…”

Maia shrugged and spoke only to then look at Alexander with a very feverish look on her face, as of a maiden strongly in love gazing at her perfect prince charming.

Alexander: “Hmm, I see… Now, one other thing, Maia.”

Maia: “Yes, Alex-sama?”

Alexander: “If we continue in this position… I’m afraid I won’t be able to stand it any longer… I find you too beautiful and I find it hard to resist…”

Alexander spoke and looked a little at Maia’s naked body, and his penis couldn’t help but twitch.

Maia blushed and looked down, but as she noticed Alexander’s large cock, the expression of stupefaction filled her face while in her mind….

‘How big! And someone as small as Prim-chan puts up with this every day…?’

Her respect for Prim, and all of Alexander’s women, grew even greater, and she bit her lips, giving her an extremely erotic air, which Alexander saw from very close, and well… his healthy male body responded…

Maia saw the large penis below her legs grow little by little, until it touched her directly on her vaginal lips.


She gave a choked moan, and then looked feverishly towards Alexander.

Then, red-faced, she leaned close to Alexander’s ear to whisper….

(Alex-sama~ Please… don’t hold back… at this moment I am your girlfriend, and from now on I apologize because I am very inexperienced in this kind of things, I even lost my Hymen a long time ago because of the training and I can’t give you my first normal time, but, please…. f-fuck me a lot… claim my insides as yours…)

She felt very embarrassed to say this kind of thing, but for some reason, she felt that if it was Alexander, then he deserved these words and this behavior from her.

Maia knew that most likely later on she would have a lot to do, and she would be extremely busy servicing Alexander’s penis, her now boyfriend’s, but the only thing she really regretted was that she could not be able to give her first time, to give her flower, to the first person she had ever loved.

This was because she herself was well aware that the physical training she had been deadly to her Hymen.

And although everyone used to say that she was a “whore”, especially the few men in the mercenary ranks, Maia had never been a “whore”.

She had a friend who had taught her some of this, but because of her embarrassment, it didn’t last long.

Alexander looked into her eyes, and Maia felt like she could drown in that look.

Alexander: “None of that is important…I like you simply for being the woman you are, not for anything else, and from now on, from now on, you are my girlfriend.”

Maia felt an arrow hit her chest at that moment.

Maia: “Yes, Alex-sama~!”

She smiled and unlike the other time, she initiated a kiss with Alexander now, as she was putting a lot of effort into it…

Alexander wrapped his hands around Maia, and directly grabbed her big soft buttocks as they kissed her passionately.


God Yang Body.

Alexander activated his abilities mentally, and then went on with what he was doing.

He didn’t know what had happened, he didn’t know why Maia confessed to him so suddenly, no.

Nor did he know why it was that in this World, when a woman fell in love with a man, the first step to be a couple, above all others, was sex….

But he was sure that he himself was not lying when he spoke to her.

For as a man, a woman like Maia fell completely into his type of girl, and he also found her very attractive.

As he had previously decided himself, he would go according to his desires, and try to have no restrictions.

After all, his second life was for this.

And in fact, Alexander didn’t seem to notice something, as he was a bit focused on a very exotic war of tongues right now, but beyond the side door of the bathroom, in a continuous room that was mostly for other kinds of uses, stood Eleonora very flushed and sighing hotly as her hand moved between her lower garments, and the other touched her breasts, masturbating as she watched what was happening in front of her eyes, through a slit in the door…

‘~~Uuhhh~! Maia-sama~ Alex-sama~’

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