IAIK Ch.64

Ch 64





Maia clutched Alexander’s head, her fingers through his scarlet hair, as she felt so good she couldn’t think straight.

She looked down a little more….


*suck* *suck* *suck*

Alexander was fiddling with the lips of her tender pink pussy, sometimes biting or sometimes slurping, and Maia was arching as she felt an electric current running down her entire spine to the tips of her toes, which were slightly bent from pleasure at this point.

Maia felt like she would pass out if this continued, and even though she knew it wouldn’t be anything bad, she was still a little afraid of this very dangerous feeling she felt.

Certainly, Maia knew what sex was, and she also knew about the relationships of people who love each other.

She could call herself as “experienced,” as her past was always full of all

kinds of things…

And even Maia herself had witnessed her friend masturbating in front of her.



She was simply too ashamed to do it herself, so much so, that even though her hand would sometimes go under her clothes, it didn’t do much, it wouldn’t reach.

Besides, and mostly, Maia was simply one of the busiest humans in this


City management, training, policy, politics, rules, army accommodations, bias of the law, serving as ambassador to other cities, defending humanity, war, bloody battles with monsters and demons…etc.

Humanity in this World, or in this great Continent, was very small, very worn out… very immature.

There were only 7 known built Cities, and on papers.

Of course, there were many more towns and others scattered everywhere, even Maia herself had seen some, but…

In general, if it was put on a scale of a higher level, and in terms of warfare, practically it would be Humanity 3%… Enemies of Humanity… 87%…

The small percentage that remained of free, was only of all those who in instances of not being supporters of Chaos, acted neutrally.

That is to say, Maia, being one of the 7 Main figures of Humanity, and specifically, of the First and smallest of the 4 Great Cities, was up to the ceiling of work… one could say.

Although well, practically, the only thing that really bothered her, at the time of her occupations, was…

… The ones where you had to use your head.

Maia also thought that according to the Ancient tales, there would be Heroes, who would be lifted up, heroes who would break the dark flow of this world, but apart from Her Majesty, Celestine Lucross… there was no one on record…

Then, just at a moment in her life when she least expected it…

Fate decided to surprise her in a way… rather tragic, one might say.

She had never fallen in love, and she had never had the hope that the war would ever end. But, this was forced to be changed root and branch, by a Man.

Maia, she knew very well the quality that she herself possessed, though her sense of inferiority and insecurity were always there, she could say that she retained the appearance of one of the greatest women of all known mankind, which is why there had been no shortage of men courting her.

Maia only had to look at a person, to know his character, to know his disposition towards life.

The experience of war, the special body that she had, her years of leadership, she would be able to name several…

But when Maia looked at Alexander for the first time, when she analyzed him, and when she felt the warm, strange hands on her head… though she was not Prim, she could tell that this man, who had killed one of the leading Nobles of the City, and slit the throats without a blink of an eye of more, was indisputably a good person.

Maia felt a tug, Maia felt something unfamiliar, something refreshing, something… welcoming, enveloping her, every time she spoke to this man.

Maia wondered if he was really a human.

Maia wondered if he was a God, or the descendant of one.

Maia, for the first time in her short, tragic, long life, decided to bet.

She would bet on this man, on herself, and on the fact that he could save both her, and the World.


Although the most difficult requirement even before she had the qualifications to do so, being Worthy, was something this man was.


Maia couldn’t continue thinking to herself, when she came so resoundingly.

Alexander got up from where he was, and kissed Maia’s mouth, when Maia was feeling weaker, and happier than ever.

Some time passed in silence.

Alexander looked at Maia’s face very closely, and she did the same.

They seemed to want to burn this face they had in front of them, in their memories.

“I’m glad…” Maia started to say in a weak tone, looking into Alexander’s deep eyes.

“I’m glad you showed up in my life…”

It felt like a sigh, like something that had been said with so much Love, with so much weakness, that Alexander…


He really didn’t understand.

He didn’t understand.

Not at all, those eyes…

Alexander didn’t know absolutely, why women had this kind of looks, why they could put them on so naturally.

It had nothing to do with being in a World he had previously thought was fictitious, for in his World he had also seen these kinds of looks.

He knew that since the theme of this World was a Hentai, the women would be what many called “easy,” but…

Alexander couldn’t take this as a joke, not really.

The eyes of the woman in front of him, evoked such a great feeling, that they would be of the one that a Faithful wife had for her husband of years.

Alexander found himself revising his thoughts about women, almost daily.

No matter whether it was a day, an hour, a second, a glance, Alexander felt that his weakness was certainly a delightful problem, and as much as he didn’t want to…he shouldn’t let his Soul be so easily affected.

After speaking, silence greeted them again.

Alexander did not notice…

… For he simply wanted to continue to appreciate this kind of look, and Maia, too, wanted to discover all of Alexander’s secrets, for men’s secrets were one of the most deadly weapons against women.


In his Soul, or more specifically, in his Dantian….

Above the small figure that existed of himself, stood a somewhat illusory, almost invisible Throne.

But at this moment, stealthily appeared, in an abstract and endearing way, some more details on the side of the Throne, almost as if it were… free seats, or empty seats, although the transparency had been the same as that of the Throne.

Unequivocally making almost oblivious to all this, Alexander kissed Maia lightly.

They parted again, and as they gazed at each other with the same intensity… Alexander took his Dragon and placed it on Maia’s cunt cheeks, which were so hot, they seemed to want to receive it.

There were no words, and no mishaps….

At that moment, more than something lustful, it was something sacred.


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