C.F. Ch.3

Ch 3 Harlem Talent (Souta’s POV)

My name is Souta, and I’m just an ordinary high school student who can be found anywhere.

My hobbies are watching anime and reading novels, and I enjoy them “alone” without anyone disturbing me. I like to be alone. That’s why I keep my friendships to a minimum and keep to myself at school.

As for my personal life, my parents are overseas for work, so I’m living alone at a leisurely pace as a high school student! I’m not talking about… This is because just three months ago, I had to live with my sister-in-law who suddenly came into my life.

It’s really hard for people around me to let me live a solitary life.

And right now, I’m on my way to school with my sister-in-law.

“Um, Chris. Isn’t it hard to walk in this position?”

I smiled bitterly and called out to my sister-in-law, Chris, who was walking next to me, hugging my arm.

But she only shook her head in silence.

I mean, I’ve been getting a lot of stares from people around me for a while now. I don’t want to stand out, I just want to enjoy my solitary life in peace.

“How did this happen…”

I muttered that line, which had become a habit of mine lately, and turned my attention to Chris, who was also the cause of the problem.

Chris is the child of a distant relative on my mother’s side, and three months ago, due to complications, she was taken in by the family and became my sister-in-law.

She is of foreign blood, and is a beautiful girl with waist-length straight platinum hair and blue eyes.

Because she had such a good figure, she stood out anyway.

Moreover, Chris is not afraid to profess that she loves me.

She said, “I promised her a long time ago, so…” I wonder if Chris and I have ever met before? Don’t tell me we’ve been… in a past life?

“Hahaha, no way.”

I smiled wryly.

Then I heard a bright voice that woke me up.

“You’ve been smiling with a nasty face since this morning, Senpai♪”

The girl who appeared in front of us as if jumping up and down was Rinka, a devilishly beautiful girl who was reputed to be as cute as my sister-in-law, Chris, among the first-year students.

“Hey, don’t you think it’s a little harsh to call me disgusting?”

“Yeah, but you’re still looking at my breasts in a dirty way, aren’t you?”

Rinka hugged my free arm and pressed her large breasts against my chest, which are large for a first year student.

“I didn’t see it! I didn’t!”

“Fufufu, the impatient senior is cute ♪”

Rinka continued, “If it’s for a senior, I’m fine with it, okay?” She asks me in a small voice.

I frowned slightly at that statement.

Rinka has always been uncomfortable around men because of one incident.

When she first entered school, she was almost attacked by a group of delinquents on her way home, and the trauma of that incident still lingers in her mind.

Incidentally, I was the one who saved her.

At that time, I was able to fight off a group of delinquents without a fight, probably due to the fact that I took a serious martial arts stance and unleashed my fighting spirit, and also due to the fact that Yukiya, who was there with me, had a huge figure.

Since then, I’ve even come to be pinned by the devilishly beautiful Rinka.

Oh, my lonely life is getting further and further away from me…

So while I was lamenting my situation with two beautiful girls still holding my arms, a cool and dignified voice called out to me from the front.

“Good morning, Souta-kun.”

The person who greeted me was Azaka-senpai, the perfect student council president, who is beautiful in appearance, intelligent, and athletic.

“Good morning, Student Council President.”

“Mmm… Azaka!”

“Ah, Azaka-senpai…”

I flinched at senpai who pulled my face closer to her.

The encounter between me and my senpai took place in a very ordinary and common situation.

One day, I was enjoying my solitary time on the school rooftop as usual, when I was approached by Azaka-senpai.

“Hey, you! I want you to be my right-hand man in the student council!

She was very pushy, and I eventually gave in and became the “scullery maid” for the student council.

I didn’t want to get too serious and get drawn into the student council, so I stayed in the shadows and gave the credit for my work to the original members of the student council, which seemed to have tugged at Azaka-senpai’s heartstrings and made her like me even more.

And so, while remembering those days, I turned my attention to the exchange between the three beautiful girls currently unfolding in front of me.

“Both of you, stay away from my brother.”

“Why don’t you just go away, Chris-chan?”

“The year is quite noisy. Shall I go with you first, Souta-kun?”

The three of them were fighting for my arm as usual.

When I saw them, I suddenly thought.

“Huh? Come to think of it, Kanae isn’t here, is she?”

Normally, she would be watching us from a step back, laughing at us…

“Oh, by the way, she wasn’t at the place where she always waits, brother.”

“Is she oversleeping? Kanae-senpai seems to be a laid-back person.”

“It’s possible that she’s already at school. It would be better if we arrived at the school, confirmed her absence, and then called or texted her.”

I shrugged, sighing again, and shook my head slowly.

I can’t help it, Kanae is really a troublesome childhood friend.

“Let’s go, then, brother.”

“That’s right! Let’s go!”

“Hey, you’ve had your fill of being next to Souta, haven’t you? Now it’s my turn!”

They started fighting for my arm again.

I really hope you don’t mind. For a dark-skinned goofball like me, the stares around me are pretty painful.

This is how my life as a loner is eroded.

Huh… Oh, man…

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Kaleb Sutomo
Kaleb Sutomo
1 year ago

this is a great idea, author and translator. The MC have a unrequited love, the heroine confuse who does she love, and the Mc childhood friend have a harem so he don’t get in the way of the MC and heroine romcom, this is frickin briliant