Y. NTR Ch.5

Ch 5

A day has passed since then.

The opening ceremony of the new school year had taken place, the class interaction was over, and now it was evening with the setting sun lighting up the classroom.

In her seat, Rika sat, supporting her cheek with her elbow.

The man… Eiji and Mai were making a lot of noise. To reiterate firmly, it was Mai who was making the noise, while Eiji was just accepting it with an uncomfortable twist of his face.

It was a shock to Rika that he could behave that way towards Mai, who was very popular with men.

“Ogiwara, Eiji…”

He seemed to be quite an interesting guy.

I’m not going to get any closer than I have to, but since we’re seated next to each other, we can at least have a daily conversation.

“…is late.”

Today is the first day of the new semester, and the club activities that Rika belongs to are also closed.

I’ve been waiting for her since Mai suggested that we go home together, although I would rather go home and relax.

She’s very popular. Especially from guys.

I often see male students talking to her because she has a friendly attitude and doesn’t give off the same vibe as Rika.

Even now, it’s probably the relationship.

I’m not worried about it, but I might be a little jealous of… it.

Because I’m her lover.

“Rika-chan! I’m sorry to keep you waiting!”


The one who opened the door and came in was Mai.

She approached me with her side-tails bobbing.

“… Then let’s go home.”

Rika grabs her bag and stands up.

However, Mai came rather close and hugged her slender body.

“… Mai?”


Rika only moves her eyebrows while looking at her suspiciously and without expression.

Mai looks into her blue eyes up close.

“Rika’s eyes are as beautiful as ever…”

“Oh, thank you…?”

Mai’s face, peeking at me from below, looked somewhat red and uptight.

Is it the setting sun? No, this is…

Mai’s nose is also breathing hard and her eyes are moist.

When Rika guessed what she was looking for, she blushed and tried to escape.

“No, no. I just told you not to do that at school.”

It’s okay. There is no one left in the school building anymore. There’s only those who are involved in club activities.”

It is true that it has been a long time since the last homeroom, so there may not be many people.

But it was still risky to do such a thing with Mai in the school, and more than anything, I felt a strong sense of resistance.


“Rika-chan, please. Just give me a kiss.”

“Chu, chu…”

Mai’s lips pouted.

It’s still cute as ever… but even if it’s just a kiss, it’s still… something to do in the school.


When she looked up at her with his lustrous eyes, Rika, who was sweet on her lover for some reason, wavered…

“… just a little.”

“Yes, sir!”

Mai raises her hands in delight at Rika’s words.

Her huge breasts bounced again.

I looked at Mai’s face up close again as we decided to kiss.

Long eyelashes, big crinkly eyes, and a lovely face that changes… from one expression to the next, it was easy to see why she was so popular with the guys.

“Haha… Rika, you’re still cute.”

However, Mai, who was watching Rika closely, also had the same idea.

The crisp, lifted eyebrows, blue eyes that are rarely seen in Japanese people, and the doll-like beauty that can be felt because the expression does not change much… If you did not avoid men, you would have been as popular as Mai.

They brought their faces close to each other as if they were attracted to each other’s faces…

They kissed, touching each other slightly.

Each of them pulled at each other’s lips so lushly that they wanted to keep touching them.

They stared at each other at close range.

Before they knew it, their bodies were hugging each other closely.

Rika’s shapely breasts, which have grown to an average size, and Mai’s breasts, which are of a size not only seen in her classmates but even in gravure idols, are pressed together.

They pressed their bodies together strongly as they sought each other’s presence and… put their lips together again.

“Hmm, chu, ju, chu♡”

This time, the kiss was not a cute one of just touching each other.

They opened their mouths and extended their tongues to each other.

It was not about love, it was about mutual arousal and pleasure, which was decadent and dense.

“Nbu, n, mu, chu♡”

Both of their cheeks turned red.

Their cheeks turned red as they closed their eyes and sniffled, never letting go of each other’s mouths.

The drool from each of them moistens their lips and runs down their chins.

But still, their tongues entwined together.

I love you, I love you. It was all they could think about.

Mai and even Rika were no longer concerned about being seen by anyone.

In a classroom under the setting sun, the beautiful yuri couple continued to pile their lips together in search of pleasure.

The sound of the mouth on top of me squeaking and churning makes my womb tingle and soak my shorts.

At this rate, it would turn into something more than a kiss.

No matter what, once you see the scene, it will be irreparable.

But their calm reasoning was quickly dissolved by the intimate kiss, and they could no longer think of anything but each other’s lips.

Mai kisses me and stretches her hands over my moderately full and taut breasts.

“(Oh… I have to say no…)”

Now I must release my lips, beat away the outstretched hand, and get angry.

It should have been, but… Rika’s hands and body didn’t move the way she wanted them to.

Rather, she heaved her chest to welcome Mai’s hand.

“(… Is it okay?)”
As Mai had said, there were probably no more students left in the school.

There may be teachers, but they are probably holed up in the staff room preparing for tomorrow’s classes or leading club activities.

If this is true, we should never touch each other in the school where people can see us.

I know this in my rational mind. I know, but I couldn’t… stand it.

I looked down at Mai as she unbuttoned her shirt, kissing me.

Her shirt was pulled off, revealing her shapely breasts wrapped in her bra.

Seeing this, Mai also roughly took off her own shirt, tearing it off to reveal her ample breasts wrapped in a large bra.

Embracing each other in a semi-naked state, they could feel the smoothness and warmth of each other’s skin, which further accelerated their sexual excitement.

They could no longer see anything but each other.

Rika, Mai were attracted to the lips in front of her, and they kissed each other again… thickly.


She heard the sound of the door opening with a clatter and her body stiffened.

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