IAIK Ch.79

Ch 79

The next morning, Fifth Fortress, Luu Luu’s room.


The sun’s rays peeked through the window, showing the figure of two people.


One, or the larger figure, was standing on top of the other, who seemed very small….

“There~~ there~~ Hmm~”

Very dangerous moans could be heard from right there, and what made it all the more dangerous, is…!

That the voice seemed to be coming from a little girl…!

“So, how about now?”

Alexander, with a complicated face, since he was not Lolicon, asked Luu Luu.


Luu Luu, still blushing very heavily, closed her eyes and had shivers of a very rich feeling that spread all over her body…her pure white skin was sweaty, and her small body was almost unclothed, with only a thin layer of white cloth, which is normally what she sleeps in….


Alexander saw this and repeated ‘I am not Lolicon I am not Lolicon I am not Lolicon I am not Lolicon I am not Lolicon I am not Lolicon I am not Lolicon I am not Lolicon…!’ as if it was some kind of mantra, in his mind…

After waiting a while, Luu Luu then stood up, and got into a fighting stance…

Alexander saw her sweat a little, as it looked very much like the starting position of the boxers.

And then…


Luu Luu let out a heroic war cry… with her girlish voice….

And her fist shot out into the air in front of her, causing light air currents to emanate from her hand.


Luu Luu then jumped with excitement as she saw that she had still become more powerful, after a Alexander’s Back Massage.

“Hahaha, thank you, Husband!”


Luu Luu went and suddenly hugged Alexander with her very joyful mood, while the latter just repeated a new mantra in his mind.

“… E-e-ehhh *Gohon* *Gohon* … what I wanted to say is thank you so much Alex-sama for making me more powerful, now I’m sure I’ll finally be able to beat Kuma, that bear will be so happy that he’ll cry again from the excitement!”

Luu Luu quickly separated from Alexander, with a red face, coughed a little and then thanked him sincerely for earlier.

“Oh, you’re welcome Luu Luu-chan.”

Alexander replied in the same way, thinking it was very strange that Luu Luu wasn’t “tsundere,” since she saw him in her designated room this morning, before luring him into her.

Which, by the way, was happening because Luu Luu had already taken Alexander as her Husband, as the Alpha of her pack, though of course, she had been surprised that he already had his “own” pack, which convinced her that her decision was the right one.

Stronger than her.

Very handsome.

Very mysterious.

And who gave pats and massages that made her feel better than being at the climax of the battle.

Also, little Luu Luu didn’t realize, what Celestine had said to her, simply

and she didn’t even remember anymore that Celestine had sent her a message…

Which if Celestine knew, she would be very sad, although again she would start repeating the ecchis future visions she had in her head… until she ran out of Magic, and after waking up, she would be as good as new..,

If Alexander knew this, he would shake his head, thinking that the character of women changes faster than it takes Tony Stark to change his armor…

“By the way, Luu Luu-chan, is everyone in the city insured yet?”

After some thought, Alexander asked.

“Hai, right now all the people in the City are secured behind the Castle. Just As talked about yesterday, Tama-chan already took care of that.”

“I see, so what are we going to do today then?”

“Well… I just need to get dressed to confirm that everything is normal at the security site.”

Alexander heard Luu Luu say in a very serious tone, apparently, having 88 years on her small body, they weren’t just for show. Besides the fact that she had already been in charge of this City for a while, she couldn’t be so childish in these kinds of aspects.

Alexander was going to leave the room for a moment, but thinking about what Luu Luu’s clothes were….

“Luu Luu-chan.”


“Be still for a moment.”

Alexander spoke very seriously, and Luu Luu, though she didn’t know what was wrong, stood still.

Then she watched as Alexander bent his knees a little, and then brought his arms up….

“Execution #14 of the Forbidden Techniques…”

Alexander spoke in a very serious tone, and his hands began to glow. Luu Luu looked surprised, but not at all nervous.


Alexander disappeared from where he was, and quickly reappeared behind Luu Luu, looking down at the Towards the ground there, to grimly blurt out a few words:

“Dress… Maker!”


Luu Luu let out a small scream as she realized what had happened, noticed a light that left her unable to see for a few moments, and as soon as she could she looked down again.


She was shocked beyond belief, as she found herself seen wearing a simple and plain, but at the same time very beautiful and detailed, of some little “Lolita Adventuress” clothes, she also noticed, even, that her

hair was fully combed.

“I’m sorry, Luu Luu-chan, but from now on I can’t let you leave the castle with so little clothes on you.”


Luu Luu looked at the clothes, which were too beautiful for her taste, the more she looked at herself in the mirror nn the wall next to her, and was silent for a few minutes.


Then, blushing, thinking that her Husband was very jealous and overbearing, something she liked too much to her, something newly discovered, she nodded in a small, gnat-like voice. Since in herself

herself didn’t think it was a big deal to change clothes.

She hadn’t even stopped to think about how weird this had been, since it didn’t even count as Magic itself. Luu Luu didn’t notice it, but Alexander’s importance in her head started to quickly rise to the top spot, even when it was already there before… something certainly paradoxical.

“Ok, then let’s go.”

Alexander nodded as he saw the result of some of the first forbidden techniques he had created especially for this World, and walked towards the door.

At the same time, a still somewhat flushed Luu Luu also walked behind him.

But at that moment…

With the floor completely smooth, without any kind of draft in the room, without any push from any side, and in an extremely strange manner…


Luu Luu fell forward.

Alexander turned around and also, even as firm as his body was…

“… Huh?”

He went to hold Luu Luu, but without noticing, he was already on the ground, with Luu Luu on top of him, with their faces very close…


Alexander exclaimed in his mind what had happened, as his body was so sturdy that this kind of accident shouldn’t happen…

And if that wasn’t enough…

“Luu Luu-sama, this is terrible, outside-….! kya~!”

A maid quickly entered the room in a panic, to warn Luu Luu, but upon seeing the ambiguous position that her Princess Knight and the Hero were in, she put her hands to her cheek and shouted very blushing.

Alexander: “…”

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