IAIK Ch.82

Ch 82


Alexander shook the man a little in his hand, and seeing that he was not breathing and had an almost inhuman expression of terror on his face, as if he had seen Cthulhu himself, he let go of him as if he were an object.

“I had even been careful to keep my Energy inside my body, uncirculated… to avoid this…”

Alexander spoke and his Sharingan began to spin rapidly, then he tried to look into the eyes of the man who was lying dead on the ground…

And to his good fortune, perhaps because the brain had stopped working only seconds ago…

He could see what he wanted.

He saw that days after this army left, two more forces would leave, and the last reserves of men in the entire Kuroinu Group.

A small one, and a much larger one.

The small one destined for the Sixth Fortress, and the larger one for the Seventh, which is the last settlement of Mankind in this World.

Of course, the small group was only small compared to the final group led by Vault, as it had about 6,000 members, being by now, larger than the ones that Alexander would have faced so far, as opposed to the one led by Vault, which had more than 25,000 members, where each and every one of the mercenaries of the Kuroinu group were already present.

And a detail that made Alexander frown, is that this particular Kuroinu group took a little longer than usual to get here, with incidents on the part of the Ogres, which could mean that the other two groups were already extremely far ahead.

“I have to hurry a bit more…”


Alexander said as he wiped his blood-filled Katana with a loud shake.

“… Should I be worried about not feeling anything while doing this massacre…? Hmm, no.”

Alexander asked, as if he was talking to himself, though he likewise denied himself.

After a few minutes of thinking, he shrugged his shoulders and set out to find Luu Luu, to finish everything faster, and leave for the next Fortress.

He put the katana away in his inventory, and then looked at the mess of the scene, which seemed to be an image taken from the Abyss.

Manifestation of Mind/Energy.

He piled the nearly 500 shattered bodies of Ogres and humans in total, far back from his current position, about 200 meters from the walls, then, with Amaterasu, Alexander did something that normal fire could not do.

He burned the blood and remains of bodies that were left in the area next to the Gate, and then with the Sub-Skill, Clean, everything was left as if nothing had happened there.

Even that unpleasant smell that was manifesting in the air, was completely dissolved to give a smell of field flowers.

And for the end…

“Clean, Clean, Clean.”

Alexander activated 3 times the Sub-skill more powerful than the World’s Strongest Detergent, when it came to cleaning, on himself.

Once this was finished, Alexander set out to enter the City again, and head for the Castle.

“Luu Luu-sama?”

Tama was on her way to where the other assembled people were, as this was what Alexander had tasked her to do, though she also had thoughts of preparing the City’s army around where all the other people in the Fortress were. But then she noticed her Princess Knight walking towards her with speed, and with her hand on her forehead.

“Luu Luu-sama, are you all right?” Tama asked but then she noticed the big smile on Luu Luu’s face.



Tama was only speechless, and continued walking silently, one step behind her Princess.

It didn’t take long for both of them to get there, and after a brief welcome by the people, and an explanation, all the citizens were visibly calmer.

There were people who were concerned about Alexander, especially the mature ladies and the teenage girls… as just taking on an entire army was unheard of, although with the words of a Luu Luu who had just come out of her little world, the topic simply ceased.

This was due to the strong trust the people had towards Luu Luu, as their Princess Knight, although she also had a mascot function, and somehow it was relaxing to see something like that, or to hear Luu Luu’s words…

Luu Luu at this moment was very sure of the power Alexander possessed.

She had talked enough with her Wives yesterday to know this, so other than jealousy towards them, she had no other feelings about whatever was happening on the battlefront.

Though, of course, she especially preferred to be there and enjoy a good battle together with Alexander, who right now was special to Luu Luu in magnitudes that she herself could not measure.

“But… Now that I think about it, won’t I be his Wife now, but will I be in the future?”

Luu Luu furrowed her small eyebrows and her face quickly became more and more like a pout.

“Never mind, I’ll talk to Alex-sama when he comes, at least… yes I will be his Wife… I wonder, when did something like this start to matter so much to me?”

Luu Luu didn’t understand her feelings very well, and had doubts as naturally any person with zero knowledge of Love should have, although she also knew that right now her man, was struggling, after shaking her head, Luu Luu decided to wait a little longer for Alexander, and a small flame of worry was spreading across his face the more time passed.


Gradually, the whole place fed into an awkward, and somewhat heavy silence, this despite the great number and variety of people who were gathered, from newborn children, to the old men and women.

And apparently, at this point of silence, was when distant sounds… were allowed to be heard.



The high-pitched, strange noises in the background could be heard, and the more experienced people there, even the older ones, knew perfectly well that it was the horrible voice of the Ogres, and judging by the quantity, and the pitiful manner of the nature of these distant voices, resembling more like screams of terror than anything else, all those in the know felt incredulity at the fact that their new and handsome Hero, was at this moment annihilating several Ogres, some of the most powerful beings in the World.

Everything continued like this for several short minutes.


The voices that were previously heard, dropped and the area fell silent again.

Luu Luu at this point was in a whirlwind of emotions inside her little head, to the point that it was causing her a bit of agony, as she really was not very smart, and did not know how to deal with this.

“That’s it, I’ll go there.” Luu Luu stood up from where she was, and headed towards the exit of the premises previously hastily built with the help of the City’s mages.

“Luu Luu-sama…”

Tama called out to her to no avail, and then also went after Luu Luu.

But, in a synchronized and exact manner….

*Step* *Step*

The walking of someone unknown was felt all over the place silently.

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