Y. NTR Ch.16

Ch 16

“It’s good that you’re dressed up, but I need to wear a rubber. Terui, do you have one?”


She was expecting Eiji to press down on her and rape her like a beast, but his caring words made her eyes rounded.

“Gosh, are you going to wear a rubber?”

I thought that the man would just put it in raw, shake his hips with pleasure, and get away with it without any consideration for me.

In response, Eiji gave him a dumbfounded white eye look.

“Of course not. I don’t mind, but are you going to be a student and a mother with a child? And they’re my kids?”

That being said, I try to imagine it a little.

On the white bed, Mai is smiling serenely.

Next to her, Eiji is also smiling calmly, his stern face turning into a smile.

The two of them look at each other and giggle and look down at the little life Mai is holding in her arms…

“You can’t, you can’t, you can’t! I want to be pampered and played with more, I have Rika, and I can’t have gorilla babies because of crossbreeding!”

“How long are you going to treat me like a gorilla?”

In Mai’s imagination, the face of the supposedly cute baby had turned into a stern gorilla.

Mai’s face turned pale and she denied it.

“Doesn’t the gorilla have a rubber?

“I usually have some, but… I’m out of them right now.”

Eiji scratched the back of his head, looking embarrassed.

Mai was a little amused to see him make such a face.

“I can’t help it. I’m going to get it, even though it might be a little cold.”

It was not a good idea to pause because you needed a rubber when you were about to fuck.

Mai knew that, too.

She moved her head to…



Eiji looks quizzically at Mai, who has suddenly raised her voice.

She rummaged… around the head of the bed.

“Oh, that… this…”

The condoms they were now looking for were the ones that she offered to Eiji without hesitation.

“You… have a girlfriend named Onizuka, but you kept a guy lover too…?”

“That’s too much! What a ridiculous misunderstanding you have! I’ve never accepted a man!”

“Then why did you…”

It would be strange if she didn’t keep a man with her looks and style as good as Mai’s, but even so, Eiji is a little reluctant to… go after her after saying so much about her same-sex lover.

She bites him hard, but when he asks her why, she blushes.

“No, no, no. When I do it with… Rika, we use a toy, right? And then I put… on it.”


Eiji took the rubber and observed.

“You should try it in front of me.”

“No, no, no, no! You’re an idiot!”

As they joked with each other, the lascivious atmosphere that made me feel like they were about to do something erotic dissipated.

But perhaps this kind of atmosphere suited the two of them.

He put the rubber on his penis and…

“Ugh, fuck…”

“What? What’s wrong?”

When Eiji let out a pained voice, Mai looked at him suspiciously.

“No, hey… this is small. It’s too tight.”


Eiji chuckles and shows me his rubberized penis.

I’m not going to get into my thoughts on the large and gargantuan… object, but my eyes widened when I saw how tightly it was squeezed.

“Oh, you mean it’s bigger than a toy…?”

“Oh, thank God. I’m glad to hear that you and Onizuka aren’t using any crazy toys.”

“I wouldn’t use anything that would cause pain…”

I occasionally saw such videos of foreigners on the Internet, but I couldn’t bring myself to use something like what they were using.

“Huh… you’re about to be gavaged by me.”


“… please don’t be so serious. I don’t have the slightest bit of M in me…”

I didn’t want to see Eiji get carried away. It was gross.

A little depressed, he put on a rubber and covered Mai’s body with the main dish.

When she looked down, she saw a hard, jutting member.

“Oh, big… Hey… are you sure this is going to fit me?”

It’s flattening against my stomach, but I feel like it’s coming close to my navel.

I know it’s different when I actually put it in, but when it comes to my navel, I see it in comics and novels. “BOGO!” Mai turned a little pale, wondering if she would end up in a situation like this. (TL: It means that the outline of the penis is showing from her stomach.)

“Of course. You can have a baby, you know. You can afford it.”

“Uh-uh… but…”

“Well, everybody’s scared at first. I’m gonna fuck you real slow.”

Then Eiji stroked Mai’s beautiful black hair.

For some reason, there is a sense of security and subservient pleasure… when I am stroked in a way that is sheltered and loved by a creature that is larger and stronger than me…

“Don’t… pet my head!”

Mai shakes off Eiji’s arm.

No, no. She is the one who charms him. It should never be the other way around.

Mai tightens her face and waits for the penis with a crisp expression.

“Ku… haaaa…!”

Zuzu… and the penis slowly entered her.

As he had declared, Eiji did not plunge roughly into her and shake his hips violently as if he were raping her.

But still, this penetration was very taxing for her.

She opened her mouth wide and gasped for air, as if to expel all the oxygen that was in her lungs.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m not… okay, but…! Put it all in, please…!”

“Oh, yeah.”

Well, that was the plan, but Eiji swallowed the word…

He inserted it slowly… so as to put as little strain on her as possible.

“Uh… kuha…!”

The entire penis was contained within Mai’s vagina.

The lower half of their bodies were tightly packed together, their pubic hairs tangling and making each other tingle.

I didn’t feel any pain, as my pussy had already loosened up enough.

But the pressure was tremendous, and that was because Eiji’s cock was so big and thick.

It is much more… than the toy used during intercourse with Rika.

“Are you in…?”

“Hey. You did well. Unlike Onizuka, I thought you’d be more gutless.”

“That’s terrible… But I think Rika is probably more gutless than me.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. I’m pretty strong-minded and repulsive, but Rika only makes herself look scary. I think she’s weaker than me on the inside.”

The two of them were having such a conversation while they were in close contact with each other.

Of course, Mai has no intention to humiliate Rika, nor does she have the slightest malicious intent.

It’s just that she’s so elated after accepting a man for the first time that she’s saying things she shouldn’t have.

When Eiji found out about a side of Rika that he didn’t know about, he kept the information in a corner of his mind, even though he didn’t seem to be interested.

There’s a… reason why she’s weak, but she’s making herself look strong and brave.

And if I can handle that reason well, Rika will be the next… yuri couple after Mai…

“Are you not moving?”


Mai looks up at me intently.

Her voice brings me back to reality.

Move, huh? It is true that if I shake my hips violently in this situation that is tightening tightly, I will get pleasure.


“You’re not used to it yet. I’ll put up with it. Let’s just wait.


Eiji stretched out his thick arms and stroked Mai’s hair.

He brushed through her black, silky hair, rubbing directly on her sweat-stained scalp.

Mai’s heart leapt as he looked down at her gently from above as he rubbed and massaged her.

“Oh, I’m annoyed when you look from above.”

“You’re a man of few words.”

Mai turned away and stained her cheeks, but did not try to shake off his arm.

Eiji didn’t really get angry either, he just smiled.

“(Well, I don’t want this to traumatize her about sex with a male.)”

Mai seemed to think it was just this one time, but Eiji didn’t have such an idea.

She is such a good woman. He wants to enjoy her not just once, but many, many times.

For that reason, he had to make her fall at this one time.

I almost snickered, but it’s true that I won’t be able to lose her heart in one intercourse.

But it was enough to bring her body down.

As I found out in the foreplay earlier, Mai’s body is very sensitive and pleasurable.

So, I think I can get her off.

The heart is pulled by the body. If you drop the body, you can easily drop the… heart.

Eiji had planned to completely subdue one half of this pretty yuri couple with this one intercourse and make them his own.

“Well, it would be awkward to just wait around like this, wouldn’t it? So I’m going to show you that sex doesn’t have to be… just plunged in and out.”

As he said this, Eiji reached out to touch Mai’s body.

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