Y. NTR Ch.24

Ch 24


Eiji grabbed Mai’s armpit and lightly lifted her up, even though she was limp and hugging him.

No matter how well styled he is, he can still easily lift a weight of several tens of kilos, which is a feat of brilliance.

She was quite sweaty, and her armpits were full of perspiration.

Eiji lightly sniffed her without Mai noticing and smiled with pleasure. It’s disgusting.

Mai’s body was laid out on the bed as he pulled out of her vagina with a slurp, his cock still hard and perky despite having ejaculated once.

She lies on her back, slack-jawed and looking up at the ceiling.

Her breasts are flowing lightly under the weight of gravity, and her wide open crotch is emitting the smell of a woman.

He took the rubber that was attached to his manhood and, without gagging its mouth, carelessly threw it on her body, filled with semen.

It was sticky and stuck to her breasts, and semen started dripping out and running down her cleavage.

It’s not surprising that she would go on a rampage, yelling and screaming, but she didn’t have the energy to do that because she was exhausted both physically and mentally.

She was so exhausted from being made to cum so many times that her voice was almost dead.

However, the next words from Eiji made her jump.

“Come on, get up. Let’s do it again.”

“Are you some kind of sexual ghost? You’ve been fucking me since yesterday! You’re really like a chimpanzee!”

Rather than being angry, she was astonished.

To Mai’s knowledge, once a man ejaculates, he needs to give it some time.

Even though Eiji was holding back, he had already ejaculated multiple times.

On top of that, he’s been fucking almost without a break since yesterday.

Even when Mai was already lying limp and unconscious on the bed, he was still swinging his hips vigorously.

Each time, I would be woken up by a strong pleasure, Once I got really angry and managed to get him to stop the intense pistoning…

In the end, we slept on top of each other, but still connected, just like two lovers, but we had to do it in order to rest our bodies.

I was exhausted. The only thing I could remember from Eiji’s words was fear.

More than anything, it was the fact that her body was giving in to this man that was the problem.

Perhaps I will forget about Rika, my precious lover…

“I’ll tell you what… It would be a waste to stay with a woman like you and not do anything.”

“Eh… heh? Really?”

“(It’s so easy.)”

However, when Eiji praises her, Mai scratches the back of her head and becomes overjoyed.

It all started when he didn’t fall in love with her like he did with other men.

It was only natural that she would be happy to receive such words of approval from him.

“But I can’t do it right now. I’m hungry and… the pizza you brought for me will get cold.”

Mai’s breasts swayed as she made a battening motion with her arms.

She was looking at a pizza that hadn’t even been opened yet.

The man who delivered it to her was a little scary, but she managed to get past him by using the gorilla as a shield.

Sometimes he is useful.

With Mai’s words, Eiji…

“No, we can do it while we eat.”


He said with a thin smile, but Mai could only open her mouth with a pout.



Once again, the sound that echoed through Mai’s room was a highly viscous, lurid sound.

The smell in the room was beyond description.

Just a whiff of it was enough to make me feel like I was in heat.

The smell was coming from Eiji and Mai, who were still laying their bodies on top of each other.

“Ha, ha, ah, ah♡ Why do I have to eat while looking at your face up close…! It makes even good food taste bad…!”

“You… have a really harsh tongue. It’s okay, though. It turns me on.”

They continued to have sex, but they were eating in parallel.

Bad manners. It was only at the beginning that I had thought so.

Mai, who had been resistant, was now rocking her hips back and forth while eating the pizza, devouring the pleasure.

Some say that appetite and sexual desire do not coexist, but this was not the case for these two.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh♡ Hey, what, you’re a masochist? If so, I can abuse you even more…?”

With a grin, Mai put the entire piece of pizza in her mouth and licked her lips.

She licked her lips, looking fresher than usual, perhaps because she had eaten something greasy, and her lips, swaying and puckering, attracted his attention.

I wanted to suck on them, but I heard that kissing was not allowed, so I decided not to.

She was still conscious, and if he did it now, it would only make her angry.

When she is exhausted both physically and mentally…

Thinking about this, Eiji shook his head.

“No, I don’t have a penchant for torment. I think I’m more of a tamer.”


Mai tilts her head, unsure of what he is trying to say.

He grinned at her and smiled…

“The point is that… I like to bring sassy girls like you to their knees.”

Eiji said, and began to bob Mai’s body up and down violently.

The back and forth movements made for a relaxed intercourse, but Mai’s eyes rolled back in her head at the violent movements that suddenly hit her with intense pleasure.

In addition, the fleshy buttcheeks are opened again and a finger is inserted into the asshole…

“Oh, oh, oh, oh♡”

Mai looks upward and makes a muffled, charming sound.

She wanted to pull his finger out of her asshole, but when she tried, the relentless knocking on her cervix made her lose all strength.

It was Mai who was now being fucked by the man in all the right ways.

It was also bad enough that she began to get pleasure from having her asshole picked at.

Just being loosened up so that it could be dilated and gouged sent a tingle of pleasure down my spine.

“Here. Don’t you want some pizza? It’s already cold.”

“Whose fault is it…?”

Grinning, Eiji buries his face in the breasts that sway heavily dappled in front of him.

The cleavage of her breasts is deep and especially prone to sweat accumulation among all the sweating from her body, making his face sticky and dirty.

“I, hi, ah, ah♡”

Bringing the hand that had been supporting her waist with the one that didn’t have a finger buried in her asshole, he lifted her heavy G-cup breasts.

When he exposed her lower tits, there was even more sweat pooling there than in her cleavage, and it was dripping down in puddles.

“Next time we take a bath together, I’ll wash you with my hands.”

“That’s none of your business. Ugh, hi♡”

He licked the sweat from her lower tits and felt a thrill run down his spine.

The sour taste filled his mouth, but Eiji didn’t find it disgusting.

He licked away the sweat with a slippery but enthusiastic way, and instead of being clean, she became sticky and dirty with saliva.

“Kuhi hi hi hi♡”

Next, Eiji turned his attention to the nipple, which was hard and erect.

Burying his face in her voluminous breasts, he took the flabby nipple in his mouth.

He sucked it hard and fast.

Zozozo! The sound was so loud that the shape of the breast was pulled and distorted, making Mai squeal in delight.

Of course, when Rika and I have intercourse, we both caress each other’s breasts.

But this was the first time she had ever been sucked so hard.

Her breasts were squeezed and squeezed from the base to the tip as if he was milking a cow.

Her nipples were sucked hard and licked with a tongue full of saliva, causing her to jump and climax.

“You can’t breastfeed, can you? I can’t wait for it to come out.”

“No, of course not…!”

Mai’s body shakes unreliably and her vision flickers, but she still glares at Eiji.

Her face was bright red with tears and drooling, and her expression was debauched.

If it weren’t for Eiji’s big hands on her back rubbing her breasts, she might have fallen backwards.

It was a shame that her G-cup breasts, swaying dappledly with the support of her waist, were thrust out as if to be offered to Eiji.

Even when Mai climaxed, Eiji did not stop moving her body up and down.

The relentless knocking on her cervix made Mai’s lower body wet and slippery, as if she had just peed herself.

Love juice, squirt… I’ve managed to endure urine, but I don’t know what will happen if I’m in a state of unconsciousness.

It would be terrible if she got into the habit of pissing herself every time she came.

“Stick out your tongue.”

“What? I’m not going to kiss you…♡”

Mai desperately refused, even as the penis thrust in and out of her.

No. The kiss is only for Rika… I have to protect it at all costs.

But… how good would it feel to kiss him while she continues to be made to cum so one-sidedly?

The thought of it makes me gulp.

“It’s okay. I won’t touch your lips. Just stick out your tongue and let’s twirl it around each other. Then it won’t be a kiss, but it’ll feel as good as a kiss.”

“It’s not a kiss, is it?”

“Of course.”

The silence descended to the point where there was a disgusting gurgling sound of water at the join.

No lips touching each other, only tongues… It is too outrageous to say that it is not a kiss.

But Mai, who has been… conquered vaginally, had her asshole plucked, and is in a daze for more intense pleasure, is…


She stuck out her small, bright red tongue at Eiji.

Eiji grinned at her. If the usual Mai had seen that face, she would have been very wary and would never have let him into the room.

His true nature, which he had been hiding until now, was now exposed.

“Hmm, uh, eh♡”

As they swiveled their hips lustfully, their outstretched tongues touched each other.

They twined their saliva-soaked tongues around each other like mating snakes and devoured each other’s pleasure while waving their strong defense that it was not a kiss.

It wasn’t. As with all the sex I’ve ever had, an intense feeling of pleasure came over me, as if my mind had gone blank.

After all, kissing makes all the difference.

Whenever I do this with Rika, kissing her makes me feel happy and fills my heart.

Like that with Eiji… it’s like a butterfly entwined in a spider web.

I felt as if I had taken a step or two forward into a bottomless pit that I should not have entered.

But there was no escape. There was no turning back.

Eiji would not allow it.


The outstretched tongue was sucked out by Eiji. It was a tongue-fuck.

With that, Mai made a heart mark in the back of her eyes, and her body trembled as she climaxed.

The sweat splattered in a flash, spreading a sour female scent.

Zin! The penis pushed up hard against her cervix and spat out enough semen to make the rubber swell.

The pussy, which had been soaking wet, squirted again, soaking Eiji and his lower body in a sticky mess.

Before she knew it, two fingers were inside her asshole, pushing deep inside to expand her bowels.

He grabbed her breasts, which were swaying wildly, and applied so much pressure that it left marks.

The feeling of being dominated, something you don’t get when you have sex with a rough woman, made Mai turn white and faint.

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