IAIK Ch.90


A small magical beast, similar to a Pangolin…

Yes, that’s right, it looks like a Pangolin… Now, people would ask… What the fuck is a Pangolin?

But well, it was like that, there it was, calmly eating the organs of a small rabbit as if it were a normal sandwich, or a pizza…

It was literally fulfilling its role in the food chain.

Although, the whole area looked like something out of a gore anime…

Force marks, blood everywhere, pieces of skin and so on… it was really bloody there.

But on the other hand, the small Pangolin-like beast was dining peacefully.

There were no other animals nearby either, and since it was right in the middle of a road built by humans, it was quite eye-catching.

The Pangolin quickly finished its dinner and lay down with its belly to the sky.

Like a man who had finished work and was taking a well-deserved rest, or like a Bear being normally lazy.

He was even on the verge of falling asleep, so his abnormally acute senses… are completely disconnected right now.

And, sadly, this little fellow would go through the biggest scare a Pangolin could go through in life, in about… two seconds.

* Ziuuuu*


A shadow passed by with such speed that a strong blizzard hit the area…

And if that wasn’t enough, a shrill and loud voice that seemed to be of someone who was being dragged to hell by a Demon… sounded through the place…

Everything was in a mess, the trees 4 meters from the road were watered, a family of raccoons or magical beasts resembling them, were flying in strange positions, nature seemed to have been overturned by the

nature seemed to have been overturned by an angry God…

And on top of a tree 20 meters away, was our friend, the Pangolin.


A small noise sounded and from underneath the Pangolin was seen a trickle of something liquid falling, while the Pangolin, who had his eyes wide open, said:

“Kuiii…” (Pangolin Language: Translated: Mom…)

And then he fainted.

Alexander was running a little slower than normal, where the speed of the running was physically interfering with his bodyy, so he could currently hear the loud whipping of the air around him, and he could not hear anything.

Everything went on like this until a few minutes later, Alexander finally saw something far off in the distance.

He stopped suddenly, and after balancing himself completely, he noticed that it was the large and tall figures of the Ogres.

Human’s area.


He mentioned and then thought about lowering Claudia here to wait for him to finish quickly with the moving group.

He looked down, and for a moment Alexander had the feeling he saw Claudia’s eyes, spinning around, as if it were a person who had been attacked with a weapon that had Critical, plus Daze on her…

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Claudia-sama.”

Alexander said to Claudia worriedly, as he hadn’t noticed something like that, and put her down.

“I… I’m fine, Alex-san…”

Claudia touched her head and spoke to him haltingly.

“Um… that’s a tree.”


After 5 minutes, Claudia was already fine, but still Alexander had apologized to her several times.

“Then how will we deal with an army of over 900 soldiers, not even counting the Ogres?”

Claudia asked Alexander with a straight face at this point.

Alexander shook his head.

“No, Claudia-sama, leave that to me, that’s how I saved the previous Strongholds.”

“Alex-san, I’m not saying that you’re weak, just that it’s impossible for someone to just take on an army as big as that, we need to be smart here or else… the people in my City will be…”

Alexander smiled, only his mask didn’t let it show, though the rest of his face did.

“I don’t think you understand me, Claudia-sama.”

Claudia tilted her head in doubt at what Alexander said.

“Claudia-sama, how strong do you think a Hero is?”


Claudia didn’t know how to answer Alexander, and was silent for a moment, trying to read between the lines of what Alexander meant.

“I think… I think they must be as strong as an Ogre… that’s what I think.”

“Claudia-sama, would you be interested in a wager?”

“A wager?”

Alexander nodded.

“Yes, a bet about me trying to single-handedly take care of Kuroinu’s army up ahead, if I lose, and I can’t do it, I will run away with my fast speed and then I would have to do something that you want, and if you lose the bet, then you would have to let me pat you on the head, simple as that.”

Seeing that Alexander had a very serious expression on his face, and it wasn’t some sort of joke or something, Claudia found herself weighing and analyzing everything.

“I’m not quite sure…”

“As I had said, if by some chance I see that I’m not able to take on the whole army, then I’ll just run away with my speed, you attested to that yourself.”

‘True, your speed is too fast… perhaps you are very strong physically, even

surprisingly more than an Ogre, but still, taking on a whole platoon…’

Claudia was actually amazed at the speed Alexander had reached just a few moments ago, and that was counting that he was carrying her…

“Okay, I accept as long as you don’t take too long to run away if you see something go wrong.”

Claudia made up her mind, and though this seemed to her the epitome of strangeness, she nodded, for she herself had checked without any preparation whatsoever how fast Alexander was, in addition to the weird Magics called “Abilities” that he used, and above all… if he somehow lost, still thinking it was impossible, she felt that a pat on the head would not be so strange, in an instance strange in itself… or that they represented embarrassment or other important loss to her, she would simply take it as something trivial and even a kind gesture between two people.

And apparently, Claudia Levantine really didn’t have much of a clue or concept about what Alexander’s “pats” meant?

Something that would unequivocally surprise her, since in the first place it was impossible for Alexander, that just this many Kuroinu members would pose a challenge to him in the first place.

“Ok, then just wait here, Claudia-sama.”

Claudia nodded, but couldn’t help but put on a somewhat worried expression even in her attempted poker face.

Claudia then watched as Alexander started to run, again, only this time much slower, and she couldn’t help but think of all the time that had passed in what she had known as the “Hero,” Celestine-sama proclaimed.

She had always been a very straight, or very serious woman, but she felt that the short time she had spent with Alexander had been, even under the conditions in which it had been given… a fun adventure. That was why she even had expectations of the future… one that in not too long a time, might her world upside down…

‘Please don’t die, Alex-san.’

All that was left was to pray that Alexander would return safely to her, so that she could be reunited with the people she knew later, either with or without Kuroinu in the middle.

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