IAIK Ch.91


Claudia then stood in place for a while, thinking about what would happen next, while she also thought that the most viable and cordial option in this situation, would be for Alexander and her to meet first with the people there under her command, which according to what she believed, there was a very high possibility that this group of Women Knights would find themselves being led by Margaret, one of her most trusted subordinates… or at least, Claudia really wanted it to be so.


She could see nothing ahead, and could see nothing in general due to the surrounding nature, so she would have no other way but to stand silently there, amidst a lot of trees and others that surrounded it, with the front outer part, the path of the road, being the only thing that could be

the only thing that could be seen.

Slowly, the seconds passed.

Then, minutes.

Claudia was getting quite impatient, being the inherently good person that she was, plus, because of the affection she had taken for this mysterious and handsome Hero who had saved her… she really wished that he would come back alive…

Time passed.

And just when Claudia had taken the first step to pursue Alexander…


She approached the figure of Alexander who was walking in her direction.

Alexander just walked up to Claudia, and as he was about to greet her, he couldn’t help but fall into silence as he saw her comically examining him from all sides as if she were looking for a wound…


After she checked that Alexander was complete, she put her hand over her round, large breasts to let out a sigh.

“…” Alexander just looked at all this for a moment not knowing what to say, and the next moment…


“Alex-san… don’t laugh please, I really thought you had retreated with injuries from the battle…”

This time, Alexander was completely sure, this woman, a full-fledged Milf, was pouting adorably as she tried to look serious and reprimand him. He didn’t think that a woman like Claudia Levantine would have this cute side to her.

“So… what happened?”

Claudia, different from her appearance before, now looked focused.

“It’s best you see for yourself.”

Alexander just mentioned normally.


Claudia made a complicated face, as she didn’t understand what Alexander meant, if he wanted to say something in the first place… but whatever, she nodded to Alexander.

“It’s not far from here, so there’s no need to hurry so much, come, follow me.”

Alexander started walking, and Claudia followed him with different thoughts going around in her head.

“It can’t… it can’t be…”

Claudia now stared in disbelief at the area in front of her.

On what appeared to be a plain, the residue of a war was very clearly noticeable, no, what happened here could not be called a war….

Bodies and bodies cut in two parts, blood that had spilled all over the once green grass, painting it red…

Even the huge bodies of the Ogres seemed to have been sliced cleanly all at once…

Claudia had a long experience of combat, so the area itself with the corpses did not surprise her, but it was the sight declaring that there had been a one-sided and particularly strange massacre… that was

particularly bizarre… that did.

“… Did you do this…. Alex-sama?”

Claudia didn’t notice, but the Hero identity that Alexander had, remained deeply ingrained in her head, when she even said “sama” to her without even realizing it.

“Are you surprised by this?”

Originally Alexander wanted to ask if this provoked fear in her, but in the end he changed the question, mainly by not sensing any negative emotion, such as fear, in her.

Claudia didn’t speak, just nodded with wide eyes.

“Then stick with me for a moment.”

Claudia didn’t know what was going on, but she came within 3 steps of Alexander, and then, then she saw that when Alexander snapped his fingers…



Suddenly a fierce black fire appeared over each of the corpses in the field.


Ignoring Claudia’s expressions, Alexander only controlled the Amaterasu to burn everything that is flesh or blood in that place.

After a few seconds, only Alexander and a stunned Claudia were left in an area which was almost entirely surrounded by only dirt that seemed to have been burned in parts… a rather strange landscape.

“The truth is that my power can be very… terrible, for some normal people, that’s why it’s that almost every fight I’ve had so far has been solo… since if you see my power, or what I can do with it…. then instead of a Hero, I’m afraid they’d call me a Demon Lord…”

Alexander spoke softly, almost as if he was musing to himself, but in a sincere manner.

It was a reality that he wished to fight his bouts alone. Though it wasn’t as if it would prove to be something completely annoying, as many had seen how he made disasters when fighting with Kuroinu, but Alexander if he was right in believing someone of his power, he would be a figure that would stand out a lot from what was “normal”, to others…however, it was still something that Alexander had to learn to cope with.

“…” Claudia suddenly felt Alexander’s silhouette moving away from her, almost as if he was advancing to a place far away, she didn’t keep thinking, and by the time she realized….


… She had grabbed the hem of Alexander’s shirt, by the sleeve.

Then she moved her body a little closer to Alexander, to Alexander’s curiosity, and looked at him from the front with her face a blush growing redder and redder.

“… The bet… I lost the bet…”

After saying this, feeling her cheeks heat up, she looked to her side, as if she was waiting for something.

Claudia was sure that she was someone very mature, and yet, she didn’t know why she looked like a child in front of Alexander, only… this didn’t make her uncomfortable.

“I see.”

Alexander smiled and then started stroking Claudia’s head.


It didn’t take long for Claudia’s expression to begin to take on incredibly

erotic, and Alexander had to overwork Sole Soul as if it were the principle of action-reaction…

“We’ve already gone a long way, we even took a shortcut, is there still a long way to go?”

Alexander was talking to Claudia in his arms, and she answered him:

“No, it’s on that mountain you can see, to the left, from there it is already possible to see the entrance.”

She spoke in her normal Milf voice, and also with a calm breath, although the little blush on her face betrayed the attempt to hide that she was embarrassed.

Alexander nodded, and continued normally at a very fast, but also slow pace, trying not to think about the soft masses that every now and then bumped against his own chest.

They came close by, and Alexander put Claudia down with a simple motion, not seeing the reluctant expression on her face, which quickly disappeared.

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