IAIK Ch.95


By the time Alexander and Claudia were a great distance from the shelter, it was about 5 PM or so.

Since they had finished talking in the tent, Claudia alerted all of the citizens and the Women Knights of her army in general that she would also accompany the Hero.

Everything went smoothly, and apart from Margaret clinging to Claudia’s legs, crying loudly… there were no other mishaps.

Alexander thought about how similar Margaret was to Vivian, Alicia’s trusted assistant in the First Fortress, who just happened to have almost the same position towards their respective Princesses, if this were a game, Alexander would think that they were an NPC, that they should have a history as something like twins abandoned at birth behind them… but seeing that the size of breasts and the rest of the body in general differed greatly in both of them, Alexander let out a sigh of relief. If Margaret had known this, there is no doubt that she would bite Alexander, or attack him with her sword.

Claudia said goodbye to everyone, and Alexander, who hadn’t had the opportunity to interact too much, did so as well.

Under a very fervent gaze and an atmosphere of jubilation, the Hero and the Princess Knight left the cave.

As they exited, Alexander noticed Claudia clinging tightly to him as she blushed.


Alexander didn’t know what this was about.

“I’m… I’m…” Claudia stammered a little and then muttered:

(I’m ready~)

Alexander had a light bulb go off in his head, and in order not to embarrass this lady, he immediately carried her in his arms, and then looked down.

Claudia’s face was a little ruddy, she exhaled hot air, her giant left breast rested pressed against breastplate, and her hands too, a look of a delicate and feverish nature in her gaze as she looked at Alexander…

The latter saw her and their eyes met.


Unique Soul.

Unique Soul.

Unique Soul.

Unique Soul.

He was unaware and activated Ability #1 of all existing Abilities several times.

His Dragon seemed more haughty than ever and was roaring as it was forced under some Celestial seal of containment, like Sun Wukong and the Mountain…


At a speed not as fast as the first time, but still very fast, Alexander was moving with Claudia in his arms and Claudia was very excited like a little girl riding a Carousel for the first time, feeling the wind on her face, the rapidly changing scenery, and above all, Alexander’s strong, warm chest that seemed to protect her from the whole world at this moment…

Claudia could tell she had really become addicted to this feeling.

Now she understood why women wanted their men to carry them like this.

Claudia was thinking about her situation, about the present and what had happened, and little by little, she was coming to concessions that although they made her feel ashamed, and also a little sad, she knew that they were possibly what a somewhat selfish woman like herself would struggle to afford…

Complicated thoughts were popping up in Claudia’s mind, while Alexander, on the other hand…

‘If I touch a stone, I lose.’

He thought, looking at the ground ahead…


Due to the firmness of Alexander’s stamina, to the fact that he had the Connection Skill working as an air conditioning of emotions, his speed was just right so as not to cause any out-of-tune swaying movements, and that he had a barrier that prevented the wind currents from disturbing Claudia… at some point Alexander realized that she had fallen asleep.

It was already getting dark and the sun was beginning to set, the moon was preparing her gala little by little and Alexander was deep in thought, while his body kept moving almost like in Autopilot…

‘Why is it that I haven’t told Claudia about the girls until now? … When she wakes up, if we haven’t reached the Capital yet, then I should stop for a bit to tell her.’

‘Will I meet Kuroinu’s army on the way? I don’t think so, since the march they are leading is direct to the North-East, while I am heading practically only to the East.’

‘Haven’t my relations with the women been a bit rushed so far? But still,

the bond we have is very strong, I can easily feel it, even with Luu Luu-chan, I am sure that I could die for her and I didn’t know her for a long time, I can also say the same thing on the contrary, and not even talk about the others.’

‘Am I someone perhaps too passionate? God knows, by the way, what has become of that Goddess of Reincarnation who attended me in that place called the Intermediate World…? I really have no way of knowing, but I still have to thank her for the opportunity she has given me to fulfill my dreams.’

I stepped on a stone before, but I’ve been pretending I didn’t know anything until now, so technically I haven’t lost, right?

‘Why not just my Boxers, which I know it’s Chloe who takes them in the morning, but also of the cutlery I use, the toothbrush I use, and pretty much everything I use, will disappear? Will it be the other girls? *Chills* If so, there’s nothing strange about that, right? It’s nothing to worry about or anything, right…?’

Alexander was in a state right now, which was very philosophical and he wanted to know the truths of all the questions he was asking himself…

This state continued for a long period of time, where he was self-questioning and self-answering things, at least, as much as he could.

He also took the opportunity to analyze the Sharingan Ability.

-Sasuke Uchiha’s Sharingan (EX): Sasuke’s Doujutsu of the Uchiha clan.

He wondered in which System upgrade, the analysis would be strong enough to break down the information of the Sharingan’s full abilities and capabilities.

‘Would it be better to simply update it, or create another set aside ability? I think I should upgrade it, since if I make another set aside Ability, then I wouldn’t be able to use both Abilities at the same time, as was done in the series… yeah, I’ll do this when I can.’

Alexander shook his head slightly, looked down, to see Claudia’s sleeping face which was smiling extremely cute while drooling on his arm, mumbling things and looking amused at that…


Alexander couldn’t help himself and took a mental picture of this he saw.

The sleeping faces of the women, as well as the tufts of hairs moving on their own and having different capacities, the drownings, were mysterious things and very attractive to Alexander’s desire to study.

He had already put together a scientific investigation… as far as possible, and only by himself, on Prim’s drowning, to such an extent that he was not far from making an important discovery.

Thus, time passed.


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