IAIK Ch.103


Stationed on the balcony, there was a red Celestine, Sylphy-chan, and some of the other maids standing behind.

“~Uhh, I can’t see well…”

Sylphy: “…”

Celestine put her hand over her eyes, as if making the peephole gesture, to see better, but it still wasn’t having the desired effect.

“Sylphy-chan, quick, bring me the peephole!”

“… Haaa.”

With a sigh, Sylphy reached for the peephole, or telescope, and handed it to Celestine.


She hugged herself with her free hand, looking at Alexander’s face.

‘Even with that mask, he’s so handsome~ Also, other than Claudia-chan came no one else came with him… Hm?’

Celestine realized that Alexander was looking in her direction, more specifically, she felt that Alexander could see her completely.

‘Hauu~! Hauu~! He saw me, he saw me~!!! He’s looking at me…! That… th-that’s… Is he waving at me!!!’


A weird sound sounded, and Celestine fell back straight, with a satisfied smile of sheer joy on her face.


Sylphy and the maidservants, seeing something like that, were the ones who became nervous not knowing what to do, even Sylphy-chan, lost her composure.


The march was over, and Alexander was invited to the castle, to the main hall.

All the people made a big crowd in front of the castle, and there, unlike the large number of people outside, there were only a few people in front of the castle.

Being the nobles or those who worked in the Palace, a light audience of some leading nobles of the functioning of the whole City, and of the country itself, the servants of the Palace, some others of different ranks, Alexander, Claudia and the person who was her right hand in this Fortress, Maly… the only ones who were present in the large and luxurious room.


(Are you looking at that man? Is there anyone who comes up to his heels in Eos?)

(Uhh~ How envious! Claudia-sama seems very close to the Hero!)

(If I invite him to tea time, do you think he would grant me his company?)

(I wonder if Alexander Smith-sama would receive my flower, and make me an adult if I ask him?)

(Ahh~ If that were possible, then I would also do it without hesitation~, besides, aren’t you too old to say that you’re still a virgin? Ugh.)

It was inevitable that Alexander was the subject of attention all over the place, and it looked like he was going to be eaten with the sight of everyone there, especially, by the simple and naked fact that 90% of those

present there were women.

And by the way, not just any women, no, we are talking about dedicated noblewomen, full time working maids, and women knights, that is?

Single women of all kinds, of all ages, of all preferences.

But in general, single women.

‘Ahh, how nostalgic.’

Alexander thought this reminded him of that moment in the Third Fortress where he looked like a prey in the midst of wild lionesses who wanted to devour him, and while the feeling was not as intense, it was very similar.

The wait, dubiously for all, lasted for 20 minutes, which passed in complete silence, however, something like this did not bother anyone, as the women felt they could look for a very long time, at Alexander.

Finally, when Alexander had sweated countless times from the looks and the gestures of the more daring nobles, or the more elderly…

A girl of very pure appearance, elegant, trustworthy, beautiful face with spectacles, and slim body, with somewhat small breasts, appeared from the side room of the altar in the front of the room, which had no throne.

The girl was about to begin to speak, but when her eyes met Alexander’s, she was startled very much, and a blush adorned her beautiful face, not lasting more than a minute, whereupon she pulled herself together.

“We apologize to Hero-sama for the wait, also to Claudia-sama, at this time, Celestine-sama is already on her way here, and then she will receive you properly.”

The girl bowed, and left the same way she had come.

Alexander and Claudia looked at each other, and then waited a little longer.

Alexander noticed details of the Palace, or of the interior of the Palace, as he had had where he was lying in the Ice Palace Hall, of the Ice Phoenix Sect.

Rare paintings could be seen on the ceiling, extremely careful details in the entire architecture of the room, dazzling fabrics and colors, which made Alexander think that this is a palace, that is to say, that this place was completely worthy of being the house of a King.

Although it did not even have a throne, this did not detract from its majesty.

Then, after a little more time, with Alexander so bored that he was counting the slabs of the Hall…

Celestine Lucross, Larentia, the Reincarnated Nature Goddess, entered from the side of the altar, as did the girl before her.

‘It’s really… really…’

Alexander saw the ‘clothes’ Celestine was wearing, and had no words to describe them.

Practically, she was only covering her important parts with strips of white cloth, which if one looked carefully, had even a slight transparency.

With his walk, Alexander didn’t know what rule or what Law he was taking part in, but somehow, just when he thought he could see something, he couldn’t see it…

Also, as Alexander’s view of reality was one akin to a 3D so realistic that it

seemed true, Celestine’s very beauty, was one that Alexander had only seen in Olga, until now.


Alexander could in no way help but say, it was something that as a man, was born to him.

His word, which had not been spoken in such a loud tone, was heard throughout the room due to the strict silence there, and this, imploded like some sort of mechanism, which brought about certain things.

Claudia put her hand to her forehead.

The women in general in the room felt a little surprised, and jealous about this, although as they themselves knew how magnificent their Ruler was, it wasn’t too bothersome.

But Celestine…


She fell towards the ground, all red-skinned with embarrassment, almost fainting, but instead of feeling the cold ground, she felt the strong, warm arms holding her.

She looked up and saw that it was Alexander, she stared at his face closely, and Alexander did the same.


Everyone else in the Hall was in unparalleled shock, at so many things at this moment, but the image they saw seemed so sacred, that no one deigned to speak.

The sunlight was falling from the windows, spilling over Alexander, who was covering Celestine, Alexander’s crimson red hair was going lower and lower, Celestine’s glowing golden hair was also on the floor.

In a position that looked like something out of a book of fairy tales…

Celestine Lucross and Alexander Smith stood staring at each other.

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