IAIK Ch.106


‘Hm, by now Celestine-sama, Claudia-sama and Hero-sama have been in the Main Room for a long time, they must still be talking… ah, Hero-sama~’

Sylphy-chan, or just Sylphy, was on her way to Celestine’s Room while carrying a tray with different food and drinks on it, thinking about the conversation that should be taking there, only remembering Alexander, her cheeks were blushing a little.

She is the closest person to Celestine in the whole Castle, and also the only one who was allowed to pass into these chambers.

She usually doesn’t talk much, she is discreet, and her expression is usually always the same, but it is not herself is someone as “cold” as she appeared to be, but simply that most of her life is dedicated to being within the walls of the Castle, especially with Celestine, who was in the habit of always being here, without going out much.

So, only the books, and the few people she considered “nice” at the Castle, a very small group of them, was Sylphy’s group and social life.

She was walking a little more hurriedly than usual, because if her Celestine-sama didn’t notice, she would deliver the tray to the room, and stay inside, in some corner.

Time and occasion that Sylphy would make good use of by looking at Alexander’s face, also, to try to read his personality.

While it had already been announced that Alexander saved each of the previous Fortresses, he was ultimately someone new to her, to Celestine-sama, and to the Capital itself.

She continued walking as she thought, and before long she arrived in front of the door to her Lady.

“Excuse me, Celestine-sama, I bring the snack.”

She spoke in the “coolest” voice she could make.

“…” Seeing that no one answered her, something that had never happened before, Sylphy only slightly opened the door, as one should do in this case.

And just as she was about to announce her arrival again….

(Wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-what!) She held her breath audibly and even bit her tongue in a desperate whisper, her face growing redder by the second.

The sight she received was that of her Lady Celestine-sama, avidly kissing the Hero-sama and even being embraced very tightly and in extremely suggestive postures…

Alexander was very surprised by what happened.

But the little smack of his teeth against Celestine’s, seemingly in his attempt to do something he had never done before, roused him to confidently hold Celestine, and start kissing her properly as one should.


You could hear that rather erotic sound from their touch, but Celestine or Alexander just followed.

The whole kissing, completely guided by Alexander and his tongue, lasted for 1:31 Minutes, the time that Celestine couldn’t go without having to breathe again.

“Haa~ Haa~”

She breathed with her face inches away from Alexander, and looked at him in a way that is the same way that his Wives look at him. Alexander was very surprised by something like that, as it’s almost as if she was

somehow… Celestine was also his wife, or that at least, he had been intimate with her, which he hadn’t been, when he hadn’t even “met” her face to face…

“Oh Celestine… now I can’t stop…”

Alexander spoke with his lips almost close together to Celestine’s, as he breathed in the pleasantly fresh breath that Celestine released.

“Alex-sama~” Her voice was filled with such a sexual feeling, that it was making Alexander harder and harder.

“Please don’t stop~ I’ve been waiting for this for a long~ …. soooo long~

Alex-sama, I want you to be with me, I desire it, and I also want to thank you as you deserve it… Alex-sama, please take me~”

Celestine was about to keep talking, but she couldn’t because Alexander kissed her wildly.

“I wouldn’t be a man, if I let a woman as beautiful as you, beg me for something like this. The lucky person here is me.”

Alexander spoke to her when their faces parted again.

A thin trickle of saliva was shiny and visible between them, but perhaps because of the situation… Neither of them realized this.

“But…” Alexander said and separated his face from Celestine’s, looking up into her dazzling eyes green.

“Before you continue, Celestine, you must know that I am not like other men, once I do this with you…from that moment on your fate will be tied to mine, that’s how selfish I am, are you sure you still want to be with me… as my wife?”

Alexander watched as Celestine’s face, which was already overly sexual from all the swirl of unfamiliar but extremely pleasurable feelings she was feeling…turned flushed as she nodded weakly, “Alex-sama… I… I don’t know anything about this, I don’t know if I am a good woman, I don’t even know if I deserve it… but it would be my honor to be able to say that I am your woman, that I am yours… I, Alex-sama I… I… my chest… my chest wants to explode, I feel so good with you this way that I…”

Her tears that had once stopped, came out again like a dam that did not resist the force of the water.

Alexander was shocked to the core by this.

He could feel that this woman whom he had never really known, was looking at him in a way that seemed willing to give everything for him…

Alexander resigned himself, he didn’t know, he really didn’t understand why this was, he didn’t understand and couldn’t begin to understand, but as before, Alexander had made a decision.

He would open his arms to whatever life gave him.

Alexander looked into the face of this woman in front of him, of a Goddess, a real Goddess, who was looking at him with an indescribable Love… and this made him feel that no matter how much details were missing… no matter how much it was too fast… no matter how much it was raw…

He would take this event by the reins, and turn this woman into a happy woman.

He would concentrate on making another contract.

This one, was one of those he had already made, and those he would make in the future, but as much as there were, it didn’t make it any less special…

Each of these had Alexander’s heart’s full attention.

Each one of them signified a woman who had made Alexander fall in love.

Alexander kissed Celestine again, interrupting her a second time with a kiss.

It lasted only seconds as it was quite gentle, and soft.

“From this moment on, Celestine Lucross, you are my wife, until the day you decide to leave me on your own, not even fate itself, will separate you from me.” He spoke in a soft but powerful voice.

“Ahh~” Celestine took a deep breath and looked towards Alexander, “~Hai~ Alex-sama~”

Alexander smiled, picked Celestine up and carried her like a Princess, to take her to the bed that was located a few meters away from there, with a Celestine hugging him very tightly, also sniffing him a little…

Naturally, at this moment Alexander, it could be said that he was in a state… uninterrupted.

In a normal situation, he would have asked about what Celestine had said

earlier before she forcibly kissed him, or he would have put up a sound barrier around the Room, or he would have noticed the faint presence behind the door, watching all this passing through the crack of the door itself which was not completely closed and which had miraculously a panoramic view of the entire Royal bed that was in the Room…

But well…

It wasn’t a normal situation, so unfortunately he didn’t notice.

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