IAIK Ch 112

Ch 112

A little earlier.

At the moment Luu Luu said goodbye to Alexander to enter Asora.

As spoken for, Luu Luu arrived at Asora, just outside the Mansion, and was greeted by all the other girls quite easily.

Time passed as they talked about everything in the main room, how Luu Luu met Alexander, how, or well, what happened when Alexander faced the evil Kuroinu.

Alice, Prim, Kaguya and Maia, who were the Princess Knights of the previous and respective Strongholds, couldn’t help but think of all that had happened when they met Alexander who directly saved the City they ruled. Their hearts swelled with pride, happiness and warm feelings.

Olga, Chloe, Chaia and Eleonora, also thought of everything they knew about the repulsive group of Kuroinu and others when they heard Luu Luu speak.

Olga herself originally wanted to be with Alexander in each of the Fortresses of Mankind, by the time he would repel the attack made, but then she thought that something like that was not important….

For now, one of the things that worried her the most, was the situation of the Capital of all Eos, because even though the war between their races had been going on for a good amount of time, the person who resided there and ruled Humanity was someone very important to Olga…

Although… simply out of triviality, thinking of herself, and the “person”, from the Capital she cherished, together, being doing incredibly ecchi things in the bedroom with her Master….

It made her very horny…

The others didn’t have that much reaction either, only that they greeted each other and Luu Luu, due to the fact that they knew each other from before, also, and mainly… they didn’t believe that Alexander had something with Luu Luu, for the simple fact that Luu Luu was not only a Lolita, but because she also had a very childish mentality….

As for Luu Luu… well, since he had met all of them before, when Alexander invited each of them to his room in the Castle, he didn’t particularly have any problems there, even….

Luu Luu inadvertently deactivated the “Tsundere” mechanism, as here was something she felt she could call family… no, that wasn’t right.

This was Luu Luu’s new family.

When the little Halfling realized something like this, she felt as good and as welcomed as she ever expected to feel.

Needless to say, but Luu Luu was a very lonely person, and in a way, almost all Princess Knights were the same, as they shared what they themselves realized was the “Aura of Protagonist”, so they were always being favored in some way or another in all kinds of situations and so on….

So meeting these people, who shared the same bond with the person she loved most in her life, at levels she herself could not explain….

It made her feel… Home.

This was her home, this was her family.

And of course, obviously this was the only reason Luu Luu put up with the pressure she felt from all sides.


*Boing *


No matter where Luu Luu looked, all she could see were huge Oppais and this gave birth to complicated feelings inside her.

‘Will Alex-oniisama prefer them big…?’

The discovery of something like this almost brought out a heroic cry from Luu Luu, but he couldn’t even put this in a doubt, as all of Alexander’s women had too big Oppais, even the smaller ones, were still too big….

She was also very surprised because she swore to believe that everyone’s breasts grew a lot, even Alice, who was the smallest in this regard, also seemed to grow quite a bit, and something like this seemed to change her own character, as she felt more mature and experienced….


Luu Luu now realized what Alexander was referring to when he mentioned that her body was very immature, was that she didn’t have a very feminine body, or that her breasts, while not so small as to say ‘Airport’, since she did have a… lovely A-cup, were still too… just too… shy, one could say.

Luu Luu, too, had noticed a monstrous discovery….

‘Ara? Little Luu Luu-chan is staring at me…. doesn’t she like me?’

Without noticing the sad aura that was coming out of Aki, which was growing in parallel to the time Luu Luu was looking at her, or that Aki didn’t seem to know that she wasn’t looking at ‘her’, specifically, Luu Luu continued to stare at those tremendous powerful balls that let out a lot of pressure…

They were even similar to Celestine-sama’s, or not….

They could be even bigger!

Luu Luu felt that her path to properly seduce Alexander, have lots of boys and girls and play with them on the beach and teach them to fight and at night do things between the two of them trying to have another baby… was a long way to go.

Though in fact, one thing that caught her attention, is that it didn’t bother her, or rush her to change the relationship she had with Alexander right now, as she felt extremely satisfied being Alexander’s baby sister….

Of course, in Luu Luu’s mind, a little sister was not the same as a little sister in Alexander’s mind….

Something he would later learn…

In a… striking way…

“Ah! Luu Luu-chan, it’s only now that I realize it, but what’s that ring on your finger?”

Maia, in the middle of everyone’s chatter in the room, could notice a small glow on Luu Luu’s middle finger, and when she looked carefully, she was surprised because it was a ring.

“Ah, this? It’s a gift from Alex-oniisama~ Hehehehe~”

“””Alex… oniisama?””””

As if it was training for a choir, all the girls there except Luu Luu, who was suddenly swiping the ring on her cheek as if she cherished it very much with a very happy aura… repeated her previous words with a dazed tone….


And then a silence descended on the room….

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