IAIK Ch 114

Ch 114

Just like what happened with Luu Luu, the reunion of the girls, or explicitly, the Princess Knights with Claudia, who was kind of like the big sister of them all, was very emotional.

“I see…”

A comfortable chat took place in the room, and Claudia understood exactly the past or stories they had all told her.

To say that she was surprised to see a person who was once called “The Black Death” by all humans, Olga Discord, the Queen of the Dark Elves, was putting it mildly.

But… seeing the same attitude of the same, with the other girls, even with her, plus all that Alexander had told her before, Claudia’s defenses lowered a lot and she didn’t delay that they were talking like real sisters.

The same, but even greater, happened with Chloe, who unlike Olga, she was even a figure who had fought against Claudia’s retreating armies on several occasions, that is, the only thing Claudia did as she became more familiar with Chloe, was to think of the Dark Elf who was permanently in her “Dere” phase, as a little sister to take care of.

Anyway, they talked about many topics, about everyone’s past and even about Aki, who had surprised Claudia to learn that she was a person summoned from another world by Alexander, even though Alexander himself had already told her.

“Everyone, dinner is ready.”


“Ora, Prim-sama~ don’t run in the dining room… haaa…”

Chaia called out to everyone from the kitchen, as she had started cooking at some point, and the others went over there rather excitedly, such as Prim, who was the first to sit at the table, under the mild scolding of Eleonora, who just sighed helplessly at seeing this.

Chloe looked at Eleonora and nodded strongly, as she understood perfectly well what it was like to have a turbulent person at her side…

After the delicious lunch prepared by Chaia, mainly for Claudia and Luu Luu, and once Claudia herself had heard everyone’s story, she proceeded to tell her own “story” with Alexander under the expectant eyes of all the others.

This was because by this time they were all aware that Claudia was a married woman, so for Alexander to succeed in snatching her away from her Husband, there would have to be a great and deep plot of romance and complication behind the story. Claudia sweated a little when she saw that Olga and Prim were even eating popcorn with their legs tucked up on the big comfy couch in the living room. 1

Aki too, at the same time she had prepared some tissues in case there was crying to be done somewhere, as she was usually very sentimental about dramas of this kind.

“So, it was all when…”

Once Claudia had disregarded the whole audience, in a calm tone she began to narrate what had happened to her Fortress, and to her Husband, naturally, and almost mainly, the part of Alexander that came after.


“Haaa, I feel like that wasn’t what I expected, in many ways, I still feel sorry for Klauss-san, he should have been a great person.” Olga looked complicated hearing everything straight from Claudia’s mouth.

“No no, it’s okay, anyway in that …. revelation, I was already on good terms with Klauss, too…. I’m still in mourning, at least until tonight, or tomorrow.”

Claudia smiled and replied to Olga, though in the end she blushed and lowered her head as she imagined Alexander in her head with a Rose in his mouth and naked.

Olga smiled a little cheekily, “So …. tonight will you do it with Anata?”

“E-e-eh! …” (I-I don’t know~ …)

Claudia suddenly acted like a little girl when she heard what Olga said, she lowered her chibi head and the last part was said in a whisper.

“Hehehehehehe~ That means Claudia-sama is one of our nakamas~!” Prim smiled energetically, wearing a straw hat on her head from who knows where she got it…. 5

“Prim-sama, what have I told you about not getting carried away with the television?”

In a scolding tone, Chaia said to Prim.

“Ehhh… hai…”

Prim’s mood was saddened, but she still accepted what Chaia had said as a student being scolded by a teacher.


“Heheheheh~ Prim-chan, here, let me pat you.”

The others laughed a little upon seeing this, and even Kaguya started patting Prim on the head, and even though Kaguya’s pats weren’t even 00099.1% of Alexander’s, it still pleased Prim a lot as her happiness bar rose to the maximum again.

The last topic of conversation, between the girls, was hopelessly about Alexander, everything about Alexander….

Everything, it was literally “everything”.

Since both Luu Luu, Claudia and Aki were very excited about the information that the others could give them, however…

The conversation quickly took an unexpected turn for the latter three, as the following happened as time went by….

5 Minutes of chatter.

Aki passed out with her hands on her face as she imagined extremely ecchi things about Alexander.

15 Minutes of talk.

Luu Luu lasted longer than Aki, but still passed out with her face and whole body red hot like a human-sized Mexican chilli pepper.

34 Minutes of chatter.

The conversation about Alexander kept sinking and sinking into very strange topics that surprised Claudia in a big way. She could endure great things like, Alexander’s flexibility in the bedroom, the exact size and coordinates of different measurements of Alexander’s body, the things Alexander liked in the bedroom and so on….

Only, Claudia persevered with a very, very strongly blushing face upon hearing something like that, because she herself would shortly have to seal her relationship with Alexander in that way, and as she herself was almost completely “inexperienced” in this kind of topics, she was nodding like a chick pecking at food upon hearing the tips the girls left from time to time, but….

The talk didn’t stop, and inevitably there was a moment when it went to a huge and deep level where Claudia also couldn’t take it anymore from embarrassment and also fainted.

Just like Aki, and Luu Luu, the girls covered Claudia with a blanket affectionately before continuing to talk about their man with too much emotion.

Extreme excitement.

Almost… obsessed with excitement.

The last thing Claudia had heard before she fainted from hearing things she wasn’t ready for yet and lacked training for, was about the existence of a secret “place” that contained in it….

All kinds of amazing things in there….

Things that were definitely not normal…

In this way, Claudia was welcomed in Asora by the girls, and even though she had fainted prematurely….

She was happy about this, because she herself approved of each one there, not only that, but she respected them.

Especially Olga.

Since she was Alexander’s first wife….

Claudia had such high expectations for her future because she even dreamed about it while she was happily passed out, and covered with a warm blanket.

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