IAIK Ch 118

Ch 118

“By the way, Alex-sama.”


“Although I’m very happy because you helped Olga-oneesama, and the other girls, still, I’m very jealous, very jealous~!”


It had already been a few minutes since Alexander and Celestine’s talk, they had even already eaten a delicious lunch that Alexander had put on the table, much to Celestine’s delight and surprise.

Naturally, Alexander was going to start eating, but was stunned because Celestine ate the food so fast that Alexander thought he saw illusions of how fast it was.

‘That… That’s true!’

He thought that what Kakashi-sensei did might actually be true if Celestine now ate so fast.

Then, while Alexander was still in shock, Celestine quickly took the spoon of Alexander’s food, filled it a bit, and put it near his mouth with an, “Ahh~”

Alexander was embarrassed, but still happily ate all of his food from Celestine’s hand, with her going, “Fufufufufu~” every time she gave him the food.

Although, after he finished, he saw Celestine look for an oddly long time at the spoon in his hand… but he downplayed it.

And by this time, they were conversing while Celestine was once again on his lap.

Alexander was trying with all his might not to think about the large buttocks trampling his member, which seemed to want to roar only Soul One was keeping it at bay….

Alexander was silent for a few seconds.

“Is it true?”

“Hai, I’m very very very very very very jealous~”

“… Oh, I see.”

Renaissance Hands.

Alexander said and with amusement, he brought his hands to Celestine’s head, “Then I have no choice but to spoil my Wife a lot, right?”

Celestine’s eyes sparkled.

“Hai, hai, spoil me very, very much~”

“Hehehe, okay.”

After that, Celestine melted like putty in Alexander’s hands for a few minutes.

‘Unique Soul… I trust you.’

The face Celestine was making, and the movement of such a sinful body next to him, made little by little, Alexander started to get aroused.

But, just at that moment, when Celestine seemed to be a cat wasting her time with her Master, a faint voice was heard from outside the room, although she sounded very nervous.

“S-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-sorry C-c-c-c-celestine-sama, tr-bring the m-snack…”


Both Celestine and Alexander looked at each other for a moment, and then had different reactions.

Alexander put his hand to his forehead, for he had forgotten that he had not put up a barrier before at exotic moments….

“Hai, Sylphy-chan, you can come in.”

And Celestine, she smiled and said a little loudly.

Then a girl came into the room, her face all flushed, who, looking at Celestine-sama on Alexander’s lap, as he stroked her head, made her blush twice as much, though strangely….

… It also made her a little jealous.

Then, she set the tray down on the table, and although she was still very nervous, she noticed that Celestine was dressed differently, in clothes that were normally difficult for her to wear, but she kept her doubts about this, also, and more importantly, she realized that someone was missing in the room….

“Ano… where did Claudia-sama go?”

“Ah, I didn’t explain it well, but I have an Ability that functions as a personal space, allowing me to take people there.”

Alexander spoke, and when he caught Sylphy’s attention, a cover disappeared from his hands.


Sylphy was only surprised and opened her mouth, then watched as Alexander made the cutlery reappear again, and was a little more surprised.

“Excuse my boldness, Hero-sama, may I ask you a question?”

She blushed as she looked at Alexander’s half-face, but Alexander nodded nonchalantly to Sylphy and she just asked, “So, does that mean you have a space set apart from the World, where objects, and even people, can be stored?”

“… Yes.”

After thinking about it, Alexander nodded again.

“That’s… amazing!”

Sylphy’s voice was low, but she still sounded very surprised by this and found it too interesting, since she herself, taught by her Celestine-sama directly, was one of the best mages in all of Humanity.

“No, it’s not that big of a deal.”

Alexander just shook his head slightly.

“No, Hero-sama, that’s something very surprising, it’s practically something impossible to do even for Dark Elves, who have an enormous talent for Magic, not even in books have I heard of such a Magic, in any case, Space Magic is something that only allows people to create a small space storage artifact, or even teleportation over short distances, but a space that can hold living beings inside, that… that’s something amazing.”

Alexander was amused by Sylphy’s enthusiasm, but still said earnestly, “Thank you very much for your compliments, Sylphy-san.”

Sylphy instantly blushed completely and turned her red head to the side.

“N-n-n-n-n-n-n-no… it’s n-na-na-nothing…”

Alexander wanted to laugh a little, but he didn’t want to disrespect Sylphy, so out of curiosity he looked down at Celestine, down at his chest.

He noticed that she had proudly stuck out her big, huge round masses, and her face almost had written all over it….

“Flatter, flatter more!”

As if she was the one being flattered, which made Alexander smile under his mask.

After a brief explanation to Sylphy that they had already had lunch recently, and still in the same position, Alexander started petting Celestine under Sylphy’s astonished gaze.


Even she watched as Celestine writhed completely under those hands, almost as if she was having an orgasm.

Sylphy blushed and smoke came out of her head, but after a few minutes of witnessing something like that up close, she couldn’t take it anymore and asked, “A-ano…. Celestine-sama?”

“H~Haaaai Sylphy-chan~?”

“H-do you happen to… Hero-sama and you…?”

Sylphy couldn’t finish her sentence properly, as Celestine interrupted her, “Hai, Alex-sama became my Husband!”

Celestine happily showed the ring on her finger to Sylphy, and the latter just opened her mouth wide, at the explosive news….

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