IAIK Ch 126

Ch 126

‘The Slime…?’

He asked himself as he looked at that small figure in the distance shooting Magic out of his…. hands? At the Kuroinu Ogres there.

‘But its appearance…’

Alexander felt fate slap him hard, as he saw that the Slime had the figure of a girl, from its not-so-small ‘assets’.

‘So it was a girl, was it?’

Alexander thought it looked a lot like Suu, the adorable Slime from the Anime Monster Musume, only this little one was pinkish in color, and practically came naked….

Although he could not see, as was the case with Suu, the “important parts”, on her body, only the shape.

Alexander, still somewhat stunned, saw how the Slime was fast dodging the attacks of the monsters around her, and shot Magic from her hands in the form of balls that exploded when interacting with the skin of the monsters, but…

Alexander noticed that it did almost no damage, in fact, it didn’t even leave burns on the skin of the large Ogres there.

“Oh no.”

Alexander said seeing something specific, and in the blink of an eye his figure disappeared from where he was.


The Slime girl threw another ball of pure Magic at the large monsters in front of her, and quickly retreated so as not to let a terrifying blow impact her malleable body.

She seemed to think, or have some intelligence, because her expression upon noticing that her Magic did absolutely no damage to these monsters in front of her, became complicated.


And before she knew it, she noticed that one of those Ogres grabbed her with its huge hand squeezing her tighter and tighter.

She tried to break free from there with all her strength, but it was useless, the Ogre was only starting to squeeze her slowly, as if it wanted to make her suffer, keeping her in agony for longer….

She knew very well that although a normal blow wouldn’t hurt her, because of her body structure, being crushed like this by such a huge hand, would break her core and so… she would die.

She didn’t even change her expression or anything, and she just looked towards the entrance of the Seventh Fortress, she hoped that since she couldn’t be of any more help, at least her sacrifice would help “that” person in some way.

Her only regret was that she couldn’t see him there where he stood when she looked again.

To see his figure, to see his crimson red hair that seemed the most beautiful thing in this World to her….

Also, she had another unworthy attachment that was even more than a regret….

It was that he had not given her a name.

The Slime girl was becoming deformed under that Ogre’s hand, and Vault’s still somewhat surprised look, turned into one of contempt.

“To think that I was surprised by such a stupid thing…”


He spat.

He knew perfectly well what kind of weird beasts there were in this World, possibly, he knew it better than anyone else, so the Slime girl itself didn’t surprise him, but it was the fact that she could use Magic that did.

In the end, however, he didn’t give her another minute of his time, and was going to turn to the front again, but….


A crisp sound caught his attention.


The Slime girl blinked her…. eyes? Sensing that she was no longer being crushed by the Ogre’s hand.

In fact…

She looked up, and saw a face looking at her closely, a face that she came in all her dreams, and that was looking at her kindly right now.

She noticed also that instead of being in the Ogre’s large hands, she was now being held as a princess, but none of this caught her attention as she looked at that half-face so close to her.

Straining her almost non-existent vocal cords, and her hesitation, she tried to speak….

“Maaashh… tehhrrrrr?”

Alexander took no more than milliseconds to cut straight through the Ogre’s arm holding the Slime girl, and one to pull her out of there to restrain her.

Then, in front of countless Ogres, time paused a bit as Alexander looked intently at this little Slime girl who tried to help in battle, fighting even against other magical beings or as fierce as the Ogres, without any fear whatsoever.

She had the shape of a normal girl, more or less a small height of 1.63 meters, being almost even with Prim.

Her body felt somewhat gelatinous to the touch, but was forceful enough to hold her up without any problems.

She had normal limbs heeding her human appearance, and atop her head, like Suu, was a small part resembling a normal lock of hair….

But the main thing, or the highlight in her figure, was that she was just….

She was just too adorable.

“Maaashh… tehhr?”

Alexander saw this little Slime blink the blue dots that were apparently her eyes, and then seemed to ask him in a very, very cute and pure voice.

“…” Alexander just stared silently.

“Maaashh… tehhr… maaashtehhr… maaashtehhr… maaashtehhr… maaashtehhrrrrr…”

The girl just kept calling out to him as she kept repeating and repeating what sounded like “Master,” to Alexander.

Alexander felt a little weak, but made up his mind and again, with the Slime this time in his arms, disappeared from there.

The girls and the people who were watching everything, could also notice that a commotion formed in the distant ranks of Kuroinu.

But Olga had been the only one who had noticed that Alexander had disappeared.


Just as she was beginning to worry about the strangeness of the situation….

Her Husband repeatedly appeared near her, while carrying someone or something… in his arms.


“I need you to take care of this little girl, she… is a Slime that I had previously given an Ability to, and even I didn’t expect something like this to happen, to evolve like this…”

Alexander spoke and passed the Slime girl in his arms, to an Olga who was at first dumbfounded, but antecedent in the next second.

“Hai, Anata.”

Mind/Energy Manifestation.

“It’s time to end this..”

The other girls also approached, and then Alexander smiled at them all as he soared through the air directly with Telekinesis.

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