IAIK Ch 127

Ch 127

Everyone watching was shocked to see their Hero-sama floating in the air, 10 meters or so above the ground.


Not only them, but being so high up, Alexander was visible to those people inside the great City, including the mages who, from there, clearly watched what was going on.

“That’s… Hero-sama is flying?”

Disbelief was fiercely revealed on all the faces that watched a person defy all knowledge and stay in the air without even wings….

The wizards were especially shocked, and the older ones at that, as they knew this was an impossible feat….

There was no such thing in this world as flying magic, or even levitation, for that matter.


Everyone in the Seventh Fortress, from Olga and the girls, the little Slime, the Women Knights, the entire army there, and a large portion of the City’s population….

They saw Alexander’s figure standing in the air as if he were on the ground….

There seemed to be certain winds there as his crimson hair flowed freely like a waterfall all down his back….

The image seemed to be something out of a book of stories and legends, or that was the feeling of anyone who witnessed such a thing.

Alexander was small, where he stood, but he looked as big as a mountain.

His clothes fluttered in the air and then everyone saw how Alexander stretched out his right hand towards the sky…

At that moment, their Hero-sama…

He looked like a god.

Ignoring the expressions on the faces of Volt, Kin, and Kuroinu entire army at the sight of him being in the air….

… Or at least by feeling the pressure that Alexander’s circulating Energy was unconsciously causing without Alexander’s knowledge….

Alexander had enough of all this.

This repetitive succession had already overwhelmed his patience.

It was time to put an end to this stupid, violent, embarrassing rebellion.

He stretched out his right hand towards the sky, and looked up there as well….

The Sharingan in his right eye was performing extremely fast rotations in its Eternal stage, and Energy was flowing freely from his entire body….

Towards the sky.


The clouds moved and churned, blue rays were gradually visible in greater quantities from the dark clouds….

“Technique #4 of the Forbidden Techniques…”



The thunder continued to sound, louder and louder until a huge thud was heard…. almost to the point of exceeding the capacity of a normal person’s eardrums….

Then, as if it were the abrupt end of a melody, the lightning disappeared into the clouds, and suddenly nothing more could be heard….

Everything became silent.

Everything became still.

At that moment…

Alexander, whispered…



Already Alexander simply by flying had shattered the logic of most of the people there.

No matter who, except for their wives, they were all the same…

The monsters felt a formless suffocating pressure that almost forced them to their knees.

Not only the monsters, but every magical being like demons or Ogres and so on….

Kin couldn’t do much more than stare open-mouthed at what was going on.

Volt also had a dumb look on his face as he watched Nature itself respond to Alexander’s gestures visible in the air.

Olga, Chloe, Alicia, Prim, Chaia, Kaguya, Maia, Eleonora, Aki, Luu Luu, Claudia, and Celestine….

Seeing what Alexander did, instead of something as normal as fear, dread, or despair… they felt their pride as women in that man rose in their hearts.

They had seen Alexander do incredible things, but seeing him every time…over and over again, was something that even seemed enchanting to them and ignited their endless infatuation, even further, into some unknown place that they themselves were unaware of.

The feeling of “not being needed in combat” took root slightly in the likes of Chloe, Alicia, Chaia and Claudia, but knowing how magnificent Alexander himself was, it was quickly washed away with searing feelings for their man.

Even the little pearls (eyes) of the Slime girl, still repeatedly muttering “Maaashtehhrrrrr” under her breath, reflected Alexander’s figure… as if it was the only thing in the expanse of her gaze….

Or more importantly, the only thing worth watching.

Suddenly, everyone watched as Alexander raised his hands to the sky, and the moment after the weather, thunder, and wind seemed to get louder and lethal, everything repeatedly went silent….

Nature responded to humans.

People who had a talent for the art of seeing were so overwhelmed in the act that their legs felt weak.

Everything fell silent in a spectral silence that was as unnatural as it could be.

At that precise and exact moment…

Each and every living thing that was there….

They heard a powerful, calm, and dignified voice that seemed to caress their ears in a demonic whisper….

(Celestial…. Kirin.)

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