IAIK Ch 138

Ch 138

After leaving the park, Alexander was in doubt as to what part of Japan, specifically, he was in.

When he asked the Loli she just shook her head, and then tried to see if the random signs mentioned the name of the place, the locality he was in, but nothing, it was mostly just commercials and such that he could see.

Being as he was, Alexander didn’t think anything of it, and after a short break, he continued on the journey with the Loli in search of her mom.

The little girl had almost forgotten her mom, in fact… and would only point out places to Alexander that she herself wanted to visit, since most of her time was spent at home.

Alexander would go there, and after playing, frolicking and having fun, they would head somewhere else.

For example, an arcade.

Certainly, it was not the first time Alexander entered one of those “Arcades”, but it was the first time he entered an “Arcade” in Japan.

But, one small detail escaped the Great Hero Alexander that he had not realized…

“Hmph, you should just give up, brat, my shooting skills were trained with Call of Duty.”

“Hmph~ I don’t know what Calofdoti is, but I do know you’ll lose, Onii-chan, hmph~”

Alexander and the Loli competed in a shooting game where they had to kill as many zombies as they could, and the fight was….

Hmmm, how should I put it?

Completely a one-sided slaughter.

Yes, it couldn’t have been more accurate.

But of course, the loser had been Alexander.

At that moment…

Bad memories came back to Alexander from the past, of how much he sucked at the games… but he swallowed his pride, his tears threatening to come out, and competed in almost every game in the Arcade with the Loli who looked like she had less years on her life than fingers on one hand….

What was the result?

Alexander did nothing, 0 after 0 points, in every game, each and every one of them.

There were even people who noticed that he couldn’t even do a dance move right, or hit anything right, nope, nothing.

The moment Alexander realized that he couldn’t even hit the Loli player with his own player in the battle game, Alexander wondered what life was.

So Alexander naturally found a corner and crouched down while drawing little circles on the ground with his finger.

Tears flowing… he couldn’t defend his manhood.

“Ehh, O-Onii-chan… see-you’ll see you won’t always have such bad luck, come on, we just have to keep trying, it’s all good!”

The Loli kept encouraging Alexander, and stroking his head, which made Alexander completely revitalized.

“Yosh, I’m not leaving here until I win something!”

Of course, Alexander won nothing and kept losing at everything…..



Currently, Alexander had the Loli on his shoulders, as he walked through the park again, and the little girl laughed from time to time, playing with the Teddy Bear that Alexander had pulled out in one of those machines, after inserting one of the coins, which had been “donated” to Alexander by a nice Japanese man at random.

And indeed, Alexander, already with dead fish eyes, was forced to use Mind Manifestation/Energy on the device to finally get the damn stuffed bear out….

Was there any pity? Yes.

Was Alexander thick-faced enough to swallow his pride and use his powers in such an easy game? Yes.

Did it count as a victory that the first time Alexander won in any game was because he used his powers? Alexander didn’t care anymore….

Games… they were his sworn enemy in this life.

He couldn’t even understand how he lost, it was something he just didn’t understand.

Well, in contrast to Alexander, who looked like the air would take him away, the Loli couldn’t have been happier.

She was practically glowing.

This had totally been the happiest day in little Loli’s life.

Even not so long ago she had been so happy that without realizing it, she had said, “Hahaha, you are amazing Otou-san, this day is so much fun!”

At that moment Alexander just scratched his cheeks, stunned, but remained silent, not reacting to something like that.

And well, he didn’t react in the later moments either where Loli kept saying something like that.

‘It seems that this little girl is far away from her daddy….. or maybe she doesn’t even know him, since clearly a father figure hasn’t been present in her life.’

With this in mind, Alexander was a little sweeter with the girl and patted her on the head more often.

It was late afternoon, and Alexander noticed that he had spent the whole day with the girl, which was why she looked a little tired.

And also, the reason why he stopped at a park bench, where he sat with the Loli snuggled up to himself, still not letting go of the stuffed animal.

“Well, we couldn’t find your mom.”


The Loli had a question mark on her head, until a few seconds later.

“Ah, that’s right, I was looking for mom!”

Alexander: “…”

Alexander just laughed as he gently stroked the girl’s head.

“Don’t worry, I promise I’ll find your mom before tonight.”

“Umm, thank you, Otou-san~”

She giggled with such a cute smile that she looked like an angel as she squirmed under Alexander’s caresses on her little head.

‘I don’t think she was even aware that she started calling me different…’

Alexander just stayed quiet and closed his eyes, later he was thinking about using the full capacity of his powers to find this girl’s mom, and if he used ‘all’, the capacity of his powers, he didn’t doubt that it wouldn’t last long to find her.

As he stroked her on the head, running his hand through her blonde hair, Alexander realized one very important thing he had forgotten.

‘I didn’t ask her name!’


This was indeed, something unbelievable.

Alexander slapped his forehead and thought to himself that his memory was not very reliable.

If Alexander could see his Memory in front of him, he was sure that she would be ashamed to fail him so often.

“By the way, little girl, I forgot, my name is Alexander Smith, what’s your name?”


The Loli mumbled and then remembered that she hadn’t introduced herself, something she was always taught was very important, when meeting a person.

She settled back on the bench a bit and then said in a cute, but formal way, “Please excuse me Alexander-tou-san, for not having introduced myself.”

‘Oh, you suddenly look very high-class, it’s like you’re from a noble family.’

In fact, the air around the Loli felt more… Like a noble, apparently, she had been taught by people of a high class to do things like that, like a formal Japanese greeting, Alexander was a bit amused by this, ‘She looks like a little 5 year old princess, she’s so cute.’

“No, it’s okay little girl, I forgot to ask you too.”

Alexander saw that the Loli sat on the bench facing towards him, and after nodding, he made a slight bow, “Otou-san, my name is…”

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