IAIK Ch 140

Ch 140


Alexander was at the top of his lungs.

‘DxD, Yasaka, Kyoto, Kunou!’

Alexander touched his chest, ‘Did I travel to the Anime DxD?’


Alexander couldn’t understand how he had stopped at one of the favorite Anime of his youth, one of the first ecchi he had ever seen in his life, this was literally, a pleasant surprise.

‘But… Kunou looks very young, too young compared to the plot of the story, so am I in the Anime but years before it starts?’

‘Also, is that tower I had seen before the Kyoto Tower, from the ancient capital of Japan?’

Alexander spent a few moments in silence as Yasaka and Kunou whispered, “Mom, what’s wrong with Alexander-otou-san?”

“I don’t know, but let’s wait for a while, today is a day we finally have off anyway.”


6 Minutes later.

“I’m so sorry for my clumsy performance back there, my name is Alexander Smith, and it’s a pleasure to meet the Youkai Faction Leader, and her daughter, too, in regards to your question… yes, I guess I am a mage.”

With his hand behind his head, Alexander spoke.

“Wa, awesome Otou-san, I didn’t know that!”

Kunou said excitedly.

Yasaka nodded her head, as to herself she thought about this anomaly that had turned out to be Alexander Smith.


(A few hours earlier.)


Yasaka was holding two strawberry ice cream cones as she went back to eat them with her daughter, but to her surprise she didn’t find her there.


Knowing of the potential danger Kunou could go through while lost or captured by someone, as they had tried to do before, Yasaka deployed her senses all over the area until she saw a clear trace of Kunou’s presence.

A sigh left her mouth as she noticed that Kunou was perfectly fine, and even seemed somewhat happy as he wandered into the Bamboo forest behind the shrine, or Kiyomizu-dera Temple, one of Kyoto’s best tourist attractions.

Yasaka then, now calmer, calmly followed Kunou as she watched the various small Youkais in the area go about their activities.

A few minutes passed and as she walked a little further, she realized that Kunou was crying, calling out to her.

Yasaka was uncomfortable and felt somewhat guilty, as she was extremely kind, but she knew that her daughter had to realize the danger of being separated from her as they walked outdoors.

Yasaka then thought about finally leaving, but at that moment she heard a male voice speaking to her daughter.

“Hey little girl, are you lost, do you want me to help you find your mom?”

Although the voice itself sounded very kind, and from someone who seemed to be a nice person, Yasaka’s vigilance peaked. After a few seconds, she turned back again.

Even a giggle came out of her when she saw how this man foolishly played with Kunou, obviously trying to make her happy.

This was no danger to Kunou.

And this thought made Yasaka a little curious.

Yasaka then clearly saw the man’s figure and her expression… it was weird, as she only felt warmth all of a sudden. As if the sun had become stronger.

His crimson hair was really beautiful, over all, imposing and masculine, and when it met his face, it gave one the feeling that the perfection of man was found in this Man.

‘That look…’

Yasaka, after feeling strange emotions from Alexander’s appearance, like the warmth in his lower belly, or the warmth in his face, and the warmth in his-….. well, after feeling those things, he suddenly remembered how strange the presence of such a person was, in this place.

That is, because of the magical training existing in Kyoto, of which Yasaka was the sole user, being the legendary Nine-Tailed Fox and his position as the leader of the Youkais in Japan, she could tell many things from Alexander’s presence, seen from a supernatural angle, and at the same time… nothing.

No matter what, be it Demon, Angel, Fallen Angel, or any supernatural creature, no matter how strong or weak, it should inherently give off a certain supernatural magical trace, which hints at its own race.

She was absolutely convinced of something like that, as not even the Leader of the Fallen Angels, or the current Maou Leviathan, who had visited the city for diplomacy, could completely make that trace disappear, which was very visible to Yasaka when she used her esoteric senses about the formation of Kyoto, using the Ki of the environment for it.

Alexander was like a normal human being in Yasaka’s supernatural senses, completely, there was not a single trace to indicate that he was a supernatural being, or that he could at least handle Magic.

And this very thing was the strange thing about it all, for as “normal” as Alexander seemed to be, there were some details around him that said quite the opposite, for example, Yasaka felt that if he didn’t focus properly on Alexander, he would lose sight of him with the naked eye, something that… sounded stupid, but that Yasaka knew was real.

Also, and essentially, as much as Alexander looked like possibly, the only group of people in Japan… or supernatural Japan, who had crimson red hair, the Gremory, Yasaka was purely convinced that Alexander was not a Demon.

(Author’s Note: I explained it in the first chapters, but I say it again, although Alexander’s base body was exactly the body of Sierchz Lucifer, through some “touches” that Alexander gave to the body, now, although it would be somewhat similar, it would still be very different. If we are talking about family resemblance, Alexander and Sirzechs would not be twin brothers, at most, they would be distant cousins. Also, Alexander changed his face and gave him an appearance, as much as possible, similar to the one he had in his past life, that is, now one would realize that he wouldn’t be completely Japanese, umm, I don’t have an exact appearance at the moment, but when I did this detail I thought of one of the red-haired characters from the Anime Magi, although I don’t remember which one, that’s all).

An enigma.

By now, Yasaka thought Alexander was an enigma.

She furrowed her eyebrows and hid behind the big rock, never mind that she had to watch them all day, but she would find out what Alexander was!

Obviously, Yasaka would only do something like this, because she was sure that Alexander was no danger to her beloved daughter.

Yasaka didn’t realize it, but when she decided this way, she let out some magic power, stirring up the Ki around her, and noticed that Alexander was seriously looking in her direction.


Yasaka hid further into the rock, and waited for Alexander to continue on his way, which he did, and then Yasaka finally sighed.

‘His senses are certainly impossible for a human to reach, he almost detected me right there.’

She shook her head and began to follow closely behind Kunou and Alexander.

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