IAIK Ch 142

Ch 142

“Wow, so they are real then.”

“Nyahahahaha~ Otou-san, stop it, You are going to tickle me to death~!”

Alexander looked at Kunou who was squirming comically while touching his little Fox ears curiously.

‘More than a Foxy, she looks like a little cat, hehehehe.’

Alexander smiled and then looked around.

He was currently in a classic Japanese room, with tatamis on the floor, and with the door open giving a clear view of the beautiful surrounding environment outside. The place was the Home where Yasaka and most of his Clan lived. It was seriously huge, to say the least.

Alexander was sitting on one side of the table, with Kunou sitting on his lap, and on the other side were Yasaka drinking tea, and further back were two people.

One was a lady in a gold colored Kimono and plain looking, if not for her nine tails fluttering, just like Kunou and Yasaka, and the other person was an old man, with a face that almost looked like a mask, as his nose was very long, reminding Alexander, of Pinocchio.

‘So this is the Legendary Tengo, wait …. Tengo? Or Tengu? … Yes, it’s Tengu.’

Just as Alexander looked around curiously, the people in front of him also looked at him the same, though while Yasaka drank his tea, he stared very intently at Alexander’s hand caressing Kunou….


Very fixedly…

A few minutes later, Yasaka had introduced the lady who was in charge of taking care of Kunou, as well as the Tengu elder, who was the Clan Leader of the Tengu Clan.

“Ehem… then, Alexander-sama, could you tell us what your objective is here in Kyoto?”

Alexander looked at Yasaka, who coughed a little to get his attention, and then replied, “Actually, to be honest, I don’t even know why I came here in the first place.”

Alexander removed his hand from Kunou’s head to continue explaining, “What I am sure of is that I got here through a portal. I opened myself in an unexpected situation, so the goals I would have… I guess, sightseeing?”



Yasaka nodded a little dazedly, and Lady Fox and the old Tengu behind her looked at each other to both let out a sigh.

Then, the old Tengu spoke, “When Princess Yasaka had warned us of a Magician suddenly arriving in Kyoto, being completely unknown, I couldn’t help but think that it would certainly be something troublesome, but I’m very glad that you are a patient and kind person Alexander-sama, which directly takes a weight off our shoulders.”

Mrs. Fox also nodded, “I also thought the same at first, and even thought it might be related to the Demons, especially the Gremory Group, but it is a peace of mind to know that you are a person who came here in an unexpected way, also, since you have managed to get Princess Kunou to treat you so warmly, evidence that you are indeed, a nice person.”

In fact, the first thing that had surprised the elders about Alexander, had been his long crimson hair that was as unusual as it could be, after they were sure that Alexander was not a Demon, and after Alexander himself explained it, the fox lady was looking at Alexander with very…. strange, since not even with all her life count, she had never seen a man as… perfect, as Alexander. He was very handsome, to the point that he should be a shining beacon wherever he went.

“Hai, Alexander-otou-san is very good to me!”

‘Wow, Japanese people… they are indeed quite kind and humble, though well, from seeing so much of their “culture”, it was something I was deep down expecting.’

Alexander looked at Kunou with a smile, after nodding to both Mrs. Fox and the elder Tengu in a form of thanks.

Yasaka then spoke, “Well, in the case that Alexander-sama suddenly arrived here today, I guess he has nowhere to stay, right?”

Alexander shook his head, and Yasaka continued, “So, don’t you want to stay here at my house for a few days as our way of thanking you for taking care of Kunou?”

Yasaka’s eyes twinkled a little.

Kunou’s eyes were sparkling…. well, more.

And the old woman and the old man nodded their heads, showing that something like this was normal and that they agreed with it.

Japanese customs were that benevolent to anyone who favored them or helped them in anything, in this specific case, the fact that he, a complete stranger, had spent a very happy day with the Little Fox Princess of Kyoto, while they were strolling, the original reason why Yasaka and Kunou had come out in the first place, was enough to get into their good books. Just a little chatting and both the old fox lady and the old Tengu could tell that Alexander’s personality put them at ease, and that was… saying a lot. For, Alexander had definitely been one of the few supernatural “beings” who had come to Kyoto, in peace… for they had a long record of cases that were truly not very…. “peaceful”. The most vivid example of that, could very well be some Onmyoji deviants.

“Umm… Are you sure, wouldn’t it be a nuisance? After all, later on we can-….”

Yasaka interrupted Alexander quickly, “It wouldn’t be any bother, Alexander-sama, just for the fact that you are a skilled Mage, it’s already enough for this degree of hospitality from us, and that’s not even counting that you have given my dear daughter a fun day, therefore, as a mother, I want to thank you properly.”

Kunou’s eyes seemed to say, “Yes, yes, Otou-san, accept!”


Alexander sweated a little because he could almost see Kunou’s thoughts in words.

And he then didn’t beat around the bush, “If so… I don’t see why not.”


Kunou was definitely the happiest in the room, as just from seeing the energy-filled jumps she was giving, the other people there were giggling softly as well, this little Loli had a too tyrannical tender power, she was so glowing and so cute that Alexander couldn’t help but pinch her cheeks a little.

“Otou-shan, my cheeks~!”

“Truth be told, I had noticed it before but…” The older Fox woman had a look of surprise on her face, looking at Alexander and Kunou, “Otou-san?”

Yasaka had blushed a little at that moment.


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