IAIK Interlude 22

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“Hm, so, Claudia-sama, how do you like it here, in Asora?”

It was evening in Asora, already a few hours since Alexander had left, and outside the Mansion, illuminated by the light of the Moonless Moon… in addition to the elegant lanterns there was a wide, long table with several seats at it.

Prim, leaning back in the comfortable chair at the large table, asked Claudia curiously.

Not only her, but almost all the girls were there, quietly chatting.

“Yeah, actually, it’s not like I thought it would be.”

Claudia replied, a little distracted as she thought about how much she liked it here, her, a person who lived days ago full of combat and missions without rest.

“I understand you, Claudia-sama, it’s the same for me, as much as I’m a person who likes to feel the thrill of combat, ever since I came to Asora, I feel like I’ve become more of a person…”

“Lazy?” With a smirk, Olga finished Maia’s sentence.


And Maia wanted to contradict, but the words wouldn’t come out, as it was in fact, true. It wasn’t a bad thing, though, in the first place.

“Ara ara, don’t worry, Maia-chan, that’s something we all have in common, I never even imagined it myself once.”

Olga began to remember her days as Queen of the Dark Elves, how busy she was, how tense she was, how lonely… she was.

“Asora…” Kaguya joined the discussion, “Asora, even after the first day, it felt like home, I feel better here than where I was raised.”

“Haaa, Danna-sama seems to have some kind of Magic or Divinity that makes us all, no matter how different we are, yearn for the warm feeling of home… umu, it’s a very rich feeling, very cozy, hehehe~”



All the other girls looking at Chloe as she spoke tenderly, and blushing more and more, felt like an arrow had pierced through them.

This Kawai power was too adorable!

“What a pity, I wish too…”

“Hmm? What’s wrong, Aki-chan?”

Olga asked Aki, who seemed to be talking to herself.

“Nothing’s wrong… but… I’m the one who came straight from another World… practically, and Alexander-sama…”

“You think Anata sees you differently because you’re not from this World?”

Aki, dejected, nodded to Olga.


Aki looked up at Olga, and then….

“Silly girl.”


Olga gave him an affectionate smack on the head.

“Do you really think Anata is like that? Aki-chan, haven’t you seen how Anata looks at you?”

“How does he looks at me?”

Suddenly, Aki found herself remembering Alexander’s deep blue eyes, looking at her.

Aki, she was a very absent-minded person, she could tell that herself.

Even her best friend always told her so nonchalantly, and that was a normal thing….

But when Aki remembered that moment when she gave her being to Alexander….

When she remembered how those blue eyes seemed to look at her completely inside and out with….

So much… love…

Aki was speechless.

‘How? … How in this world did it occur to me that Alex-sama looked at me differently because I was from another World… when he looks at me the way he does? Silly Aki…’

Olga saw Aki’s face turn completely red, and even where she was, she could feel the blonde-haired doctor’s pounding heartbeat increasing just thinking about how her now Husband, was looking at her.

“Haaa… Anata…”

Olga sighed hotly, “Anata~”

Olga smiled as she looked to her side, and around, observing her family.

‘Again… thank you.’

She already lost count of how many times she thanked him in her heart, but she still felt the need to do it every now and then.

“All of them!”

At that moment, when they were all silent, apparently thinking of something very good, from their expressions, Alice, with an excited face, quickly came to tell them all.

“Already Luu Luu-chan and Sui-chan have fallen asleep!”

At that moment, the eyes of the girls, including Aki who came out of her trance, who heard this flashed, while some (Prim)… salivated.

“Okay, here we go.”

They all followed Olga with a blush into the living room of the Mansion, as she turned on the large flat TV there, and pulled out a USB from the middle of her large breasts.

The USB had inside a folder titled, “Hot Hot Hot Sweaty Sweaty Forge Time~!”

It was clearly… suspicious.

Olga then turned the volume all the way down, and sat on the large couch as she as well as the others, almost all blushing, waited expectantly.


The TV started to glow as if a program had started, and at the same time the eyes of all the adult girls watching this also glowed, even some (Prim)… were biting their lips, blushing and with a perverted expression.

If she had been asked….

What, you think I’m perverted fluffily?

No, I’m just investigating~investigating, it’s very important to investigate~!

Prim would have said something like this….

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