IAIK Ch 154

Ch 154

“Yasaka… I don’t know if you yourself don’t realize it, but you are one of the most beautiful people in both physique and Soul of anyone I’ve ever seen… so, rather than an embarrassment, or that something negative, to be considered one of Kunou’s “parents” next to you, is nothing but an honor for me.”



A few seconds passed.

(I-Is…) Alexander heard Yasaka’s low whisper, (I-Is he s-serious?).

“Yes.” He answered completely sure.

Yasaka “…”

Alexander “…”

“W-Well A-A-Alex-sama see you m-tomorrow-…”


Yasaka had hung up.

‘Now…’ Alexander looked at the ceiling, ‘… I may have screwed up.’

Of course, the Great Hero Alexander, was a simple, yet intelligent person, and naturally, very mature in certain cases.

But, for other ‘certain cases’, the Great Hero Alexander had only one neuron of a brain….

Alexander then put the phone away, remembering that he had to move his Wives’ contacts from his previous phone, and having done so, Alexander was now going to bed.

“4 AM?”

Though when he looked at the time displayed on the screen, Alexander was surprised at how much he had been talking to Yasaka, and how very little he felt the time passed.

It was almost as if he had entered a time chamber where time was running 10 times faster than normal….

But, as usual, within 3.3 seconds of thinking about it, the Great Hero Alexander downplayed such a matter in a nonchalant manner as only he used to do.





Yasaka was still in the room, with the phone pressed to her massive chest, while in the silence of the room he could clearly hear her own heart pounding.

‘Stop it…’

Her heart seemed to disagree with her, as it still maintained the same frequency as before.

‘He thinks… that I am beautiful?’

Her mouth wanted to curve from the sheer joy she felt right now, as well as embarrassment.

‘Am I beautiful to him?’

Yasaka quickly turned and hid her head in the futon, and with her feet kicked a little on it careful not to wake Kunou.

‘I am beautiful to him.’

She realized.

‘I’m beautiful to him!’

It was really weird to see a person like Yasaka, who appears to be a mature woman with all the Milf charm one could have, doing this kind of thing.

And it was kind of weird that Yasaka, a woman that any human male creature with eyes would say beautiful to, would get like this because ‘Alexander’, especially, had called her beautiful, this was something quite weird.

Some time later, Yasaka naturally accepted something she had realized since the first time she saw Alexander.

She… Alexander… it seemed…

The night had passed, quickly.

Time, sparing no one, ran endlessly as a lady’s saliva-filled tongue runs endlessly when she eats a popsicle….

And before I knew it, it was already early in the morning.

At night, everyone had different ways of sleeping, for example, there were people who slept like grizzly bears in winter, there were also people who did not sleep with rich and shy thoughts in their head, and there were also other kinds of people who after having slept all night, they recharged their energy as if from a Motorola E4 phone battery was talking… no need to be so specific….


The latter case, seemed to be Kunou’s, as he pushed the sliding door of the guest room very quickly, and jumped on top of Alexander in a manner much like a professional wrestler doing a “Diving Crossbody ” on his opponent….

“… Patronus!”

Alexander stood up startled by Kunou’s impact on his body.

“Hmm?” Alexander wiped his eyelashes a bit and looked down at his chest, “Oh, Kunou-chan.”

“Patronus?” Kunou looked confused, but that lasted less than a second, “Good morning, tou-san!”

“Oh, good morning hehehehe.”

Alexander brought his face close to Kunou’s, and like a mommy penguin with her children, shook his nose with the little nose on Kunou’s little face.

“Hejejeje~ it tickles.” She blushed a little on her little face as she laughed at Alexander’s clear display of strange, but very funny, affection.



Alexander had gotten up, giving himself a good batch of Cleanse, one of his most valued Sub-skills, brushing his teeth, and then had gone to breakfast with Kunou.

He asked the fox Lady what had happened with Yasaka, and the equally surprised Lady replied that she was directly at work from very early in the morning.

“Hmm, I see.” A sigh escaped Alexander, ‘Looks like I’ll have to apologize to her later.’

“By the way, Alex-sama, did something happen last night?”

The Fox Lady asked with sparkling eyes, and Alexander thought a bit before answering, “No… we just talked over the phones I bought yesterday late into the night…”

“That was it?”

The Fox Lady had a strange look on her face as on one hand, there was some disappointment, but on the other hand she was expectant because things between Alexander and Yasaka seemed a bit agitated, taking into account Yasaka’s face she saw in the morning.

“… That was it.”

“I see… jujuju.”

Alexander: “…”

After mentally sweating some more, Alexander then said goodbye to Kunou and went towards the main and front courtyard of the Mansion to train, which seemed to be empty at this time in the morning, proving that most Kyuubis woke up a little later than usual.

‘Apparently, the Kyuubi Youkais of the Legends are very lazy… though well, neither Kunou nor Yasaka are like that, hmm…’

There, Alexander breathed softly to concentrate.

He got cross-legged sitting on the grass, and meditated for about 30 minutes, then, he stood up and started performing his physical Taichi routine.

Thinking about how comfortable it felt to do something like this.

And not only that, but the mystique of the movement itself, because as Alexander read in the novel he was guided by, Ancient Strengthening Technique, as well as having seen it in various documentaries or talks about Taichi in his previous World, practicing these types of flowing movements really took the body to another level altogether.

Then, when one was a person with an overall physical strength higher than tens of tons, that is when the “mystical” effect of Taichi was brought out.

Alexander was moving his whole body, not only his body but even his Energy, his whole being right now was in connection while in a soothing and appealing flow, his sweat started to come out of his pores naturally discarding everything that is not benign to his body. Even, Alexander vaguely noticed that practicing Taichi in this World had unknown effects, though later would be when he would analyze this. After all, with a Skill called God Yang Body, Alexander wasn’t too worried about something like that.

But, the Great Hero Alexander had not realized that at that instant, he was being watched very closely.

“Alex-sama is…”

Yasaka stood behind the door of his office in the East Wing as he looked at Alexander from the side.

“… so handsome…”

‘… and so masculine…’

She sighed like a maiden in love at the vestiges of her first love…. biting her red lips with excitement….

But, as Murphy’s Law dictated, at that moment….

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