IAIK Interlude 21

Interlude 21 The reach of this Longchinchin Guy extends to the 12 Planes…!

Somewhere in the 12 Planes.

“Well, let’s move on to the next section then.”

A man in a particular black suit was leading a very strange group of people from a large room somewhere, apparently working, into a smaller one next door.

Very strange… because in fact, among these less than 20 “people”, there were from normal men and women, at least from their appearance, to…. well, half-wolf men, with their fur on different parts of their body, as well as monstrous beings with primal human appearance, even Elves, were also present.

The young man in his early to mid 20’s who was leading this group of people, had a disinterested voice as he spoke, as if it was something he was tired of doing, as he gestured for the audience to follow him from one room to the other calmly.

Once everyone entered, and sat in the chairs there, the man in front made a hand gesture and appeared from the wall, as close to a real hologram as possible, that could be, showing images of different Worlds, civilizations, and even entire Universes, as if it was some Discovery documentary with Morgan Freeman’s presentation….

Managing to attract everyone’s attention with a clap, in man spoke, “Well, now that everyone performed the opening ceremony, then it is my turn to explain in a very reduced essence, where it is that you are.”

The man smiled industriously and then said, “Actually, I’m afraid it’s not Hell, Paradise, Limbo, Valhalla, or something of the same sort.”

The man made images of 12 different Megaverses appear on the “hologram”.

“We are in the Plane of Light, in the 12 Planes, which are composed of the Plane of Light, Plane of Darkness, Plane of Earth, Plane of Water and so on.”

Disinterest never left the man’s voice, “And so, now that you were chosen through countless legions of souls, you gained the opportunity to be turned into Spirits and gain your Reborn Name…”

The man paused, yawned a little, and then continued, “And well, all that, then, does anyone have any questions or anything up to here?”

Instantly, a blonde woman with elfin ears, green dress and “great assets,” who was sitting in one of the last chairs, raised her hand vehemently.

The man’s face, for the first time since the tour with the “newbies” began, cramped and his countenance became grim.

Naturally it was because that girl who had raised her hand, along with others… Let’s say, many others… were asking the same questions, or at least, referring to the same thing….

What was it?


“I warn you, if you ask me about that Longchinchin guy again, I’ll take you to the administrative office and make you sorry you did it! Who the hell is this Longchinchin in the first place, some kind of Incubus Angel or something! Are you guys fucking with my presentation on purpose! I don’t know if you can marry him, I don’t care if you marry him or a cricket! Why do so many people want to marry that guy!”

It was like the girls had an obsession with this guy… like he was one of those super famous K-pop artists among girls of all ages….

After a 10-minute outburst, several seconds passed and the man took a breath to stay calm.

“So… does anyone else have any questions?”

All: “…”


The man nodded in satisfaction, and after giving that Elven woman a death glare as he saw that she wanted to raise her hand again, he made another gesture for the hologram to disappear.

“Now then let’s go with what will be your duties in this place and what is this specific place, the first thing to know, is that we are in Reincarnation Central number 34 of the Heavenly Foxes, which…”

The man was about to talk about his company and try to rope these people with everything possible over there, but he saw one of his acquaintances from work who had stood in the doorway of the room.

“Oh, Camil, what brings you here?”

He was a little stunned as so far he had never been visited at one of his presentations, by his friends or acquaintances there, not even the bosses.

“Hi Jonny, hi everyone,” the man at the door, at least 30 years old, in a work suit, blond hair and apparently half fox, because of the ears and tail peeking out of his back, greeted his friend and then the group gathered there.

“Jonny, the boss told me that Fate’s superiors called, but instead of the normal notations, it was to report that there’s been some trouble at the Sacred Grounds or something, I don’t quite know, you know how the boss likes me.”

This news instantly attracted the gossipy spirit of the man in charge of the presentation, to ask curiously, “Really? Wow, it’s been a while since anything like that happened, and, what are the directions?”

“For now, the Reincarnation headquarters here at the Heavenly Foxes place will be closed until further notice, I even had to be removed from there in the middle of work and I guess I left half a billion beings unreincarnated, haha.”

The presenter, Jonny, nodded and also laughed a little at his friend’s “light”… joke.

“By the way, Jonny…”

Camil, the visitor, caught Jonny’s attention as he had a somewhat odd expression.

“Hasn’t it happened to you that our designated space of the Intermediate World, even before the reincarnations started, where it was supposed to be empty, you heard sounds or something…?”

Jonny had a shiver run through his body before answering, “Of course not… I just imagine it and it makes my skin crawl, the place is renewed and completely emptied after use…. right?”

“I see… then it must have been my imagination in the end. Well, also what happens is that I listen to too much Starset at maximum volume in the evenings, hahaha.”

Jonny shook his head with a resigned smile, and said, “Well Camil, see you at lunch, I’m almost done with this lot.”

“Ok, see you later.”

The Fox man left, and Jonny cleared his throat a bit before speaking to the audience, “Sorry about this, so before we go on, are you sure no one has any questions? I’m telling you, it’s better to ask now to avoid embarrassment in the future.”

This time, even without raising her hand, the Elf girl suddenly stopped, to with a serious expression, say:

“If I can’t marry Longchinchin…. can I at least be his concubine?”

All: “…”

Jonny: “The f-…!” *Censored! Censored! Censored! Censored! Censored!


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