F.G. Ch.1

Ch 1 I want to sleep with my friend’s girlfriend.

My name is Yonezura Keita, and I’m a dirty high school senior, if I do say so myself. I was spending my days in boredom after retiring from club activities and not going to high school during the summer vacation.

I hate long vacations.I hate long vacations because I don’t have to go to school.

I don’t go to school, which means I don’t get to see the girls. Especially in the summer, when the uniforms are thinner and the skin tone is more visible than in the winter. I can freely see their bodies sweating in the heat.

However, this summer vacation reduces the period during which the best moments can be seen.

One summer vacation day, I was lying in my room when I received a call from someone I had not heard from in a long time. It was my best friend, Sasaki Noboru.

Noboru and I used to hang out a lot, but we had grown apart in high school.

The next day, I met Noboru at the nearest station. After I arrived at the station, Noboru and the woman next to him came up to me, talking to each other in a friendly manner.

“Yo, Keita!”

Noboru waves at me in a friendly manner. The woman next to him bows her head lightly.

“Noboru. Who’s that?”

“Oh, that’s my girlfriend.”

It’s a lie. I don’t want to believe it. Noboru must have been on the side of those who couldn’t get girlfriends like me. And she is so pretty and beautiful that you don’t find many of them.

She has silky black hair that reaches down to her back, a full pair of eyes, and a cool face in spite of the hot summer vacation.

“Noboru-kun told me about you. I am Noboru-kun’s girlfriend, Otonashi Sana. Nice to meet you.”

Noboru puts his hand on Sana’s shoulder and they huddle together, creating an overtly couple-like atmosphere.

“Keita, let’s go somewhere and have a chat.”


They walk in front of me. I was following them from behind and looking at Sana’s back view.

Sana’s voluptuous breasts, which showed even through her one-piece dress, and her big ass swayed to the right and left every time she walked.

Both her upper and lower body are so wonderfully fleshed out that I could have sex with them just by looking at them.

“What’s wrong, Yonezura-kun?”

Sana, who was walking in front of me, turned around and looked at me. I was looking at Sana’s face and wishing I could own this fleshy body of hers.

“…. Nothing.”

“Ah? Okay.”

“Keita. I can introduce you to a girlfriend through Sana.”

Noboru is my friend. That’s why I’m not happy that Noboru got her. There is no way he could have gotten such a wonderful girlfriend. Why only him? I felt like my heart was about to burst with jealousy.

We entered a nearby family restaurant and sat down. There is a couple right across from me.

After I sat down and ordered, Noboru left his seat and went to the restroom.

“Hey, Sana, what do you like about Noboru?”

“He’s kind… Serious and sincere.”

“I see.”

“Yeah. Yes.”

Sana happily talks about Noboru. I can tell that she loves Noboru from the bottom of her heart.

“So, Noboru-kun…”

“Isn’t Noboru late?”

“I guess so. I’ll call him.”

Sana took out her phone and sent a message. Meanwhile, I was watching Sana’s face as I sucked on a straw and sipped my juice. I had fallen in love with Sana at first sight. I really wanted to have her. I had never felt this kind of emotion before. Even if she was my dear friend’s girlfriend, I wanted her so much that I couldn’t stand it.

“Hey, Sana, how far did you get with Noboru?”

“Huh? What’s going on, all of a sudden?”

“I’m just kind of curious.”

“Let’s see… It’s…”

“You didn’t do anything?”

Sana’s face turned bright red and she remained lying on her face, silently not uttering a single word.

“Ki, I at least got a kiss… I did.”

After a moment of silence passed between Sana and I, Noboru came back from the bathroom.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It took me a while.”

“Oh, you’re late, Noboru-kun.”

Sana greeted Noboru with a look of relief. The atmosphere created by my earlier question also changed the flow.

My gaze shifted to Sana as I listened to their conversation. I couldn’t give up on Sana, who had an attractive body and a model-like face.

The food I had ordered arrived and I started eating. The two of them were feeding each other on the way. I was so envious of them.

After finishing the food, we left the family restaurant and started walking side by side.

After walking around town for a while, Noboru suggested that we go to my house, so the three of us went to my house. Noboru was very excited when he arrived at my house. After I showed him to my room, I decided to leave the room to serve barley tea to the two of them.

“Noboru and Sana, wait there. I’ll go make some barley tea.”



I left the room and went to the kitchen to make barley tea. Then…

Sana comes to me.

“I’m here to help you, Yonezura-kun.”

“No, I’ll be fine on my own.”

“I’m not. I’ll help you too, since I’m interrupting you!

“No, go back to the room.”

“No. Then I’ll do something else! I’m interrupting your room, and I’ll do anything.”

Sana’s words about doing anything and her serious eyes made me think of something.

“I see. You’ll do anything? “

I smile wryly.


“Then show me your tits.”

A moment of silence passes. Sana gives me a surprised look.

“Huh? You’re kidding, right? What are you talking about?”

“Do I look like I’m joking?”

I look at Sana with serious eyes. Sana’s expression becomes hard.

“No, you can’t. I have Noboru-kun with me.”

“You’ll do anything, right?”


Sana looks at me with a troubled face.

“What are you going to do?”

“I understand. I said I’d do anything, didn’t I?”

“You’re so honest.”

She is attracted to the sincere Noboru. No wonder Sana is so honest. I thought I was lucky because of Sana’s honesty. At this rate, things are going to go in my favor.

“Yes. This is… And… How’s that?”

Sana flips up her clothes and shows me her pink, fluttery bra. I couldn’t get enough of looking at her cleavage with clear vertical lines and her white cake-like breasts encased in the bra.

“Hey. Is that all?”

“What? Because… Just boobs…”

“Tits include nipples, though, right?”

“That’s no good. I haven’t even shown it to Noboru-kun yet!”

“You’ll do anything, right? ‘”

“Okay, I get it. It’ll only be a second.”

“Of course, you’re gonna have to take your bra off.”

Sana looks at me with disdain and removes her bra. Her tits, now free of the restraints of a bra, bounced loudly.

Then, her large, pale pink areolas and small nipples are revealed.

“And you’ve had enough.”

“No, not yet.”

Sana’s face turns red and she covers her nipples and areola with her hands.

“I can’t do it anymore. I really can’t.”

“Hey, hey, hey. I’m not satisfied.”


“Then take your hands off.”

“Oh, Yonezura-kun, you’re disgusting! I trusted you because you’re Noboru’s friend.”

Sana looks at me resentfully with tears in her eyes and eyes colder than before.

“Oh. That must suck. But you know what, I’m at my wits’ end. I’m starting to want Sana.”

“What? You really have to stop now. I’m leaving already!”

“Wait! Wait!”

I hug Sana from behind and put my hand in her pants as she tries to leave. Sana was a little wet contrary to her words.

“Hey. You’re wet.”

“This is… sweat.”

“Is there such a thing as sticky sweat?”

I say as I spread Sana’s vulva open. Sana’s vagina is moist, and I can feel it is wet even if I just touch it a little.

“Hm… Let go of me! Get off me!”

Sana grabs my arm and resists desperately. However, her cunt was getting wetter and wetter against my resistance. I wanted to thrust my penis into her wet and disgusting cunt.

I showed Sana the condom I had taken out of my private cabinet in the kitchen and said,

“Hey, let’s have sex with me.”

“I don’t want to. I’ll never do it. I’ve decided that my first time will be with Noboru-kun.”

“How long have you and Noboru been dating?”

“But you’ll do anything for me, right?”

“Oh, I showed you my tits.”

“You didn’t say how often you’d listen to me, did you? I think that means you’ll listen to me as much as I want, right?”

The strength of Sana’s resisting hand gradually weakens.

“I didn’t say how many times, but…”

“On the contrary, how can you stand such a wet pussy? Don’t you want to be poked and prodded?”

“Poked and prodded… Feel good…”

“What do we do?”

“Yonezura-kun, promise me. It’s just once… And promise me you won’t see me again? I’ll never see you again.”

“Oh. Good.”

Unlike Noboru and Sana, I am not faithful. I have no intention of keeping such a promise. I had a feeling that if I had sex with Sana, I wouldn’t be able to stop it just once.

“It really sucks… And please don’t tell Noboru-kun, okay?”

“Of course. It’s for both of us.”

I use my fingers to stir Sana’s vagina. Sana’s cunt, which is so wet, makes erotic sounds.

“It’s so fucking erotic.”

“Hmm… Hmm… Fuwaan!!”

“Does it feel good?”

“That’s not… No.”

Despite Sana’s words, her body was shaking a little and her pussy was impossibly wet. The inside of her thighs were also soaked with her love juice.

“I’m about to feed you. I’m going to poke her vagina with my pride and joy.”

“It’s the worst!”

I turn Sana to the front and press her hips against the kitchen table, put on a rubber and insert it directly into her.

My penis, which was erect and eager to ejaculate, bounced with pleasure as it entered her vagina.

“Kuk ah! Tight!”

“I love virgins. Their tight pussy is so good.”

“No. I can’t do it. I can’t go in like this. Pull it out! Pull it out!”

Sana’s vagina is too tight for my penis. When I managed to get just the glans into the vagina, I felt how tight it was with my body.

:It’s so tight, Sana’s pussy is too tight.”

“Aaahhh! No, no, no. I can’t do it! I can’t do it!”

“Please be patient. If you get through this, you’ll be in a whirlpool of pleasure.”

It didn’t go all the way to the base, but with a little force, it managed to go all the way to the base. The tight cunt was squeezing the entire penis with vaginal meat.

“I’m in for now, so I’m gonna shake my hips.”

I poked Sana’s unfamiliar cunt frantically. The vaginal flesh and penis rubbed against each other, tangling with her love juices. The frequent rubbing brings pleasure.

“Ahhhhhh! What is this…? Oh, my God, It feels so weird!!”

“Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“That’s not true… No, it’s not! It’s never going to feel good! I’m never going to feel good!”

“You’re making naughty noises while saying that.”

I can see with every swing of her hips that Sana’s pussy is accepting my penis.

“Aaahhhh! Like this! I can’t do it! Oh, no!”

“I’m going to let you out now. I’m going to ejaculate for the first time in Sana’s pussy.”

“Nooooooooooo!!!! This is the worst!”

I came inside Sana’s vagina. I felt like Sana came too, but she denied it.

“I like Noboru-kun. And I hate Yonezura-kun. With this… It’s over.”


I put my cup of barley tea on a large tray and return to my room. Sana also returns to the room, looking unconcerned.

After that, we talked in the room as if nothing had happened. Sana never made eye contact with me as we talked.

Then it was time for them to go home.

“Bye, Keita. I’m coming back here for summer vacation, so let’s meet again.”

“Oh, yeah. I’ll see you again, and Sana, too.”

“So… Right. I want to see you again…”

Sana replied without making eye contact with me.

The two of them held hands amicably and moved away from my gaze. She’s too good for Noboru. I can’t believe he never laid a hand on such a wonderful girl. I wouldn’t even think about it.

“Now, let’s go clean up the room…”

I went to my room and was tidying up a bit when I noticed a pink purse on the floor.

I didn’t even have to think about who it belonged to, as it was obviously a woman’s purse.

“Sana’s wallet. So… I can use it.”

I came up with a devious idea.

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1 year ago

Se me hizo curioso y bizzaro la sinópsis xD

1 year ago

This is JAV level of a story lol, I like it.

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10 months ago

What the hell!? Is there such a girl in the world? This story might not have a smart nor elaborate development, but as source of pleasure for our most disgusting desires, it is very good.