Y. NTR Ch.37

Ch 37

“Hmm, hi! Oh, oh ♡”

Rika let out a faint, charming sound as her nipples were sucked.

If this were Mai, she might have been panting noisily.

It’s not that I don’t like the way she moans, but something as teasing as Rika’s is also not bad.

When I sucked on her nipples with a certain amount of force, Rika’s body trembled and shuddered.

Her well-proportioned D-cup breasts are pulled and twisted obscenely.

When his mouth was removed with a pop, her light-colored nipples flared up red and became painfully hard and erect.

Eiji’s saliva was on them, and the suspiciously glistening nipples were also erotic.

Rika couldn’t help but stare at her nipples, wondering how they could be like this.

There Eiji came close to her nipples again, and again he pucked it and put the whole nipple in his big mouth.

But next time, instead of sucking hard, he set up a sticky caress with his thick tongue, which was covered with plenty of saliva.

He licked up the nipple ring stickily as he rotated it, and kneaded it with the belly of his tongue as if rolling the hard, raised nipple.

“Hmm, oh, oh, oh ♡”

Rika puts her arms around Eiji, holding the back of his head as he suckles on her chest.

She twirls her fingers between his hair in a caressing gesture.

But the pleasure given to her breasts makes it difficult for her to continue the gentle maternal act.

She tries to bend back so that her body can escape on its own.

Her fluttering, dyed golden hair hangs down, but Eiji never tries to escape and works on caressing her shapely breasts.

With his other arm, which is not around her waist, he reaches out to caress one of her free breasts.

He squeezes the taut flesh of the breast and scratches the nipple with his fingernail.

Rika’s body was bending more and more, and the crotch of her swimming suit was soaked with a liquid that was not water.

“Huh, oh ♡, no. It looks like I am about to cum, so stop…”

Rika squeezed out such a voice.

There was no way Eiji could stop as she whispered her beautiful and sexy voice in his ear.

Hearing this, Eiji squeezed one side of her nipple harder.

Of course, the impact was not as strong as it would have been on Mai, but it was strong enough to cause her to jerk her body back.

Then, he bit the other nipple that he had been holding in his mouth.

“~~~~~ ♡”

Rika’s nipples were crushed hard with his fingers and teeth, and she climaxed with a giggle and arched back.

Eiji was happy to have her D-cup shaped breasts pressed against his face.

The pubic area hidden by her swimming suit squirted vigorously, indicating the depth of her climax.

She was holding Eiji’s head tightly, but after a while of jerking and shaking her body irregularly, she finally relaxed her arms and released his head.

“Haha…! I said… no.”

“I don’t think any man would stop doing something erotic if a woman said no.”

“I didn’t do enough research on…”

Rika glared at Eiji, but she input that unlike Mai, Eiji was quite mean.

However, she was astonished, in spite of herself, at the fact that she climaxed with just her breasts.

I had done this kind of thing with Mai many times, but I am sure I had never climaxed with just her breasts.

Was this another difference between women and men… Mai and Eiji?

Something is lodged in Rika’s chest.

“Now, do you mind if I take a look down there?”


“Oh, an immediate answer…”

When I tried to reach down, Rika’s arm, which should have been in a daze from the pleasure, reached out and grabbed my thick arm.

Eiji rolls his eyes at the agility and immediacy of her response, something he has never seen in her before.

“No, but I can’t keep going otherwise, and… should I stop here?”

Eiji says such words out of concern for Rika.

It is unthinkable under normal circumstances that he would entrust his decision to withdraw in the face of the finest prey.

If Mai had been watching, she would have been outraged at the difference in the way he treated her.

“… No.”

‘You’re a spoiled brat…’

“… No.”

‘You’re a spoiled brat…’

However, Rika shook her head and rejected Eiji’s proposal.

She, too, had a complicated feeling, not quite sure of her own feelings.

I don’t want Eiji to see my pubic area. It would be embarrassing, and it would probably be wet and disgusting.

But I also don’t want to say good-bye without anything being done to me. He played with my breasts, but that was not enough.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. No shame, no shame.”

So when Eiji crouched down and tried to shift the wet swimming suit in the crotch area, this time Rika did not interfere.

However, she was certainly embarrassed to the point of wanting to run away, and covered her face with her hands to hide her hot face.

It was quite erotic to be in the situation of showing her lower body while hiding her face, but she did not seem to understand that.

Eiji shifted her swimming suit to the side before she changed her mind.

If it were a normal garment, he would have taken it off to see her naked body and observe what kind of body she had, but Eiji’s manly nature would not allow him to strip off the swimsuit, which boasted a great status.

Therefore, I had to worship her crotch area while she was wearing the swimming suit…

“It’s… embarrassing.”

“… No, you’re so beautiful.”

Eiji tells Rika, who is deeply embarrassed, his true feelings, which are not false.

He saw the pubic region of the two idols of Tendo Academy, which no man could see at all because no one… had ever seen it before, except Mai.

Since he also saw that of Mai, it was two idols complete.

Rika’s place remained perfectly closed and very beautiful.

It was not so much erotic as divine or even artistic.

The fact that her breasts were wet with her love juices and glistening suspiciously with love juice because of her climax from being caressed was also very glamorous.

“… That’s right, isn’t it?”

“Oh. I mean, if you were doing that kind of thing with Terui, you’d know, wouldn’t you?”

“… Because from a man’s point of view, it might be something different.”

“Well, don’t worry, it’s beautiful.”

A man crouches down in a woman’s crotch and observes her pubic area up close.

The woman looked down at the man and asked him what he thought of her pubic area.

It was a tremendous scene.

“… Your hair here is black. Don’t you dye it?”

“No, I don’t dye it.”

“Oh, oh. Sorry.”

Eiji’s back was cold as he stared at her.

Rika also had pubic hair, which was appropriate for her age.

However, it seemed to be thinner than that of her age, which was somewhat unreliable considering the original role of pubic hair.

Eiji was quite uncomfortable with the hair growing thickly, so he prefers it to be as modest as this.

Eiji seems to be the opposite of Mai, who is a bit thicker-eyed, and together with their styles and personalities, they are an uneven couple.


Eiji put his face to such a pubic area and started sniffing and sniffing.

Moreover, he deliberately exaggerated it so that Rika could hear him.

He knew that if he did so, she would be cutely embarrassed.

“No, no…! Stop…!”

She tried to push Eiji’s head back with a giggle, but his strong neck didn’t even budge.

Eiji never tried to stop, but kept sniffing.

“Oh… I’m excited…”

The sweet and sour smell fills his nostrils, and Eiji involuntarily stiffens her crotch.

The strongest smell is that of chlorine?

It might be natural, since she had been soaking in the pool just a few minutes ago.

Besides, she is a member of the swimming club and is immersed in the chlorinated pool on a daily basis, so perhaps her body odour has some of that mixed in as well.

It is not offensive, either.

She also emitted a smell that is peculiar to women and tickles men’s hearts, although it is different from that of cakes.

It may be that she was excited by the secretion of love juice, but the smell was strong as well.

And what faintly tingled my nose was the smell of sweat and urine in small quantities.

It is not pleasant for a man, but when he thinks that it is a beautiful girl like Rika, his crotch becomes aroused.


Eiji’s thick fingers restrained the bank of her secret cleft and slowly opened it.

Rika wanted to escape, but the shame of what she had just smelled and other embarrassments kept her body from being able to do so, so she did as she was told.

“…It’s still really beautiful.”

When I opened the tightly closed vagina, I was able to peek into a beautiful, salmon pink, never soiled vagina.

It might even make you want to turn your face away when it is dirty, but I can assure you that at least that is not the case with Rika’s.

In fact, Eiji was moving his face closer to it like an insect attracted by the light.

Rika is covering her face with her hands and shaking her head in an attempt to keep the situation out of sight.

This teasing also could not help but arouse the man.

Eiji, following his desire, moved his face closer to hers vagina and opened his mouth, inhaling the sweet and sour smell with his nose full of it.


He licked up Rika’s beautiful pubic region with tongue.

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