Y. NTR Ch.38

Ch 38

“Hi, oh, oh, oh ♡”

Grabbing Eiji’s head as he buried his face in her crotch, Rika’s legs wobbled and shook unreliably.

She felt as if she had to lean her back against the shower stall door to be able to stand.

Whenever the sound of the water made a pitter-pattering sound, Rika shook her golden hair and opened her mouth as if to ask for help.

A red tongue, wet with saliva, was also visible from inside, which was very disgusting.

This is not the first time she has had her pubic area licked by mouth.

I had done it many times when I had sex with Mai, and since we didn’t have a real phallic object, we had been rather focused on that kind of foreplay.

She licked me carefully, and I licked hers.

So, I thought I wouldn’t be tossed around so much…

“Hmm, huh, huh, oh ♡”

Rika bends her hips to escape from Eiji’s tongue, her body trembling with fear.

However, she could not escape from Eiji’s firm grip on her hips.

He held her down and pounded pleasure into her, and Rika could do nothing but be one-sidedly pleasured.

She should have had some experience, but she easily succumbed to Eiji’s caresses.

It was the first time she had been serviced by a man. The sensation was new and novel, and she could only play with the roughness that was incomparable to that of Mai.

Her love juices dripped onto the ground. It had been secreted considerably when her breasts were being caressed, but the amount was even greater now that she was being licked directly on the pubic area.

The pubic hair tickling Eiji’s nose. The sweet and sour smell of the female and her sweat becomes even stronger.

“Ahhhhh ♡”

Jurururur! and a tremendous sound of sucking liquid rang out.

Eiji sucked hard, trying to suck out the love juice that had accumulated in her vagina.

The force was different from that of a woman’s, and taught her a pleasure she had never felt before from petting Mai.

Eiji sucked her out, and the large amount of love juice that could not enter his mouth dripped down.

It drips down her taut, attractive thighs and onto the ground.

If this were not a shower room, the situation would have been quite dire.

Rika drools from her mouth. It was a face sunk in debauchery that would never be shown to her admirers at Tendo Academy.

And to top it off, Eiji brushed through her thin pubic hair to expose his pubic nucleus…

He gently brushed his teeth against it with a crunch.

“Cumminggggg!!!! ♡”

Psha! and a large amount of liquid was sprayed onto Eiji’s face.

Rika was flabbergasted, but she had never experienced such a squirt before in her sex life with Mai.

The man she had always hated and feared was now pounding that pleasure into her.

She arched her hips, which had always been bent over, and pressed her pubic region against Eiji’s face with a gulp.

It was a disgusting yet sexy sight.

“… I am so wet.”

“Ha-ha-ha… I’m sorry.”

“No, I’m glad you feel this much.”


Rika’s cheeks turn bright red.

Her face almost catches fire at the thought that all the liquid on Eiji’s soaking wet face is the liquid she has emitted.

“… You would be quite popular at school if you had such a cute reaction.”

“… I don’t really want to be popular.”

“You’d say that, wouldn’t you? Really, you’re not like Terui at all.”

Eiji smiles happily.

The beautiful girl yuri couples, with their uneven personalities, looks, tastes, and everything else, are fun just to touch each other.

And… It was the greatest happiness as a man to be able to eat such girls as a couple.

“Now, there’s no turning back now. If we’re going to stop, this is our last chance.”


Eiji stepped forward.

Even though there was a height difference between them, Rika had to look up at him so much that her neck ached.

In front of her eyes were his well-developed and strong pecs and abs. A symbol of power beyond compare to herself as a woman.

Rika was breathing hotly in admiration, or rather, she was breathing hotly.

The pleasure of being subjugated, the… female instinct of a woman who wants to be owned by a strong man.

It was precisely such primitive feelings that dominated Rika.

Eiji’s body was put out in front of her, and the hard, raging dick was against her own stomach.

Her stomach was firm and toned from swimming, but not hard and lumpy like Eiji’s. It had the softness of a woman’s stomach.

A little lower down is the womb, the most important part of a woman’s body.

The male symbol, the phallus, grinds against it.

I should not feel anything. But why does my lower abdomen tingle so much and why does my breath become ragged…?

It’s because she instinctively knows that the rod is something that gives her tremendous pleasure.

How can she refuse such a thing when it is forced upon her?

“… Please. Please, fuck me.”

Having said that, Rika turned her back to him, put her hand on the door, and stuck out her taut, plump buttocks.

Eiji would be able to see everything.

The fleshy buttocks, the twitching asshole at the end of the opening, the disgusting slit soaking wet with love juice and saliva, everything.

Doggy Style is a truly animalistic position.

It is, above all, the female’s submission to the male.

Just by assuming this position, Rika felt Jun and her love juices oozing out again.


Seeing Rika like this, Eiji was also terribly excited.

There was no need to ask any more questions.

It would be rude to Rika to ask any more questions.


Eiji’s large hand touched her taut buttocks, which had been trained by swimming.

The swimsuit was still on, and I was able to enjoy both its smoothness and the warmth of its soft skin.

He stroked there like a sexual harasser… and opened the butt tabs by shifting the swimsuit a little.

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that the swimsuits are soaking wet with love juice and wriggling.

For Eiji, it was an incredibly attractive place for a… man, and even more so when it belonged to Rika, who had always kept men away.

When Eiji took a step closer to her, her pubic area and his cock touched each other with a chuffing sound.


A moment of silence ensues.

The small, closed room is filled with the lewd heat of a man and a woman.

I am not sure which of them is emitting the ragged breaths. Perhaps both of them were breathing out.

In this bizarre atmosphere, Eiji thrust his hips forward with full force.

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