Y. NTR Ch.39

Ch 39

“Ku… kaha…!”

Rika opens her eyes and exhales with her mouth wide open.

No, it would be more correct to say that she was being made to exhale.

The huge cock entering her vagina was enough to push up the air in her body and squeeze her lungs.

She cringed and lowered her head as she put her hand on the door, wobbling and shaking her beautiful limbs.

The large amount of her love juices that were dripping and overflowing was more of a defensive instinct than a pleasure.

“……Are you okay?”

Eiji was stroking Rika’s taut buttocks.

He seemed to care for her, but he did not.

From him, we could clearly see that her secret opening was so wide open that she was obscenely sucking the cock into her pussy.

It was very unbearable together with the tight vagina.

“No, I’m fine… I’ve never had one this big and thick before…”

“I’m honoured to hear you say that.”

No man would be so disgusted by being called big and thick.

Eiji is no exception.

Rika had used toys that imitated the shape of a man’s penis many times when having sex with Mai, but being plunged into something larger than any of those toys made her feel that the real thing was different.

“Soo… ha…”

Rika began to take deep breaths.

She must be feeling and preparing her body just enough to accept the phallic cock.

This was a different response from Mai, and showed that she was an athlete with a history of success.

Eiji was not disturbed by this either, and maturely put up with the sight of her beautiful back, nape, and buttocks.

If this had been Mai, he would have smiled dismissively and moved his hips and slapped her ass, but this was still different from how he handled Rika.


Although she is almost distracted by the fingers stroking her asshole every now and then, Rika calms her mind and body with great aplomb.

“… Do you like butts?”

“Oh, I might like it. Well, at Onizuka’s level, I could like it anywhere. Everywhere is beautiful. Can I play with your butt too?”

I turn around and ask him and that is the answer I get.

I had never particularly thought about it before when I was described as beautiful, but when this man says it, it makes my heart flutter a little.

So, I would never want him to touch my buttocks, but…

“… Not today.”

“That’s right.”

I returned the words with the unspoken intention of accepting it someday if not today.

Perhaps satisfied with that, Eiji also laughed.

“Are we ready to go?”

“… Yeah. Come on.”

Deep breathing calmed my body, and talking with Eiji calmed my mind.

The strong pressure fades, and I slowly feel a warming sensation in my lower abdomen.

If Rika says it’s okay, it’s hard for Eiji to hold back any longer.

And then…

“Ah, ah, ah, ah ♡”

Phan, phan, phan, phan!

A light thumping sounds in the shower room.

Eiji’s well-trained and taut buttocks burst softly with each thrust.

Rika was beginning to feel the immediate pleasure of the huge cock sliding in and out, scraping her vaginal walls with a gurgling sound.

It could be that she had some experience of doing such things with Mai many times, but it was still quite lewd to be able to accept a man for the first time and feel so much.

Eiji gripped her tightly around the waist, looking down at her with ease and shaking his hips with plenty of room to spare.

He is not yet as intense as when he fucks Mai.

But it’s also nice to have intercourse like this, slowly building up the dye.

Rika presses her body against the door as if in agony and asking for help, exposing her beautiful back muscles.

I felt a tremendous sense of superiority in being able to avoid men and fuck her from behind, which was a high peak for me.

“Kah … huh, huh … ♡”

Eiji’s hips are in close contact with her buttocks, and his cock pushes deeper than ever before.

Moreover, instead of going out immediately as in the piston action, it is pushed in and out with a gripping action.

The cervix is pushed up as if massaging it, and she almost let out an unbelievably wild and charming cry.

Somehow, she manages to hold it back with her remaining rationality and exhales roughly through her nose and mouth.

She was making a face that no maiden should ever make, with her nostrils flared and her mouth agape, and her eyes almost white, but fortunately Eiji was behind her and didn’t notice.

However, it was easy to see that she looked different from before, as he was kneading the cervix with his cock and her whole body became hot as if on fire, and a great amount of sweat emerged from her bouffant.

The muffled heat and the smell of the female became stronger and felt very heavy in this place, which was originally very watery.

Feeling the warm and soft touch of the woman, Eiji reached out his hand to Rika’s front…

“Ku, huh, huh, huh ♡”

I squeezed her shapely breasts, which swayed and jiggled.

The breasts were very firm and firm, which was characteristic of her young age, but they were still several levels above the breasts of other women of her age.

Her breasts are so pleasant to squeeze that you want to touch them forever.

When I play with her beautiful nipples, which are hard and firm, Rika squeals in a cute voice.

When I trace her nipples, stroke her nipples, and squeeze them, she shivers and clenches my cock inside her vagina.

“Ah … ♡”

I sucked on her neck, which was exposed unprotected, and Rika opened her mouth wide.

I sucked on her neck with a squeaking sound, then removed my mouth, leaving a red mark on her neck like an insect bite.

“I’ve got to make sure Terui doesn’t find out about this.


As a silent protest, she turned and glared hard at him.

The look in her eyes was sharp and powerful enough to make a normal man wilt, but it was not something a beautiful girl being fucked from behind… should do.

Especially for a man like Eiji, who has a strong taste for the sexier sex, it tickles his manly desire to drown her eyes in debauchery…

“Oh, oh, oh, okay! No, no, already… ♡”

The dick pistoned with a sizzling sound.

Rika could only be at Eiji’s mercy as the cervix was grinded and loosened, and the vaginal walls were repeatedly scraped to give her strong pleasure.

“You can cum. I’ll hold still.”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah ♡, together… together…!”

Rika turns around and gives him such a teasing beg.

Her beautiful blue eyes are moist with tears, and her outstretched hand weakly grabs Eiji’s arm.

When she makes such an adorable request, you can’t help but want to respond in any way you can…

“No, I can’t do that. First, cum with Onizuka alone.”

“What …!? Ah, ah ♡”

Guchuguchu Guchuguchu!

Grinning, Eiji mercilessly ordered Rika to do so and resumed pistoning hard.

The bubbling love juice was stirred up and went down to the ground in a large, bubbling amount.

Rika tried to hold back somehow until he ejaculated, but it was counterproductive, because if she tried to exert herself, she would tighten her vagina with a squeak, making the shape of his cock even more obvious and intensifying her pleasure.

This pushed her to a climax all at once…

“Ah… ~~~~~ ♡”

Bikkun! Rika arched her back.

Rika squirmed and squirted, soaking each other’s lower body, which was already soaked with their love juices.

They were so wet that they could no longer wear their swimming suits.

Eiji gently held Rika’s body from behind as she jumped like a fish on land.

But of course, the man would not stop there. He pressed her cervix and squeezed her well-shaped breasts with great pleasure.

“… Can I still go on?”


Rika nodded cockily at Eiji’s words.

The two tried… to continue.


He stiffened when he noticed the presence of someone who entered the shower room with fluttering footsteps.

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