Y. NTR Ch.55

Ch 55

Mai was not happy.

An empty classroom after school. A very nice situation with the setting sun shining in.

And in front of her was her precious, precious, lovely girlfriend, Rika.

Normally, I would have enjoyed talking with her and she would have smiled kindly back at me and we would have had a… wonderful time.

Yet, Mai is puffing out her cheeks and showing her dissatisfaction.

Why is that? The reason is simple: Rika is somewhat absent-minded, even though she is right in front of me.

It is still fine if she just listens to what is being said from right to left. It is understandable that my high tension and her quiet wavelength do not match.

But that face… is the face of someone who is completely thinking of someone she loves other than herself!

Mai couldn’t stand that.

That person she liked was probably her parents, considering she had no friends of the same sex, let alone of the opposite sex, but I still wanted her to think only about Mai.

Therefore, she opens her mouth immediately.

“Hey, Rika. It’s fine if you have something to do, and I understand that you’re busy with club activities, but…”

Yes, there was this too.

I haven’t been able to go on many dates lately.

I understand that she is busy with club activities, but we still used to go out once a week…

Glancing at Mai, who was showing such dissatisfaction, Rika opened her mouth.

“I’m with… Eiji, so I just can’t be with Mai.”


Mai was furious.

She was determined that she must get rid of that evil, tyrannical gorilla.



“Ohhhhhhhh! Die Gorilla Ahhhhhhh!!!”

What awaited Eiji when she called him to Mai’s apartment was an angry voice, a killing intent… and an oncoming frying pan, as if she had met her parent’s enemy.

The fact that she is rebuffed in his own way is something she always does, so he doesn’t particularly mind, but since he hasn’t seen such clear and intense killing intent and hostility since the first time they met, he is indeed surprised.

Well, the frying pan unleashed by Mai’s thin arm was easily caught.

There was too much difference in strength.

Mai’s tongue lolled out a little.

As expected of a gorilla, she has a sturdy body…

“Oh, you… invited me to your room, and suddenly what are you doing…?”

Now, Eiji looks dismayed, even though he did not take any damage at all.

He did not understand why he was suddenly attacked.

When I asked her about it, Mai opened her mouth with a murderous expression on her face.

“I will… kill you…!”

“You’re going to kill me!?”

Eiji was shocked.

“I don’t know what I did. It’s like I have no idea….”

“No, I do have an idea. I have an idea of what I did. What are you talking about, as if only saints are allowed to do that?”

Eiji makes a face that says he has no idea what she is talking about, and Mai is pouting and spitting poison out of her mouth.

Well, the murderous intent remains the same.

The fact that he fucked her, one half of a yuri couple, and then laid a hand on the other, deserves all the deaths.

Even if I am enjoying the relationship right now.

“… Yaho.”

“Oh, Rika is there too? That means…”

It was Rika who turned her head and waved her hand in a flutter.

Seeing her, Eiji finally realized the reason for Mai’s murderous intent.

“That’s right! I can’t believe you were messing with Rika, too… What are you doing to my girlfriend? What the hell are you calling Rika by her first name? Only I am allowed to do that!”

Mai pointed a finger at Eiji.

Eiji’s eyes were drawn to the fluttering chest, but he was not listening carefully.

“… I’m not the only one”


Mai is reluctant to speak to Rika, who turns away from her.

She is so weak that it is hard to imagine her strong tone and will toward Eiji.

“Well, anyway, that gives me a reason to kill you, gorilla. You are vermin, you know that? Shoot him dead, shoot him dead.”

Bang bang! Mai mutters with her mouth and makes a gesture of shooting with her finger in the shape of a pistol.

“… He didn’t force me to do it, and it was something I said.”


Mai is shocked by that.

She is astonished by Rika’s words.

“Can I go in for the time being?”

We are having an intense time as soon as he comes into the room, and he is still in the doorway stage.

It is hard in many ways to stay here all the time, so I take off my shoes.

“What? You’re not wanted.”

“I need coffee.”

“I’m gonna kill you.”

Mai glares at Eiji.

The eyes are bloodshot and scary.

“… I want tea.”


When Rika says this, Mai smiles cutely.

Eiji chuckles as she heads into the kitchen.

“… Totally different from me.”

“You think I would treat a gorilla equally to my girlfriend?”

“… Well, okay.”

Eiji exhales softly.

He heads for the living room where Rika is waiting for him.



“Hoo… calm down. If you’re moving around with only your emotions when you interrogate people, you won’t get what you want out of them.”

Mai stands in the kitchen and pours hot water into a cup.

It is the black tea that Rika has requested. The good smell of the tea rises softly in the air.

Mai has prepared a very expensive cup of tea for her lover.

Like this luxury apartment, it must have cost quite a bit of money, but that was no problem.

The live-streaming site has been generating more than enough revenue to compensate for the expenses.

In particular, she was able to get a considerable amount of money from the distribution she had done before while being played by Eiji.

Also, since the number of subscribers and viewers increased after that, her part-time job has been paying more and more.

… Well, that doesn’t mean she should be grateful to him.

It is too much at any cost.

While I was thinking about this, the tea I was making for Rika was ready.

I have prepared one for myself, of course, so I try… to take two cups with me.

“… I guess I’ll throw his in there too.”

Shaking my head in relief, I decided to take Eiji’s request for coffee as well.

Unlike tea, it is a very cheap instant coffee that can be bought around anywhere….

Still, the fact that she was willing to do something for Eiji meant that she had already forgiven him that much.

“Now, let’s hear it! I want to hear about your relationship with Rika!”

Mai puts three cups on a tray and opens the living room door with great enthusiasm.

Waiting for her was…

“Hmm, chu, hmmm♡”

Rika is on Eiji’s lap, who is also sitting on the expensive sofa, and is hugging him tightly with her hands behind his thick neck.

Her eyes were closed raptly, and she pressed her lush lips generously against Eiji’s.

Mai opened her mouth so wide that her jaw almost came off.

It was a look she shouldn’t have made, as she was trying to be the prettiest woman anyone had ever seen.

“Oh, hey. Terui’s here.”

“… It’s okay. Hmm.”

Eiji glanced at Mai and tried to stop Rika from pressing her lips against his, but Rika paid no attention and kissed him again.

Eiji and Rika’s tongues entwine and saliva is exchanged.

He is not averse to kissing her, either, so he is eventually swept along and enjoys the oral contact.

And Mai, who was placed outside the mosquito net even though she had prepared tea and coffee, is…

“No, it’s different from me!!!”

She looked at Eiji and was somewhat misguidedly angry.

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