R.C. Ch.19

Ch 19

In the classroom, I take classes just like any other student, but during Kinoshita-sensei’s class, she stares at me and winks, Yuri stares at me with an enraptured expression for some reason, and everyone in the class seems to be fidgeting instead of concentrating on the lesson.

“… So, I was wondering if Yuri will be okay with the test?”

“That’s okay, I’m sure it will be fine. If only Ao-kun would support me. I think everyone in the class would too.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah. You’re underestimating your own strength. I think our class will probably fill the top 30 in the next test just by cheering you on.”

“That can’t be true.”

“Then, why don’t you try it at today’s math quiz?”

“If you insist…”

It’s lunchtime now.

Maths is in the sixth period.

“Listen, everyone. Ao-kun is going to cheer us up.”

“What? Why? What do I have to do to get him to cheer me up?”

“If we do well on our sixth period Maths quiz.”

“I will! I’ll do it for sure! I want Ao-kun to cheer me up!”

“Me too.”

“Me too!”

Everyone in the class looked at me with expectant expressions.

“Okay. Let’s go.”


“Hey, guys! I’ll be cheering you on for your sixth period math quiz. Do your best! Get a perfect score!”

I tried to cheer them on as much as I could, but I was at the limit of my ability…

The classroom is quiet and still.

… You see, I knew it…

“Yeahhhh!! my life is fulfilled.”

“It’s the greatest.”

“Not a regret in my life.”

There were people breaking down crying, people who were wriggling with blushing cheeks, and when I looked at Yuri next to me, she was lying on her face with blushing cheeks.

“You didn’t have to go this far. You could have just told us to do our best. That murderous smiley face is a foul!”

She grabbed my arm and shook me wobbly. Then, she looked forward with a snap.

“Everyone will definitely get a perfect score!!”


The class was extremely united.

I’ll study too! I’ll get a perfect score for sure!”

The class would fall silent, and the only sounds would be the running of mechanical pencils and the turning of pages.

Everyone continued studying during the fifth period.

The teacher complained bitterly, but when she realized that the student’s gaze was serious that said, “We’re putting our lives on the line for this,” she gently nodded and continued with the class without concern.



“Stop, then. I’m going to collect your answers. I’ll give them back in the next class.”

And the next day, in maths class.

“Everyone, you did good. Or rather, you did too well. What happened? Everyone got full marks.”

“Oh, I did it!!”

“I’m a good girl after all!”

“It’s thanks to you, Soshigaya-kun.”



When I looked at Yuri, she said, “Look I told you, didn’t I?”

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