Ch.9.Saints and Concerns

It was the day following the incident.

The house had not been repaired in time and had been converted into an airy guest room, but today was another relaxing day, as was customary.

However, as you are probably aware, an unusual event occurred in the morning, such as being rolled up in a bamboo screen.

It is a small misfortune after the destruction of the guest room that Phil gave an unnecessary misunderstanding to a girl he had never met before.

It’s a secret that ever since the saint showed up, he has been complaining in his heart that nothing good will happen once his true identity is known.

And with the people in the area as noisy as ever, Phil, who could not go outside the mansion, ate his breakfast and went about his business in an orderly manner.

“Huh… security is getting worse, huh? What are the guards doing?”

With a single report in hand, Phil blurted out.

“Are we truly so understaffed?” It’s not like our financial situation is so dire that security is eroding. Aren’t there a lot of teenage boys within our population?

“Because of how well our finances are doing, I’m confident. The population has been growing, and the economy has recently been doing well. Adolescent boys are streaming in from all around the country, which is not surprising.”

Phil groans as he glances into the report with Kahlua.

His long eyelashes, lovely face, and cherry-colored lips caught her attention, but the more she looked at the person, the less innocent he became.

Kahlua was the one who seemed a little unhappy, but Phil doesn’t know that.

“Let’s put the mothers in charge of those young lads. I’ll put up a guard recruitment ad somewhere because we still have plenty of money in the budget.”

“It also appears that one of those adolescent boys is Zan…….”  “See, I have a complaint.”

“I mean, you can’t just go to the Lord with a complaint like that. What would you do if you caught his eye?”

Is he being sincere or stupid?
Is Zan’s temper tantrum really that bad?
Whatever it is, it is causing a lot of problems for those of us acting as agents to govern the territory.

A sigh spontaneously escaped Phil’s mouth.

“Phil-sama, if you let out a sigh, your happiness will run away, won’t it? Here, aaaaaaa~n desu”

Millis sitting on her lap picked a small fruit and brought it to Phil’s mouth..

Phil said, “Ah,” while looking over the report..

“Sure, it didn’t appear that security was a problem. Look, even now, you can see the sight of good people if you look outside.”

“Yeah, everyone is getting along and saying, ‘Hero of the Shadows’!”. Recently, they even make headbands (Hachimaki) and happi coats and wear them.”
“Phil-sama, ahm♪”
“Ahhh … that’s it .Why is it becoming bigger day by day? I’m not even showing my face and it’s getting worse instead of quelling?”


“Can I have another one?”
“Ah… I really want you to give me a break.. When will Privacy-san come back?”


Kahlua’s words gradually decrease next to Phil, who is serious about his work.

Instead, the blue streaks on her forehead increased. Phil doesn’t notice such a non-trivial change at all.

And then…

“Hey, ……?”


“How long are you going to keep feeding him?”

Finally, she was able to point it out with a piercing glare.

Milis sat on Phil’s lap, and Phil went about his business as if nothing had happened.

At first glance, they looked like a couple who were getting close to each other just to sprinkle their love.

And it was also a composition that appealed to the people around them to show how close they were.

“It can’t be helped, Milis-sama said she wants to express her gratitude no matter what.”

“Yes! I have always wanted to repay the favor, so I am being allowed to do so!”


It all started when Millis said she wanted to thank him.

Phil, who had no particular need to be thanked and was not in need of anything in particular, politely declined, but Millis replied that she did not want to do so.

‘There are several reasons why I feel obliged to repay a debt of gratitude. First, because I was previously helped, and second, because I might be the reason for the havoc during the recent attack. Furthermore, staying at the mansion made me feel obligated to express my gratitude in some way…’

“It appears I’ll be staying a little longer… and it felt uneasy to just take advantage of your kindness without doing anything in return.”

“If you go outside now, you may be attacked again. It’s too much trouble to keep an eye on you until you return, so it’s best if you stay a little longer and we’ll see how things go.”

“So, I thought about doing something that would make you happy since I can’t help with your work!”

“Hahaha, that’s a noble intention.”

Phil strokes Millis’ head, and the way she leans her head in with a pleased expression and says “Ehehe” is adorable, like that of a small animal.

He wonders if having a little sister would feel like this, and a smile forms on his lips.



“It hurts, it hurts! Kahlua-san, please don’t scratch me from behind.”

“(Even though she hated it so much… she’s all lovey-dovey now just because I’m cute.)”

Kahlua puffs up her cheeks, clearly expressing her dissatisfaction, and scratches Phil’s back.

The sensation is just the right amount of ticklish and painful, making it hard to ignore, and causing Phil to involuntarily let go of Millis.

“(Well, don’t get mad, Kahlua. It’s all part of the plan.)”

Phil talks to Kahlua with a meaningful look, and she furrows her brow.


“(Oh… first, let her do as she pleases here to increase our likability.)”


“(Then, once we become friends, I’ll say something like this… ‘I’m troubled by being called the “Shadow Hero.” The influence of the Saint is strong, regardless of whether you’re a noble or a commoner. If I can no longer conceal my strength, at least I’ll try to manage my surroundings.’)”
“(So, I think we should start by becoming friends. If we become close enough, she might listen to us when we say ‘please don’t tell anyone!’. So, please don’t get too upset, okay?)”

“(Sigh…I guess there’s no other way. But make it up to me later, okay?)”

“(Sure thing, I understand.)”

As she heard the reason, some of Kahlua’s dissatisfaction dissipated.

A maiden’s heart can truly be a troublesome thing…

“In any case, Milis-sama is just too cute…”

“Eh!? W-What’s the matter all of a sudden!?”

Being suddenly praised, Milis’s face turned bright red.

On her face, there was not only shyness, but also a hint of satisfaction.

“What, trying to hit on the Holy Maiden? What happened to the conversation we had earlier?”

“You got it all wrong, what do you take me for?”

“A pervert who wants to go to brothels morning and night.”

“Well, you’re not entirely wrong there. You know me well, partner, and that’s why it’s sad that you jumped to the conclusion that I was trying to hit on her.”

While gently stroking Milis’s blushing head, Phil says

“If she’s this cute, Zan might try to do something…”

“Yeah, I know what you mean.”

“If he likes a girl, he’ll make a move right away. And she’s already so cute, plus she’s always in the mansion… It just makes me anxious.”,

What would happen if someone made a move on the Saint?

If it were with mutual consent, it would be one thing, but if someone were to force themselves into a relationship, the church, which values purity, would likely view them as hostile.

Furthermore, even their own country, which is trying to show a friendly attitude towards the Church, would impose a punishment.

After all, the Church’s influence is so great that it cannot be ignored. It’s already clear that if it comes to opposing the Church, they would rather punish a noble without defending them.

It would be fine if it were only Zan himself.

However, there is a high possibility that the consequences could spread to his parents and me.

Therefore, Phil wishes that, although he is anxious, Zan wouldn’t be foolish enough to get involved to that extent.

“Listen, Milis-sama… Even if that dirty guy like a little pig offers you candy, never follow him. It’s a promise with your brother.”

“I’m not a child, you know!?”

Milis pouts her cheeks in frustration.

It was inevitable to think, despite showing such a pitiful appearance of love, what was the point?



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