Ch 21

A day has passed since then, and today is Saturday.


That’s right, it’s Saturday, the day I’m going on a date with Reika-senpai.


Well, I won’t deny it since I called it a date myself.


The time now is 9:10. The appointed time is ten o’clock.


I have to take the lead today, don’t I? But I’ve never been on a date with a woman before.


My sister is also a woman, but since she is my immediate family, I can’t go on a date with her.


I wonder why. I don’t know if it’s because I asked her out or because I’m aware that it’s a date, but I’m nervous.


“Hey, sis, isn’t this weird?”


“It’s okay. You’ve been doing that for a while.”


“Because, you know…”


It would be embarrassing if I proposed it myself and it doesn’t look cool.


“It’s all right. You look as cool as ever.”




I wonder if it’s really okay.


I had my hair done.


It was now 9:30 in the morning.


“Okay, I’m leaving then.”


“Okay. Have a good day. Good luck.”


“…It’s not something I have to work hard for.”


Phew, hah. Deep breath, deep breath.


When I think that all the boys in the world are going through something like this, I feel a little respect for them.


I’m almost at the station where we are going to meet.


Ah, that’s Reika-senpai.


“Reika-senpai. Good morning.”


“…Eh? Ah, good morning.”


“…I’m sorry. Am I looking weird?”


“Yeah, yeah, no! You’re doing your hair better than usual, and you look so much cooler than usual that I just fell in love with you.”




Really, this senpai……


“…Reika-senpai also looks good. You’re very beautiful.”


“Thanks! But don’t tell other girls that. If you tell them, I will be jealous…”


“I’m fine. I won’t say such a thing to Reika-senpai or any other girl in the future.”


“It’s a date, so you could at least show a little romantic.”


“Haa… Shall we go instead?”


I gently show my hand.


Senpai looks a little surprised and embarrassed and holds my hand.


“Yes! Yuuya-kun.”


Then we got on the train and came to the amusement park…….


“There are more people here than I expected.”


“I guess that’s just the way it is. This amusement park is very popular.”


I haven’t been to an amusement park since elementary school, but I didn’t think there would be this many.


“Thank you for coming. We’re offering a couples discount right now.”


“Huh!? Um, that’s-“


“I’ll buy it!”


“Hey, Reika-senpai!”


You’re hot, aren’t you? Then please kiss him to prove that you are his lover.”


Eh? What’s this? Are you really going to do this?


“Hey, Reika-senpai.”




Reika-senpai…. Please don’t thrust your mouth forward slightly.


Is there no choice but to do this……?


Oh, God. I can’t help it.


I bring my mouth close to senpai’s face


I put my mouth close to her face and give her a light kiss on the cheek.


“Is this okay?”


“Yes, thank you.”


Then I pay and enter the park.


“……. Will you take my lips away?”


“……. Shall we go? Senpai.”




Finally, the date started.

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